Friday 4 September 2009

My Plans for the New Constitution

Seeing as we are throwing open the debate to allow people to give us their ideas on how we should amend the constitution this is my idea ;

1) Write to the EHRC saying that we intend to re-define what we mean by 'white' in our constitution.

We state that the BNP and its constitution do not discriminate on the grounds of race.

We state that anyone of any race, skin colour or ethnicity can apply to be a member of the party and to be a member of the party.

We state that we intend to adopt the exact same definition of White as that used to define 'Black' by the Black Police Officers Association in their constitution, which is non-racial definition of Race and not based on skin colour and is therefore 100 % legal ;

1.3 The definition of "Black" is one that emphasises the common experience and
determination of people of African, African-Caribbean, Middle-Eastern, Asian or
Asian sub-continent origin to oppose the effects of racism and victimisation

Our definition is ;

The definition of "White" is one that emphasises the common experience and determination of people of British and European origin to oppose the effects of racism and victimisation.

"The British National Party welcomes as members of the BNP all those British Citizens whose concern is solely the national interest and the good of the British people and the British nation. Members of the BNP are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of British culture, the defence of the British way of life, British traditions and the ancestral heritage of the British Isles and the preservation and promotion of the rights and interests of the Indigenous British people.

All members expressly affirm the Party's political objective of repealing all anti-discrimination legislation and also affirm their support support for restricting British citizenship to those who are British as defined by Jus Sanguinius and to those who are fully assimilated British citizens with naturalised citizenship status based on Jus Solis who are prepared to work for the aims and objectives of the BNP.

All BNP members support and immediate end to all future immigration, the removal of all illegal immigrants from the UK after due legal process, the deportation of all bogus asylum seekers from the UK after due legal process, the immediate deportation of all those given naturalised British citizenship status who did not declare their pre-existing criminal records prior to being given naturalised citizenship status and their dependents, all illegal entrants into the UK, the deportation of all foreign criminals after conviction in a British court, the immediate deportation of all those with dual citizenship status who commit crimes in the UK or whose activities and actions are regarded as treasonous, supporting terrorism, involved in terrorism or aiding terrorism.

All BNP Members demand a voluntary repatriation scheme to be created for all those unassimilated immigrants and their descendants who have emigrated to the UK since 1948, and an acceptance from all members that uncontrolled mass immigration and multi-culturalism since 1948 has been a disaster for the UK.

The removal of all asylum seekers whose home nations are now regarded as being peaceful and stable. All asylum seekers who entered the UK at any point in history who did not enter the first safe nation adjacent to their home nations to be deported after due legal process.

The withdrawal of the UK from all international agreements on accepting any more immigrants and asylum seekers into the UK.

The banning of the wearing the burkha and Hijab in all public buildings and in all public jobs.

The banning of all Affirmative Action schemes and Positive Discrimination schemes.

A halt to all further building of buildings for religious worship without a referendum of local people as to whether they wish such a building to go ahead in their locality.

The scrapping of all the Race Relations Acts, the Equality Act, abolishing of the Equality Commission and all the Public Order Act 1986 laws that inhibit or criminalise free speech. The abolishment of all laws and regulations or procedures based on political correctness such as the findings of the McPherson Report and other political show trials and inquiries.

The abolishment of all laws that contradict, annul or remove the rights and liberties enshrined in the British Constitution. "

If the Equality Commission decides that our new definition of 'white' is unlawful then they have to issue legal proceedings against the National Black Police Officers Association and all those hundreds of ethnic groups and charities.

They will not do this, as to do this means the Equality Commission has to declare war on the entire multi-cultural system and all those ethno-specific group and organisations that it has allowed to operate with impunity in our society.

We do not have to change the constitution in relation to the BNP representing the indigenous people of Britain and Europe, as the clarification as stated above makes it clear that whilst we represent the interests of the indigenous British people, that does not mean we DIRECTLY discriminate on the grounds of race in our membership criteria or that our definition of white means we INDIRECTLY discriminate on the grounds of race or skin colour.

Those OF ALL RACES who join the BNP therefore join the party in order to represent and promote the interests of the indigenous British people, assimilated British citizens and also to defend and promote British culture.

2) We impose a five year probationary membership policy where you only get full membership after 5 years continuous membership. We allow the existing members to retain their existing full membership rights, but all new members of all races who seek to join will face a five year probationary period as Associate Members before they are allowed to claim Full Membership Status. This will ensure that new Associate Members do not have voting rights until they have been a member for five years, and that they will have to pay their membership fees for five years.

