Friday 18 September 2009

No Missile Shield = WAR COMING !

The fact that Obama has stated the US missile shield is not going to be built is 100% proof that a war with Iran by Israel is going to happen very soon.

The US either had to contain Iran via the missile shield or remove its nukes.

Therefore the nukes will now be removed by Israel.

Now we also know why the US are so busy getting involved in Pakistan, to ensure the country is stable when the attacks against Iran begin.

We also now know why the Federal Reserve has released 2 trillion dollars to secret banks and organisations - this is the 'war float' a cash liquidity reserve to stabilise the global economy if the shit really hits the fan.

I would suggest that people start stocking up on food stuffs, medicines etc as the attack on Iran will be met with massive assymetric warfare attacks in the UK by Iranian agents and their Islamist lackeys in our towns and cities.

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Anonymous said...

"Massive asymmetric warfare"?
The Pakistanis in the UK are not aligned with the Iranians. sure there will numerous demos etc.
The Taliban were actually helped to be overthrown by the Iranian national guard.
Iran funded the National Alliance against the Taliban.
Pakistan and Iran have never been historical allies.
Iran would be no threat to the UK homeland unless they had the capability to launch ICBM which they do not have.

Israelis are the ones who are probably stocking up on food, petrol and medicine right now as they will bear the brunt of Iranian, Lebanese and PLO missiles.

Sure, there's always the chance of a few Iranian funded terror units in the UK but this will likely result in a few dozen deaths, hardly the same numbers as Londoners experienced during the Blitz.

The Saudis, Pakistan, India, Russia, China, Egypt and the others will breath a sigh of relief once Israel has taken out Iran's nuclear capability, even if they don't admit it in public.

Don't worry Lee, and I mean this in the most sincere way as an avid reader of your blog and as a great fan of your writing!

But, yes you are correct, the 2 trillion and the missile shield all point in the direction of more war.

One world government is advancing more rapidly.

if ur my friend and u love me, dont read this said...

Interesting post. Excuse my ignorance, but why would Obama (apart from his EXTREME liberalism), do an act which would so clearly (in your words) prompt a war?


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi stanley,

Because war pays.

As the motto of the Rothschilds reveals which got them rich ' Buy to the sound of cannon, sell to the sound of violins'.

The military industrial block depends on constant wars for profits - war gets the rich richer and impoverishes only the poor.

Defender of Liberty said...

I agree with your comments anonymose.

I suspect that the Islamists will use this attack on Iran as an excuse to attack the west and Britain anyway, regardless of their tribal and religions hatred of each other.

We are the enemy of them all - and as they see us an allie of Israel then we will get it as well.

Anonymous said...

In the 1920's, anti-Semitism was sweeping Europe and its vehemence astonished many: "In the Jew they saw only men and women who were of a different religion...

...but it was not long before they overcame their astonishment."

Ahmadinejad's Holocaust 'myth' comments slammed

As Mandy Rice-Davies during the 1960's infamous Profumo/Keeler/Ward porn scandal once famously said:

"Well THEY would say that wouldn't THEY?"

Anonymous said...


what's your views on the Russia Israeli meeting?
Russia has now cancelled the Iran missile deal, missiles which would have defended against an Israeli attack agaisnt Iran.
Israel has even given reassurances that they will not attack Iran, though Hitler and Russia also promised not to invade poland.