Saturday 5 September 2009

Defining British Nationalism

Image - White Nationalists.

Image - British Nationalists.

One of the ironies of the case against the BNP is that the Equality Commission are demanding the BNP clarify our 'whites only' membership policy, when the BNP doesnt have a whites only membership policy !

The BNP has an Indigenous British membership policy and assimilated Indigenous British membership.

At the same time as the Equality Commission are labouring under their own delusions as to what the BNP stand for, the White Nationalist mob on the various internet forums are demanding the BNP fight to the death for its 'white only' membership policy - which merely confirms these people are idiots and have never even bothered to read the BNP constitution as well as the Equality Commission.

Heres what the BNP constitution actually says ;


1) The British National Party represents the collective national, environmental, political, racial, folkish, social, cultural, religious and economic interests of the indigenous Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse folk communities of Britain and those we regard as closely related and ethnically assimilated or assimilable aboriginal members of the European race also resident in Britain. Membership of the BNP is strictly defined within the terms of, and our members also self-define themselves within, the legal ambit of a defined ‘racial group’ this being ‘Indigenous Caucasian’ and defined ‘ethnic groups’ emanating from that Race as specified in law in the House of Lords case of Mandla v. Dowell Lee (1983) 1 ALL ER 1062, HL.
2) The indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous Caucasian’ consists of members of: i) the Anglo-Saxon folk community; ii) the Celtic Scottish folk community; iii) the Scots-Northern Irish folk community; iv) the Celtic Welsh folk community; v) the Celtic Irish folk community; vi) the Celtic Cornish folk community; vii) the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic folk community; viii) the Celtic-Norse folk community; ix) the Anglo-Saxon-Norse folk community; x) the Anglo-Saxon Indigenous European folk community; xi) members of these ethnic groups which reside either within or outside Europe but ethnically derive from them.

See what I mean - can you see where it says we have a 'whites only' membership !

What we have is an INDIGENOUS FOLK COMMUNITY membership which is not the same as a 'whites only' membership.

A whites only membership would make the BNP a 'white nationalist' party not a BRITISH national party.

The fact that the idiots on some internet sites think the BNP is a white nationalist party, as opposed to a BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY for the indigenous British people, merely proves these people are too busy believing their own propaganda to realise they are talking nonsense.

The difference between a white nationalist party and the British National Party is that a white nationalist party would represent the interests of all whites worldwide, have no regard for the preservation of indigenous British culture and cultures and would allow any whites membership to the party such as unassimilated Poles and white Eastern Europeans and allow unlimited whites access in to the country.

Unfortunately most of those who call themselves British nationalists on sites like Stormfront are unable to understand even the basic nature of their own ideology - and how white nationalism is different to British Nationalism.

British Nationalism is a political movement designed to represent and promote the interests of the Indigenous British people, whilst white nationalism represents the interests of all whites worldwide.

This difference is of fundamental importance in relation to issues like immigration.

A white nationalist welcomes mass immigration into the UK as long as the immigrants are white eg Polish, Russians etc regardless of how this affects the interests of the indgenous British folk.

A white nationalist would never support the slogan 'British jobs for British workers' as that would mean that all immigration into the UK from white nations would have to be stopped and whites who are not British would be denied access to British jobs - whilst the fundamental aim of white nationalism is the compulsory repatriation of all non-whites and them replaced by whites from anywhere in the world, the fundamental aim of British nationalism os to put the interests of the British people first.

The fact that the policies of white nationalism if enacted into law would destroy British culture by importing into the country millions of culturally disparate whites from around the world to replace culturally british non-whites and at the same destroy the unique ethnic gene lines of the indigenous British folk groups via the mixing of the different ethnic sub sets of the white race into one homogenous racial enetity is irrelevant to white nationalists - white nationalists do not care that the indigenous British could become extinct in our own country along with British culture as long as Britain was filled with whites.

Only white nationalists regard British culture as irrelevant and disregard the fact that Polish people may be white, but that they are not indigenous British and that real genetic ethnic differences exist between us.

Polish people may easily assimilate into Britain and British culture and become British, but they are still of Polish ethnicity.

A simple DNA test can reveal whether we are Anglo-Saxon or Celts, or Italians or Germans thereby revealing that real genetic ethnic differences exist between the ethnic sub sets of the white race.

There is no one white race - the white race is comprised of a set of ethnic sub sets that have evolved from the original white racial root group.

Over time the different tribal groups that grew from the original racial root group have evolved real ethnic genetic differences that make them unique ethnic groups.

Therefore white nationalism and British Nationalism are diametrically opposed both in ideology and application.