Then once they have become Full members they then have to wait two years to become a Voting Member.

This constitutional change is required in order to protect the Health and Safety of BNP members from infiltrators and agent provocatuers who may wish to join the BNP in order to cause legal problems for the party or who may wish to join the party in order to identify BNP members and pass that information on to organisations or individuals who may wish to inflict physical violence upon BNP members. Such a provision is legally authorised under the dicta of Redfearn v Serco which allows an organisation or association to impose such requirements on membership in order to protect the rights of its members.

This will allow us to screen all the people coming in to the party and remove all those idiots from groups such as Operation Black Vote who may try to join the party to cause problems.

Faced with the reality that they will be forced to fund the BNP for five years before they can be in a position to accrue any full membership rights means we ensure that no one of bad faith will join. Those that do wish to pay membership fees for five years and then when they are Full Members try and cause problems in the party can be removed on any grounds we wish - other than racial grounds of skin colour grounds etc - and that way we avoid any legal liabities when they are kicked out.

4) As part of the probationary membership clarifications to the constitution we state the following in the constitution ;


*All Associate members and Full Members that join the BNP agree not to invoke, utilise, or seek to base any legal actions upon in regard to any of the following legislation or legal provisions, or any associated case law claims in the civil courts, against any another party members, officers of the party, agents of the party or against the Party itself.

Breach of this term at any time during Associate Membership and Full Membership of the party will result in the immediate termination of membership and expulsion from the Party with no right of appeal to any internal party disciplinary review proceedings ;

• the Race Relations Act 1976 and all amendents and case law;
• the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003;
• the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003;
• the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006;
• the Equality Act 2006 ;
• the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007
. the Equality Bill ( or Act when passed into law ) 2009.
. The Human Rights Act 1998
. The ECHR and case law
. EU laws and case law

This is not an exhaustive list. Any other UK, European or International laws or legislation that the Party Chairman, in consultation with the Advisory Council, believes that damage, or could damage, the internal functions and political mission of the BNP or that may threaten the Health and Safety of members of the British National Party may be added to the list.

On the grounds of protecting the Health and Safety of members of the BNP from physical attack by those who may have joined the party solely to gain access to confidential information and data details on the identities of members or access to meetings where party members may congregate, as defined under the dicta of the Redfearn V Serco case the security department of the BNP will be authorised to refuse access to any Associate Member of the party to any party meetings, party events or the RWB unless ordered by their organiser or a senior party official to allow them entrance to any party meeting, event or the RWB festival.

Appointed regional organisers of the party, and senior officers of the party, will be given the sole authority to invite Associate Members to meetings solely at their discretion.

Associate Membership status will not include a right to attend party meetings, party functions or party events such as the RWB unless invited by an duly appointed officer of the party.

It will be the duty of appointed organisers to screen all new Associate Members and ensure that they are bona fide applicants for membership of the party. Those Associate Members that any organiser feels are not bona fide applicants for membership will be notified to head office and their activities monitored. After five years of membership if they have not caused the party any problems then all records on their possible problem status will be destroyed once they become Full Members of the party.

Associate Members will be required to disclose previous political memberships, affiliation or membership of the following organisations classified as hostile to the BNP ;

Operation Black Vote
The Labour Party
Conservative Party
English Democrats
Socialist Workers Party
Anti-Fascist Action
Hope Not Hate
Unite Against Fascism
The Liberal Democrats
The Green Party

This is not an exhaustive list. Other hostile groups may be added to the list as and when they are discovered by the Chairman and the Advisory Council. Any organisations who constitutions or activities have been directed at causing problems for the BNP, or who are hostile to the aims and objectives of the BNP are included within this list. Failure to disclose previous membership of, or affiliation with, those organisations or groups will result in immediate expulsion from the BNP.

Declaration: I hereby apply to become a member of the British National Party and
agree to abide by its Constitution, Articles of Association and policies.

I undertake to contribute to the assets of the BNP in the event of it being wound up with creditors whilst I am a member or within one year after cessation of my
membership, any such sum being limited to one pound. I agree to the above data being
held on computer records.

As a BNP member I agree to a pay a legally binding financial penalty if my intention in joining the BNP is subsequently shown to be based on seeking to deliberately damage the Party or its public image by collecting information, such as video footage, that is used to damage the party, its membership, or that is used to bring the party into public disrepute.

I also hereby agree that if I am discovered to be a registered journalist, a reporter, a private detective, a freelance undercover reporter, or a member of any organisation classified as hostile by the party or any organisation whose intention as regards joining the party is adjudged by the Disciplinary Panel of the party to have simply to have been to damage the interests of the party, to gather information on members, to damage the publics party image or to collect information to damage the rights, privacy and private rights of party members that I will pay damages to the party and each member who has suffered some detriment to the sum of £10,000 per person.

