Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Art of War and Politics

The art of war and politics is to utilise a strategy and tactics that allow us to win the war.

Those that think the aim of fighting in a war, or a political struggle, is for us to forget about winning the war but simply to die with honour on the battlefield, have obviously never had any experience of war or politics.

The problem with some sections of the the nationalist movement is that it glorifies failure.

The so called 'heroes' of the nationalist movement who ran the politics of nationalism in the past have never had any political successes, yet they are feted by some section of the nationalist movement as the epitome of nationalism itself.

Until the BNP started winning council seats in 2001, the BNP had won 1 seat in its entire history. It then lost that six months later.

Yet some people regard that era as a 'nationalist golden age'. I dont.

I watch the videos of skinheads in boots and braces marching through the streets of London shouting 'rights for whites' and beating up reds and cringe.

I wonder how the BNP won a single seat when I watch those scenes.

There are those that regard this sort of politics and activism as a 'triumph' for nationalism, as they regard the historical failures of nationalist parties in the UK to achieve nothing more than 1 local council seat in fifty years not as an utter embarassment but as something that should be emulated in perpetuity.

I dont.

I regard our participation in the politic process not to be judged on our historical failures, but on our present and future successes.

But success breeds its own problems.

The more succesful you are the more you become a target.

This is why the BNP are now being targeted by the Equality Commission - not because we are a failure (note how the NF have not been taken to court for their unlawful constitution) but because we are a success.

The BNP has become a target as we are winning, NOT BECAUSE WE ARE LOSING.

If we were still an insignificant political party in the margins of society like the NF, then the Equality Commission would not be launching this attack upon us.

They are launching the legal case against the BNP for two reasons ;

1) They are shocked at how much success the BNP has had politically in recent years

2) They are terrified about how successful we are going to be in years to come.

It is the latter reason which is why they are coming for us now.

They know, as the interesting little video on Australian TV revealed a few days ago when it interviewed an academic about to release a report on national support for the BNP, that over 20 % of the British public already support us and that we stand a real chance of winning up to THREE seats in the forthcoming general election.

They are hoping that the minority of 'Purists' in the party will cause so much trouble if we dared evolve our strategy and tactics to enable us to keep participating in the democratic electoral process that we will be unable to evolve and that we will either be banned because we will refuse to evolve, or that we will implode if we did evolve.

Those that want to give our enemies what they want - which is for us to allow the BNP to be banned or to cause the BNP to implode are the mortal enemies of nationalism.

In every war the side that wins is the side that is capable of changing its tactics and strategy in relation to the advances of its enemies.

For instance - if the British Army still wore red coats, carried muskets and trained for trench warfare like in WW1, then we would be the laughing stock of the planet.

Instead of the British Army being a joke, they have evolved and now utilise new strategies and tactics to reflect the modern forms of war and the modern ways of battle.

This means they are fighting wars in a way THAT WINS THEM THE WAR.

( The only reason why the British Army is not winning its war in Afghanistan is because the politicians wont let it fight a real war - instead they have muzzled the army with rules of engagement that have turned our troops into a para-military wing of the UK social services and militarised social workers. If the cowards, fools and traitors in the Labour government let our British soldiers fight like British soldiers instead of social workers, the Taliban would be just dead bodies and rotting flesh by now and only a tiny number of the dead British soldiers we presently have would have occurred.)

The aim of any sane political party that takes part in the political process is to win elections.

The aim is not to be banned and prohibited from participating in and winning elections.

If the aim of a political party is not to stay within the law in order to participate in elections and win elections - then what is the point of our involvement in the political process ?

Just as the BNP have to abide by the laws on campaign spending in elections, in relation donations laws, in relation to what we can put on our leaflets - we also have to abide by the Race Realtions Acts.

If we dont abide by the law, then we are going to be banned.

Those that demand a political party adopt what I define as the 'Titanic Strategy' and speed up as soon as they see the iceberg are idiots.

The aim of any thinking politician is to act pre-emptively in order to avoid the iceberg - and not to speed up when we see the iceberg and ram the ship into it at full speed, and then for the ship to go down with all hands and depict that as some glorious success.


If we do not have a political vehicle capable of taking us into power, then we are going to become a despised, demographic minority within our country within less than thirty years.

Without the BNP we have already lost.

There is no time left to build a new nationalist party, to build a new nationalist movement - and neither would it work to our advantage if we did.

The fact is that the enemies of nationalism are the ones who control this country and therefore regardless of what new political party came along, if that new political party did not do exactly as the people in power demanded then it would be banned - and the nationalist movement straight back to square one.

No political party can avoid the law - the race relations acts apply to all SUCCESSFUL political parties.

There are two types of people in Nationalism - Pragmatists and Purists.

The Purists dont care about the law, they just want what they want and if they cant get it, then just demand that we let the BNP be banned.

When the Titanic goes down they will be waving the flag as happy as larry from behind their keyboards.

Then there are the Pragmatists - those who know that if you cannot change the world then in order to survive we have to adapt and evolve.

The pragmatist realises that sometimes short term comprimises are required in order for us to obtain our long term goals.

The seeds of the nationalist revolution are not in how a political party obtains power, they are in the will and determination of nationalists to get into power and then pass the laws we want to pass once we are in power.

The sole aim of a political party is merely to get into power.

Once we are in power we can do as we want, as then WE make the laws.

When we are faced with two choices - annihilation or evolution, then the real Nationalist Revolutionary chooses evolution.

The real Nationalist Revolutionary understands that without us getting into power we are doomed as a nation, as a people and a culture.

Only the dinosaurs glorify their own extinction.

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You assume that the matter is simply one of:
Let em in = progressive = on the road to power = good.
keep em out = breaking the law = banned = bad

The attack upon the party is twofold:
(i) The party is breaking the law by not allowing non-whites to apply for employment posts within the party.
(ii) The Gvt is trying to force the party to accept non-whites as members (via Schedule 16 of the EA2009).

(i) could be solved by simply not employing any more people/reducing the number we already have on the payroll, and only allowing unpaid volunteers to work for the party during elections.

(ii) It is possible to have our cake and eat it. It is possible to have only a few non-whites in the party, and STILL have a whites only membership. You just personally haven't thought of how to do it.

The issue isn't one of 'Old Tyndallite Dinosaurs' V 'Towering Griffinite Intellectuals'. It just seems that way to those like yourself who have not had the imagination to figure the issue out yet.

Hut said...

Tyndallite, you're either some sort of hollywood nazi fantasist or your not one of us at all.
You talk like a gimp.

Did you ever understand the meaning of 'whatever it takes'?
I doubt it.

I tell you what, Tyndallite - It's like this - if we lose because of your attitude, no one, and I mean no one who causes us to lose by that sort of thinking will ever be forgiven - ever!

But of course you know that don't you.