Monday 7 September 2009

The Adam Smith Institute Attacks the BNP

This is a seminal article.

For decades the Far Left have been attacking the BNP as a 'tool of the capitalists' -yet this lie has now been exposed as the foremost think tank of the Globalists and Free Market Capitalists has attacked the BNP on the grounds that its policies do not serve the interests of globalism or capitalism.

Thanks chaps.

Thats exactly what we needed. The idea that the economic policies of the BNP are too costly for the capitalists, the same shower of shit bankers and capitalist filth who are presently sucking away tax payers billions and ramping up national debt for our nation and people into the trillions as result of their greed and corruption that led to the present Credit Crisis, is hypocrisy of the highest order.

The capitalist scum that are running and funding the Labour, UKIP, Green, Tory and Liberal parties regard the BNP as the enemy - and rightfully so.

Note the policies the Adam Smith Institute attacks - policies such as clean hospitals and green energy systems.

This reveals these scum are the enemies of the British people, the British nation and the British environment.

They are traitors who deserve nothing but contempt and criminalisation for their corporate and economic crimes and theft.

Fuck the Free Market - we stand for a National Economy that defends the interests of the British people and Britain, not one that enriches the capitalist pigs and impoverishes everyone else.

BNP and the left

Written by Steve Bettison

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 06:03

"Labour has been forced to drop its policy of not sharing a platform with the BNP after the BBC confirmed that it is to invite Nick Griffin to appear on Question Time....Although Gordon Brown is understood to have been angered by the decision, Downing Street made no comment yesterday. Instead it was left to Labour sources to confirm that the party would field a senior figure to appear alongside Mr Griffin." (Article here)

Nothing could be more damaging to the left than for the public to hear the words, "I totally agree with you". Unfortunately it could well be uttered by Nick Griffin more than once.

Here's a few BNP polices that many on the left would be "proud of":

* The protection of British companies from unfair foreign imports
* The renationalisation of monopoly utilities and services
* Bring hospital cleaning back in-house and make high cleanliness a top priority
* More emphasis must be placed on healthy living with greater understanding of sickness prevention through physical exercise, a healthier environment and improved diets
* Develop renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind farms, wave, tidal and solar energy
* The introduction of a system of workfare for those in unemployment benefit for more than six months with compulsory work and training in return for decent payment
* Take all privatised social housing stock back under local democratically controlled council ownership

All from the policy pages of the BNP's website, if you want to scare yourself witless at the prohibitive costs of all this then click here. The BNP: the left's wolf in a red cloak.


Andraste said...

Look at our enemies is complete dissarray faced with the prospect that Nick Griffin will be ok Question Time... they are so affraid because the first time Nick Griffin will be able to reach a vast audience and inform them exactly what our position and policies are, rather than the usual misdirection and distortion the BNP face through the media.

Now the vile scum like those at the Adam Smith Institute are quaking in their jackboots as they realise Nick will bulldoze the myth that the BNP are the "extreme right-wing" Nazi party. Now they admit that the BNP are more left than Labour!!! So they then seek to undermine such policies, whereas if it was Labour who presented them they would be trumpeting them as bold and innovative policies.

The dread fear of our enemies has always been for the BNP to have any real opportunity to express our policies free from the lies and distortion, because as we have always said, as soon as we get such exposure our support will rocket... and all the lies of the corrupt establishment and their media bum-boys come crashing down.

Anonymous said...

Much of this is positive, slowly the lie is being exposed, the BNP do however have to be carefull of being too authoritarian as the NWO also follows follows this dangerous route.

The BNP need to make more of using referendums, that certain authoritarian like policioes will be put to a referendum, rather than simply dictated.

It's all well and good saying election victory is the only mandate needed, but that is still democratically lacking in the system we currently have.

highlighting referendums would be massively popular with the public giving them back some sense of control - espesially when confronted with voting for a radical party.

It also destroys all the `fascist` claims and highlights the undemocratic , unacountable nature of the main parties and the 4 year dictatorship system we currently have.