The BNP want all immigration including white immigration from Europe stopped. White nationalists want more white immigration into the UK.

The BNP want white Eastern European immigrants returned home. White nationalists want white estern europeans to stay and non-whites returned home.

The BNP want all illegal immigrants, white or otherwise, returned home. The white nationalists want whites to stay.

A white nationalist would rather have in the country a white Eastern European Muslim than a Black British born Christian.

The BNP want all asylum seekers, white or otherwise, returned home. White nationalists want white immigrants to stay.

The BNP say Britain First - white nationalists say 'Our Race is our nation'.

The flag of the BNP is the British flag, the symbol of white nationalism is the Celtic Sun Wheel.

The political ideology of white nationalism is National Socialism, the politics of the BNP are British Nationalism.

You cannot say 'My race is my nation' and then say 'I am a British nationalist' - the two are fundamentally opposed and irreconcilable ideological positions.

The problem is that white nationalists have not realised this - so they think that when the BNP has to change its membership policy this is an abandonment of our 'white nationalist policy' when the BNP is not a white nationalist party anyway !

What we have have to do is therefore finally define what the BNP stands for in a way that British nationalists and white nationalists can see the difference.

After the constitution changes the BNP will still be an Indigenous British party based on ethno-nationalism which represents the interests of the indigenous British people.

But we will also be shifting emphasis onto the defence of British culture as well as indigenous rights.

This therefore shifts us further away from white nationalism.

There are in law two types of British citizens.

1) The Indigenous British whose citizenship status is based on Jus Sanguinis which is based on being British by bloodline


2) Naturalised British citizenship by Jus Solis which is where citizenship is bestowed via a court or other authority. The Naturalised British are divided into two camps - those who were born and raised in Britain, who are British in culture, christian by religion, who regard themselves as British and who want to live in a Britain with a British culture. Examples of these are the Black soldiers who volunteer for the British Army.

Then there is a third catergory - THE COLONISTS.

The colonists are those who are naturalised British or who are British citizens with naturalised British citizenship but also Dual Citizenship status based on Lex Sanguinis, who have a Right of Return to the homelands of their parents or grandparents and who have come to this nation not to assimilate but to impose their culture, religion, demands and values on the majority of indigenous British and the minority of naturalised British citizens.

Whilst the BNP represents the interests of the indigenous British it can also represent the interests of the Naturalised British citizens who are ASSIMILATED as we defend British culture.

The BNP cannot, and will not, ever represent the interests of Colonists.

Assimilated British Naturalised Citizens want to defend British culture and values.

They do not want to see Sharia law in the UK, they do not want Islamist thugs spitting at British soldiers, including black British soldiers, on British streets, they dont want multi-culturalism as they want to live in a British culture, they dont want mass immigration as they know it will lead to a civil war in the future, they dont want to be given extra rights on the grounds of their race by white liberals who despise British culture, they dont want their kids taught about the joys of anal sex, they dont want their children sexualised by pervert teachers who think its more important that 5 year olds are taught how to wear a condom than to read and write properly, they dont want their taxes spent on refugee centres and translations services, they dont want British streets turned into war zones between different foriegn drugs gangs, they dont want crack gangs, white prostitutes, islamist heroin dealers and the rest of the filth of multi-culturalism perverting their children and British society, they dont white liberal teachers teaching their kids to have a chip on their shoulder about racism and that they dont have to work hard at school as they can be rap stars or unemployed drug dealers, they dont want their kids taught about Islam and not about Christianity, they want free speech not political correctness and liberalism.

They want a decent British society with a mono-cultural British culture, not a multi-cultural society with no British culture.

They are not the enemy.

Between them and us we share a mutual desire for the return of our British culture.

The aim of any constitutional change must be to create an alliance based on them and us defending British culture.

Whilst the primary aim of the BNP will always be to represent the interests of the indigenous British people, the BNP must also create a mass social movement for the preservation of British culture that enables us to bridge this gap.

The real irony is that the white nationalists are multi-culturalists - they would rather have a multi-cultural Britain comprised of Polish, Russian, German immigrants who retain their own ancestral cultures, than a Britain with a British culture if that means we have to have a tiny minority of non-whites who are British by birth and culture.

White Nationalism is by its very nature a multi-cultural ideology, for it puts the issue of race before the preservation of national cultures.

The irony is that when white nationalists say 'my race is my nation' this statement is anti-nationalist, anti-the British indigenous folk communities and anti-British culture.

Even the politics of white nationalism - National Socialism - are despised by the majority of British whites who we need to vote us into power.

