Sunday 10 January 2010

Wootton Bassett and the Right to March

I am getting sick and tired of people in the media and the usual sock puppet politicians saying that people should not demonstrate at Wootton Bassett against the Islamist scum.

For those who say only local people should be allowed to demonstrate against the Islamists in WB, get real.

The lads and lasses being killed by the Islamists in Afghanistan are from all over Britain and therefore we all have a right to attend at WB and demonstrate what we think about those scum in our country who support their murderers.

This is our country and if we wish to demonstrate anywhere in our country we will.

Spare me your pathetic drivel that we should stay away.

Its our kids who are in the army, our family members in Afghanistan, our friends in Afghanistan and Iraq and if we wish to attend at WB to resist the Islamists then we damn well will.

No snivelling politically correct leftists and whining Tories will stop us.

The blood that flows in Afghanistan from the dead and wounded British soldiers is the same blood that flows through our veins and therefore if we wish to demonstrate in Wootton Basset, or anywhere else in OUR country, to defend them from Islamist terrorists then we will.

There is nothing more repugnant than a Tory politician attacking the EDL for their demonstration.

It was a Tory government that allowed the Islamists to come into the UK as a way to gain money and contracts from the Saudis in the 1980's and 1990's. At the same time the Tories under Thatcher were supplying Saddam Hussein with his Falluja 2 chemical weapons plant that provided him with the gas that killed the Kurds. The Tories created Londonistan and New Labour has continued this policy with its open door policy on immigration and outting the rights of Islamists before British people.

The pathetic attempt by the leftists to draw and equivalent between the BNP / EDL and Islamists is farsical rubbish.

The BNP and EDL do not support bombings, terrorism or the murder of British troops.

Those left wing scum that repeat this lie are simply the supporters of the Islamists, and doing their work for them.

The next time I hear anyone repeat this statement then I will be hard pressed to resist showing them the difference between free speech and political violence with a smack on the nose.

I had no intention of attending WB to oppose the Islamists if they turned up at any time, but I will now.

How dare anyone tell me I cannot demonstrate in my own country to defend British troops from Islamist scum.

Especially if it is a Tory or a Leftist, Liberal or Labour politician who dares to tell us not too - for they are the same scum that started the war that sent British troops to fight in the first place and who also let the scum like Choudry and his mob into our country in the first place.

The heroes in their coffins being returned through WB come from every corner of Britain, they are our kin and friends, and therefore we all have the right and duty to attend anywhere at anytime to defend our nation from those Islamists if we wish too.

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Andraste said...

Excellent article Lee. I feel the same sense of utter outrage and disgust at our pathetic politicians that this sort of activity should be permitted.

Isn't it an utter contradiction that the establishment/media don't say that only locals in Derbyshire should protest against the RWB - when coach loads of UAF retards are shiiped in.

The moral degeneracy of the establishment and media is reaching an all time high, and people are now seeing that they are repugnant scum.

Save Britain, vote BNP.

George said...

Clearly you are a fool who does not understand that it was a publicity stunt from a group of publicity-seeking extremists who desire some credibility and exposure from the media. Well done, they achieved that, and you got angry.

You will not post this, YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH...

Defender of Liberty said...

You are a fucking idiot george.

The scum were in Wootton Bassett today and going to march.

They didnt as they knew they would be torn apart by the mob if they did.

They were there, our people were there and you were sticking your fucking head up your fucking arse and pretending you have some sort of insight taht they didnt.

The media are trying to spin this story so as to ensure community tensions are defused by not reporting the fact the filth were in the town today and going to march.

The only reason they didnt is because they would have been driven from the streets.

And you know what idiots like you believe the media like a fucking brainless lemming.

Not only can you not handle the truth, you are too fucking stupid to believe it when you see it or are told it.

Andraste said...

George said... a load of shite.

You don't even know what truth is, you savagely mind-fucked puke fuck. Don't ever talk about truth again, until you have extracted your father's cock from your virgin tight anus. Cunt.

Anonymous said...

Hey i thought the left wrote juvenile postings Andraste? Just remember the sum result of this is increased support from the public for an illegal war in Afghanistan and more respect for the war criminal Gordon Brown. All your anger and huffing and puffing; you have been well and truly used mate.If you feel so angry mate you could always join the good old US army and go and shoot some Mussies yourself!

Anonymous said...

Well said> I now speak out wherever and when ever I think fit