If any such photographs, information, film footage or video footage is collected, obtained or used by either myself, or provided to any third parties for either commercial or private usage including non-commercial use, then I undertake to pay the BNP ten thousands pounds in non-negotiable damages, to pay all legal fees incurred by the BNP in any legal cases concerning the unawfully obtained information films, photographs, or video footage obtained by myself and to sign over copyright to the BNP for the video and film footage, photographs or information.

Those whose intention in joining the party or to attend party festivals, meetings or events is to collect any information, photographs or video and film footage collected by themselves, or on behalf of any other third party, at those party events by signing this membership application agree that such items are owned fully and in perpetuity by the BNP.


This should do the job nicely I believe.

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Finnito said...

Barnes said:
"If the Equality Commission decides that our new definition of 'white' is unlawful then they have to issue legal proceedings against the National Black Police Officers Association and all those hundreds of ethnic groups and charities."

No they don't. All manner of double standards already exist that discriminate against us. The general public won't be bothered by another one.

Andraste said...


Lee does the forthcoming "equality bill" make it illegal to limit membership by religion? If not, we should also stipulate that Muslims cannot join.

Excellent idea about only allowing those who have been invited by selected official to attend meetings, events and the RWB.

I believe at present only those who have been members for 2 years can present a motion at the AGM... this should remain in place, so in effect any new member would have 5 years as an associate member, then after becoming a full member would have to remain so for 2 years before being able to present a motion... effectively meaning they have 7 years to wait.

If some joins for say 3 years then leaves for a year and then joins again, the previous 3 years cannot be counted. And they start again with 5 years as an associate.

Lifetime membership package currently being offered should of course only be made to full members, but it should also come with the option to pay in installments.

New members joining should have also to pay a higher amount, but existing members are offered a discounted rate, this way we keep the loyal and true members on board, whilst gaining extra revenue from new members.

A security forum should be created accesible only by the BNP security team, or other high officals, so that information on members can easily be exchanged and is readily available.

Defender of Liberty said...

Actually Finnito youre talking out of your arse.

If you knew the law you would be aware of the following LEGAL PRINCIPLES ;

1) Bad Faith
3) Bias
4) Abuse of power
5) Proportionality
6) Due Process

The law requires that any rule, provision or power of a public body has to be applied equally to all those that are stated to be in breach of that rule or law. Failure to do that infringes the law.

Perhaps if you werent a troll then you wouldnt be talking such bollocks.

Now run along back to the UAF or stormfront.

Defender of Liberty said...

Good point Andraste, I will add that.



Defender of Liberty said...


I dont like the idea of changing membership fees into different tiers due to the complexity of running such a scheme and the innate unfairness of it portnatially.

Besides we dont need to do it as the changes I propose will work anyway.

Defender of Liberty said...

Yes mate - the Equality Bill makes religious discrmination unlawful as one the 7 heads of illegality.

Andraste said...

Lee, that's fair enough, I wasn't quite sure about charging more either. But I am trying to batten down all the hatches ... lol.

I do believe all the proposals you mention will intend prevent any problems. I seriously can't imagine someone waiting all those years in order to exercise just some small amount of power for purposes of subverting us, besides by making any comments that are obviously not in accordance with the BNP constitution they can be disciplined and even expelled anyway.

Great stuff.

Andraste said...

Can we make it a requirement of membership that religion is provided?

Defender of Liberty said...

Yes we could, but the fact we are monitoring the membership means that we leave the door open to a potential claim for Indirect Discrmination when we reveal that theoretically, very few muslims arent members of the party.

If we dont ask , then we cannot provide the information that could leave us open to a potential claim of Indirect Discrmination on the grounds that our membership policy indirectly discriminates against muslims for example.

Dont ask - cant be attacked.

Andraste said...

I thought that might be the case. You mention interesting point in that we are monitoring membership and obviously this has certain complexities, obviously we need to make sure that any form of monitoring cannot backfire and land us with charges of discrimination on grounds that the establishment have defined.

I read somewhere that UKIP liases with Searchlight in order to vet new members for previous BNP membership and obviously rejects them if they have been BNP members. How would it work if for example someone who is black admitted they had been a member of operation black vote and we rejected them on those grounds. Obviously our argument being that operation black vote is incompatible but obviously the estavlishment would say it was due to skin colour, this is a potential trap, is it not?