Its a pity they do not analyse this statement

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Durotrigan said...

Excellently put Lee. Your logic on this score is irrefutable. Through forcing this clarification of membership criteria and the core aims and values of the BNP, the CEHR has paved the way for its own future dissolution under a nationalist government. Soon may it come!

Andraste said...

Excellent definition. It is high time that we did in fact clearly state our exact position. I have always been suspicious of so-called "white nationalists" for exactly the reason you state; their ideology is as dangerous to the indigenous people of Britain as is the multi-cult genocidalists. The BNP exists to defend, protect, perpetuate and develop the indigenous folk of our land, it does not exist to defend, protect, perpetuate and develop the indigenous folk of other white lands. That is not to say we do not support other groups from other countries that seek to preserve their indigenous peoples but as ethno-nationalists we extend our support to other ethno-nationalists in their lands, we do not extend support to white-nationalists who couldn’t care less if Britain became Russian so long as the people are white.

Personally so long as our constitution is sufficiently water-tight as to safe guard our eternal commitment to the indigenous folk of our lands, and that the membership process i) deters would be agitators, and ii) is efficient at ejecting provocateurs who have gained entry then I don’t particularly care who joins, because by the act of joining the BNP they are affirming their commitment to the preservation and development of the indigenous people, and our culture and traditions. The only issue remains how we sufficiently safe-guard the BNP from internal subversion, not on definitions of how we will remain “white nationalists” – this is non-question, the BNP have never been white nationalists.

Andraste said...

Lee, going back to the issue of affiliate members, I have two questions:

i) should it be possible for an affiliate member to be granted full member status before their 5 years continued membership at affiliate level by a membership panel?

ii) should affiliate members be eligable to stand as candidates in an election?

My views on these questions are:

i) I don't believe that there should exist any shortcut process to gaining full membership status, because otherwise the process is i) open to abuse, and ii) open to claims of discrimination

ii) I don't believe they should be allowed, we have a large enough membership base to be able to find candidates

Anonymous said...

Is a culture the product of a racial group or is a racial group the product of the prevailing culture that sustains it Lee?

What makes me wonder is that each and every racial group has an entirely different culture and way of life, also its belief system, that kind of binds it together is different too.

Please explain!

Guessedworker said...


You've been around a long time. Surely you recognise that WN is an American phenomenon - your jpg here is of Americans. These people - or, at least, the highly intelligent ones who blog with me at MR, do not want to force some kind of "multi-whitism" on the ancient European heartland. They revere our blood and wish it preserved above and beyond any wish they have for whites to continue living on the American continent.

Your entire article is predicated on a false premise, I much regret.

Defender of Liberty said...

Are you honestly trying to tell me there are no WN's in the BNP or no British WN's !!!!

The fact is the ideology of WN is simpy that , an ideology, it is not based on genetic or scientific reality today.

WN is National Socialism - not British Nationalism.

Regardless of what country a WN is in they are a WN, as WN is anti-nationalist, that is the point of WN !

So an US WN is the exact same as a UK WN !

Guessedworker said...

Yes, I am telling you that. Without "white" racialism in America there could be no politics of European blood outside Europe itself.

In Europe, there are a few pan-Europeans. But there are many more of those that recognise the inviolable blood of the European nations than don't.

Can you name a single intellectual of White Nationalism in England? Or are you only talking about a few sad cases that draw their whole being from the likes of Stormfront and VNN? Because if its just the latter, you are guilty of raising a strawman, are you not?

In any case, the danger to our people's survival lies precisely in the only party that speaks for them going even further down the road towards culturalism than it has already gone in the interests of expediency.

The threat is not from "White Nationalists" really, is it? It's from throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Defender of Liberty said...

America is a completely different case to the UK.

The UK is comprised of ethnic units and is the ancestral homeland of the indigenous British, America is a nation founded and comprised of all ethnic sub sets of the white race - and therefore I agree with you 100%, as the only system of nationalism that can save white americans is white nationalism.

That we agree on totally .

But my article does not relate to the USA, it relates to Britain - and white nationalism in the UK is completely superfluous as to our ethnic and cultural survival.

The fact that there are no intellectuals in white nationalism is proof exactly of my point - the WN's in this country are defined by their thuggery, anti-social behaviour, lack of thought and intellectual analysis and their fetish for Nazism.

In the UK all WN's should stay out of politics - as they are simply a liability.


The threat from WN's is that they are unlectable and therefore they make any party they associate with unelectable.

WN is essential for the US and the survival of whites in the US - WN in the UK is merely political suicide and delays our transition into power.

