Sunday 17 January 2010

Janet Daley - Tory Apologist

Trust Janet Daley to produce a long erudite article that completely misses the point.

As a Thatcherite she has too, of course, defend the Thatcherite bullshit she peddles as the basis of her job in the Daily Telegraph, so her article is in effect a screed in praise of the Thatcherite years of the beginning of mass immigration, the closing down of national industries, globalisation, asset stripping of the British state and the sell off of the national silver ( but no mention of the profligate waste of the tens of billions from North Sea Oil that were the true cause of the 'success' of the Thatcherite economic era. She did nothing but sell our oil and then use that money to enrich her banker scum backers whilst asset stripping the national industrial and asset base of the British state. Even if we had been run by Communists during the North Sea Oil years we would have had an economic success story).

These are the reasons why the White Working class are failing in British society;

1) The Thatcher years that destroyed the traditional industrial base that allowed low education workers to get a job, learn a trade, learn the work ethic, buy a house, have a family and pull themselves out of poverty. Thatcher globalised the British economy and led to the offshoring of those industries that once provided a mechanism for the working class to get out of poverty.

2) Mass immigration under Blair and Brown that led to British jobs being taken by immigrants, wages being cut and unemployment rising for the low skilled in our country.

3) The 'ME ME - FUCK YOU SOCIETY' that was the basis of the Thatcher years and how this poisoned many young people at the same time as vast swathes of the country such as mining towns, steel towns, fishing towns were thrown into unemployment and poverty. As the jobs went then welfarism was not seen as a bad thing, but rather an essential thing, and those who could get the most welfare benefits respected by their fellow unemployed people. Thatcherism made welfarism not just essential but also socially acceptable.

4) The removal of British culture, the imposition of political correctness, the denigration of white British identity, the teaching of white self hate by liberal leftists in schools, the trendy teaching that does not demand educational attainment, a culture of failure for whites who live in areas with inter-generational unemployment whilst hundreds of millions of pounds are spent on extra teaching, teachers and classes for black and ethnic minority kids. The fact that white working class people have the lowest school results is due to the fact that ethnic minority groups have huge extra funding at schools whilst the white working class are ignored. Even now hundreds of millions of extra money goes into schools to raise ethnic minority attainment but nothing for those who fail the most - the white working class.

5) Go into any ethnic area such as Peckham or inner city areas and you wont see poverty, you will see that billions have poured into those areas - new schools, libraries, housing and sports facilities proliferate. But go to any white working class community such as mining towns and old steel towns and you see poverty, disrepair and devastation. Thats the result of ten years of New Labour middle class scum trying to build up a middle class labour ethnic voting block whilst ignoring the white working class. Whilst the New Labour project was to build a new ethnic voting base to keep the Labour party in power by shipping millions of immigrants into the country and then giving them the money and resources to get on by keeping the white working class down in their gutters, the Tories will perpetuate this project.

Both New Labour and Tories will sustain the project of importing in millions of immigrants, making them the new middle class and abandoning the white working class to welfarism.

Only bu re-building a national industrial base to allow the working class to get jobs, stopping immigration, putting money into raising educational achievement in working class communities, funding the re-development of white working class areas and offering people the opportunity for work instead of welfare dependence, then nothing will change - except the New Labour scum will patronise the white working class as Cameron will abuse and denigrate them.

6) The removal of grammar schools that allowed white working class kids to attain middle class jobs and then use their skills and money to assist in helping their own class rise from the level they have been left in. The middle class is now solely the existing white middle class and new ethnic middle class people. Whilst the ethnics have been allowed and assisted to become middle class the white working class have been abandoned by both tories and labour.

Janet Daley is a Thatcherite idiot.

The immigrants success is 100 % down to Labour as fucking Labour let them in the country, rewarded them with our fucking jobs and abandoned the White working class you twat.

If they werent in our country, then they wouldnt be so successful as they wouldnt be here would they you idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Good article.

I was just looking at a Catholic 6th Form college web site based in SW Lodnon. The pictures and the statement by 6th formers were all black or mixed race.... studied Classical Civilization and English language and she wanted to go into law. . .

theres one liblabcon factory for the new ethnic middle class...