Finnito said...

So tell me, why is it that just whites get clobbered with "hate" crimes?

British law is corrupt and you know who corrupted it don't you?

Defender of Liberty said...

1) they dont - non-whites also get charged and convicted with hate crimes, though they play the race card better than we do

2) the reason for that is because we have not organised the ethnic lobby groups, the race relations lawyers, the community groups and legal associations and charities that are required to protect our people - whilst all other racial groups have organised those groups to represent the interests of their people. the fault for that is ours.

instead of doing this nationalists were waiting for the 'great collapse' of society which never came.

its our fault - not anyone elses

Defender of Liberty said...

we are removing people from operation black vote not because they are black, but because they are members of an organisation hostile to the BNP.

That rule applies to all racial groups and all people who are members of organisations hostile to the BNP - so is neither directly or indirectly racially discrminatory.

As long as the rule applies to all racial groups equally it is lawful.

A very sad and disillusioned English person said...

Well said Lee. We are called the "British" national party not the "White national party". Isn't this yet another example of Phillips and his cronies having a gigantic chip on their shoulders.

Black and Asian people in this country are classed as "British" and thus are equally as entitled to belong to the British National Party. It is their own "it's only coz I is black........" attitude that is creating any problem.

If the party is either forced to shut-down or re-invent itself, I hope that all the organisations such as the Black this, the Black that, the Asian this and that, will also be taken to Court and forced by law to change their membership restrictions etc.

This once great country of ours is slowly being destroyed by do-gooders, politically correct to$$ers and the government voted for by us the British people. For God sake folks it's time we all pulled together to save Great Britain.

British till I die!

Anonymous said...

Good ideas Lee.
Another should be to make all members new and old, sign up to a set of core values. These values will be set in stone, any member refusing to sign up to these core values cannot join. Anyone voicing opposition to them will be expelled.

The core values should be:

An end to all immigration for ever, no need of mention to race.
A voluntary repatriation scheme for all those and their descendants who have emigrated to the UK since 2948, no mention of race needed.
An acceptance from all members that mass immigration since 1948 has been a disaster for the UK.
The immediate and ruthless hunting down of all illegal immigrants.
The removal of all asylum seekers after withdrawing from the Geneva refuge agreement.
The banning of wearing the burka in public.
A halt to all further Mosque building.
The scrapping of the Human rights act.
Withdrawal from the EU.

Plenty more could be added to those.
The core values will not be negotiable, any member voicing opposition to these core values will be expelled.

Also, all members will have to declare present and past memberships of all political parties and groups. Any member who has a past or present membership(or connection) anti BNP group cannot join.
Anyone not declaring past or present membership or connection to political parties or groups will be expelled.

All members will have to submit an address which is their home, any address details will be checked. No home address no membership.

Keep up the good work Lee, I hope some of those suggestions are helpful.

Anonymous said...

Can I add that all members should not only supply an address which is their home, but also a land line number as well.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks chaps,

some good ideas here and I have added them to the proposed constitutional change,

keep the ideas coming folks !

the more you give me ideas, the tighter the change becomes.

Andraste said...

Lee we need to include in the code of conduct that any party member who conducts an interview with the media and contradicts the constitution faces immediate expulsion. Not exactly the same but take when Stuart Wheeler donated that money to UKIP he was booted out of the Tories. The reason I mention this is because I see that the media will plant an affiliate member provocateur

Lee, I see a tactic that the establishment/media are planning...

Although all the safeguards discussed protect the BNP constitution and ensure BNP survival. I think that the establishment plan is to use the media for a massive black-ops campaign...

Their plan is to get ethnic minority provocateurs to join, then the media will interview these specific indivuals and they will say completely outrageous or false statements, this will then be broadcast. It doesn't matter if the person is an affiliate or full member... how can we safeguard against this?

Defender of Liberty said...

Good point mate, but i think the code of conduct already applies on this issue already and anyone who breaks the code of conduct is liable for a discipinary anyway,



Andraste said...

Yes, I am confident that we have covered all bases! Anyways, the public are growing more and more immune to the establishment/media black-ops against us, in fact it is discrediting them in the long run.

Andraste said...

Not that we want to but when our new constitution kicks in whats to stop us running a campaign called "Operation White Vote"... being as we have the same legal status of operation black vote?

We can now really use this situation to our advantage.

Anonymous said...

Once we become ''legal''.
Then the police and prison force, will have to lift their ban on BNP members.

We could announce to the press that we will encourage BNP members to join the police and prison service. There could be a police BNP group and a prison officer's group.