Guessedworker said...


Well, if it's only Nutzis you are worried about! American White Nationalists disdain them, and identify them as an entirely separate political species! Perhaps in your world they loom large. But in mine they are utterly irrelevant.

Anyway, to probe further ...

Are you are trying to sashay away from the said Nutzis because they don't recognise English, Scots, Welsh blood? Or are you trying to generate a politics of British culture because the public won't buy a politics of blood?

If you like cultural politics so much, what difference does it make if Nutzis respect our native blood or not?

You see, you can't have it both ways. You can't have a politics of culture and a reverence for blood. Culture is without reference to or respect for blood, crosses the boundaries of blood, destroys the natural rights of blood, and leaves nowhere for blood to prevail.

Yes, I know you will argue that culture is a product of blood. But there's still no line of defence if we accept that thesis. Instead we get all the party "noise" about "settled" or "assimilated" groups.

Well, OK. It's the BNP. Let's all smile for the cameras. But the baby, Lee. The bathwater.

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh come on Guessed worker stop talking nonsense, I used to know many UK WN's who spent as lot of time in the US and playing at WN gigs.

Most US WN's are Nazis - and proud of it.

The intellectual elite of the US Pro-white movement may not be Nazis eg Jared Taylor but the movement and white youth is 95 % WN.

The elite may reject nazism, but the youth and nazi groups that comprise 95 % of the US 'white rights' movement reject them.

The politics of WN have been, and would be, disastrous for the White Ethnic Communities worldwide, and no one votes for Nazis.

Nazis are a political liability, and are usually the loudest mouthed in any group simply as the politics of Nazism attracts the cranks, the show offs and the egotists.

I think you can have a politics of Ethnicity, Nationalism and Culture - I am British by ethnicity, I live in Britain a Nation and I want to preserve British culture.

These are the boundaries that I want to preserve, the natural organic boundaries of folk, nation and culture - not the mythos of race.

They are organic realities, the politics of blood is based on myths.

The lines of defence that concern me are BRITISH ones, not mythic ones.

The baby was left so long in the bathwater by those obsessing over race, that it drowned long before it was ever thrown out of the tub.

Guessedworker said...


I will flag up this conversation at MR, and we'll see what my American colleagues have to say.

Speaking purely for myself, I don't recognise your depiction of European-American racialism. To be honest, I don't think there are any big, bad Nazis anywhere. I do think the image of Nazism supplies a template for a small number of angry, lost, wierd, inadequate or psychologically damaged individuals. But the idea that such creatures can replicate what was done in Germany in the 1920s and 30s is, frankly, risible.

You are raising a strawman. Why? Because your article is about changing the definition of British nativism (not nationalism - we have no nationalist philosophy) to ameliorate the defeat the BNP has suffered. You are playing politics on your fellow loyalists. You are triangulating off this damned strawman to provide a Nu-BNP with an old raison d'etre.

"Look ... nothing has really changed", you say, "and, anyway, only Nazis believe in blut und boden." Well, you can't redefine nativism without destroying some part of it. Should the revolution come to pass and the party remain faithful to its New Culturalism how will you respect culture yet return to us our right to sovereignty and solitude in our own homeland?

You won't.

Oh, and conflating blood and racialism and myth is just plain mischievous. By blood I mean our genetic specificity. By race I mean our shared European genetic specificity. By myth I mean culture, damn it.

They don't mix, Lee. That's your problem and the party's problem if it goes still further down the cultural road.

Defender of Liberty said...

The issue about nazis in the white community movement isnt that they will replicate 1933 in Germany and take power, the danger is that they prevent nationalist parties taking power.

If you honestely are saying the WN movement in America isnt the majority of the white activists, then you need to speak to the people who actually know the real situation. For every Jared Taylor there are a hundred skinheads.

Are you honestly saying there has been no British Nationalist movement - go to Ulster and say that or parts of Scotland.

You appear to think the primary motivation of BNP members is WN, it isnt - its about defending british culture, national sovereignity, against the EU, UN, the domination of american culture, the defence of our people and heritage - race hardly figures at all except for the WN's. we are too busy fighting for our national and cultural survival to worry too much about the survival of whites in south africa. We may despise whats happening to whites around the world, but we have to hold and defend our soil - not fixate on how others defend theirs.

Culture is a populist philosophy, racialism isnt. We have to get elected into power - so we must be a populist movement and party, otherwise whats the point of being in the political process.

Posturing forever on the margins of politics about race wont save either our race, nation, folk or culture.

