Wednesday 30 September 2009

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Never forget this is the best democracy can buy.

The Sun will ensure that The Tories win the next election - so therefore how can this be a democracy when the will of the owners of the corporate media, such as Rupert Murdoch, can dictate who runs our country ?

Politicians are puppets of the corporate media.

Politics a product of the corporate media.

Democracy is controlled by the corporate media.

Some democracy we live in eh.

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Adrian P said...

If anyone doubts that the Mainstream media is not working in our interests have a look at this.
It is of course only one example.

Media Lies on Ron Paul

For another Good example google 'the picture that fooled the world'
This was the Photo flashed around the world to justify war in the Balkans.
In fact it has now been shown to be a fake.

Even the UN has recently said the Public were deceived on the Issues leading up to War.

Anonymous said...

Aledgedly Doom is well aware of this long before it happend, that is why he got his NWO gong early.

Then act all surprised and defiant while the NWO plan rolls on.

The NWO shuffle their card and put the blues in the NWO stooge seat after the public can stomache NWO policies no longer.

Quick change of hats and the public think they influenced their destiny!

boats, media, rotschilds, mandy, Osbore, Scum owner - all pre planned.

While Doom scurries off into the EUSSR sunset along with Phoney, where their media proclaim them after a whitewash to be heros.


True but thats because of us