Wednesday 13 January 2010

List of EU Fifth Columnist Common Purpose Graduates Revealed

The list of EU trained Ffith Columnists in the media, police and prison service have been revealed here ;

Write those names down and remember them.

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Anonymous said...

Lee - it is wrong to call them 'Graduates', as that legitimises their false claim to be an educational charity. They should be referred to as 'members'.
Odd, isn't it, that NuLabour say they are striving for equality for all, yet they sponsor the elitist 'Common Purpose' organisation.

Denise said...

Lee Barnes, if Paul Morris wasn't misusing the right to breathe in and out I would have said that you were the most hopeless cretin on the planet, but as Morris does continue to aspirate between copious intakes of cheap alcohol you will have to settle for the accolade of most hopeless moron. Even by the standards of anti-Semitic UFO-spotting Odinist benefit-scrounging legal masterminds your idiocy takes some beating.

While nobody I know would disagree that there are indeed some strange goings on in the world, what concerns me more is the goings on between the three brain cells which are speculated to exist in isolated corners of your cranium. I allow that the possession of three brain cells is rather more than the normal allowance permitted to the average BNP member, and sets you apart as something of an intellectual among those whose combined thought-power would not equal that of a concussed tadpole.

Conspiracies here, conspiracies there, so much to keep you awake when you retire to your lead-lined bedroom of a night in those uncomfortable tin-foil pyjamas and cogitate upon how simpler life was when you were a mere hod-carrier.

I'm sure that the two good friends of mine among those whose names must be written down and remembered are doing a fine job for Common Purpose, one indoctrinating the workforce of the engineering company for which he now works, the other writing subliminal messages into the menus of the family restaurant she now manages.

By the way - have you seen Elvis lately, and how's he doing?

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh dear Denise, I appear to have a touched a nerve.

One wonders if your 'work' with the common purpose communists is so innocent, why you have got so touchy dearie.

On the rags are we ?

One wonders how you find the time to join such organisations Denise between your rampant lesbianism, writing your Lancaster Unity drivel and the rest of your foul tedious ramblings in the blogosphere to promote your warped and degenerate world view.

The strange goings on in the world derive mainly from people like you denise - sad, warped people with saw warped impulses and drives.

To be blessed as I am with my 3 brain cells is of course great, but as opposed to the leftist circles of sewage in which you swim it would take a committee of ten members, a Leninist vanguard of about five people and a Stalin type guru figure in order to collectively amass a similar number of braincells.

I wish I had been a hod carrier dear, but alas I was a simple Senior Concrete Technician. Hod carriers may require less qualifications but they earn far more money.

The scummy little common purpose lickspittles that you joined on the course are like you Denise, dumb as shit turds drifting in the sewers from whence you came. Their stupidity makes them dangerous, and hence they should be regarded as potential fifth columnists working against the interests of the British nation and people.

When you are off the rags and the hormones arent playing up then leave some more comments denise.

I do so love corresponding with the lower orders.

You are just soooooo funny dearie.

Anonymous said...

Denise said...

cp bitchiness , = words without substance or reality

Anonymous said...

names noted Lee

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear, Lee! The over-excitable strapadicktome really has taken umbrage at your link exposing her 'common purpose' mates (I use the word advisedly).

GOOD! Shows your right over the target, mate - keep up the good work.

Yours in sport.


Pervkiller said...

Denise, go and get Lampshade Bennet or one of those confused little boys he masturbates to shove a fire extinguisher up your arse.
That should stem your sewage for a while.

self-hatred analyst said...

A pic of little Denise -

Now check out this one of Denise and Daddy Weyman -

White daddy must be so proud .....

Dr Nowt said...

Dont be too harsh on Denise she is suffering from a bad shoulder.