I dont think our shared 'genetic specificity' mattred much when in WW2, and it wont matter much when Europe and the EU allows in millions of african immigrants into Britain.

We must defend our soil - not mythic ideas of race.

Myth is an miniscule aspect of culture, it is not an aspect of politics.

Politics is based on history, not myth.

Those who live in a world of myths worrying about the white race whilst the streets of Britain are filling up with immigrants are simply wasting what little time we have to get into power and save our folk, nation and culture.

We do politics, not myths and solipsistic navel gazing masquerading as politics.

Guessedworker said...

Lee: the WN movement in America is ... the majority of the white activists

Activists? Do you mean the dozen who march with Bill White? The thirty who travelled with Alex Linder and Hal Turner to Knoxville, or the twenty to Kalamazoo? Where are these cadres of skinheads? Where are their political gatherings, their parties, their leaflets, their rallies? White Nationalism is an internet phenomenon in America.

For every Jared Taylor there are a hundred skinheads

Considering that there is only one JT, you may have sunk your own argument right there.

nazis in the white community movement ... prevent nationalists taking power

It is a challenge to the maturity of the movement, certainly. But to deal with it by dancing off into a damaging cultural politics is wrong. The defence of our blood , our genotype, is our ultimate value and cannot be relegated, or left in the hands of Nutzis. The challenge is to become politically relevant WITH this sacred principle at the core of everything.

Are you saying there has been no British Nationalist movement [in] Ulster

The Loyalist situation does not transfer to the mainland. There was no threat to Scots-Irish blood.

its about defending british culture, national sovereignity, against the EU ...

There is a primary interest in life and there are secondary interests. You just named a slew of interests that are important but secondary. The ultimate interest is the survival and continuity of our people. Nothing surpasses that. Nothing comes close.

This doesn't mean that the party wastes its time talking about secondary issues to people whose comprehension does not rise above those (which at the current level of sophistication is the majority). It means that the ultimate interest should be respected - even silently - in everything that is done. That is already not BNP policy.

we have to hold and defend our soil

Culturalism defends culture, not soil.

Culture is a populist philosophy, racialism isnt. We have to get elected into power - so we must be a populist movement and party ...

At last we arrive at the issue: expediency vs. fealty, and expediency wins! So, how to reply?

Socialists, Communists, libertarians, traditional conservatives, neoliberals, even multiculturalists can all point to a body of serious thought. But nationalism in the Analytical sphere has no such reference point, save the products of American empiricalism. That is a large part of our problem.

In the continental Idealist sphere we’ve seen romantic nationalism, Volkishness, Fascism and National Socialism, Traditionalism and Revolutionary Conservatism, GRECE-ism, etc. But, as you rightly infer, this stuff, much of which is culturalism really, isn’t of political value in this country. That leaves the BNP trying to defend an ultimate value without a philosophical anchor - something that appears possible because politics is far removed from academe. But in reality it is not possible without considerable losses. This is what you are demonstrating now, Lee.

Myth is an miniscule aspect of culture, it is not an aspect of politics.

I could mention that damned Spitfire, I suppose.

Politics is based on history, not myth.

No, politics is based on great ideas.

We do politics, not myths and solipsistic navel gazing masquerading as politics.

Our blood is NOT mythical. At best, you are proposing that protection of blood masquerades as protection of culture. But I'm not at all sure even about that.

It isn’t complicated, Lee. Either your ultimate aim is to protect the survival and continuity of our people or it isn’t. It doesn’t matter how politically difficult this act of greatness is. You must undertake it, dress it up a little, perhaps, but never lose sight of it, and never slip-slide away into something else.

Defender of Liberty said...

Yes it is simple - we either get voted into power or we lose everything.

People dont vote for racialist parties.

We shall agree to disgree - though its a real pity you have no idea of the power of culture as a dynamic in nationalism.

Guessedworker said...

Mark said...

This is a bit of a game of semantics isn't it?

Curious comparison with those first two images. Let's not forget the skinhead subculture was started by Brits.

I see constant use of terms like white, non-white, European, non-European by BNP members and leaders, including Nick Griffin. It's also in the BNP constitution.

"The difference between a white nationalist party and the British National Party is that a white nationalist party would represent the interests of all whites worldwide ..."

In the form of political alliances, not some NWO white government.

"... have no regard for the preservation of indigenous British culture and cultures and would allow any whites membership to the party such as unassimilated Poles and white Eastern Europeans and allow unlimited whites access in to the country."

That's not true. Nationalism obviously respects the sovereignty and preservation of nations and their cultures.

You're proceeding from a false premise.

I'm an American of British descent and I support the BNP.