Saturday 5 September 2009

Options when the Constitution is Changed

Lets take a look at a few of the options that are kicking around once the constitution has been changed ;

1) QANGO's = Quasi Autonomous Nationalist Groups and Organisations within the BNP.

These would be small voluntary groups formed by individuals within the BNP, such as where individuals want to organise together and undertake a party function such as paper sales, meetings etc.

Drawbacks would be that they could not be official groups of the party, have access to party property, act in the parties name, be sanctioned by the party, organise within the party, be organised by party officials or distribute party propaganda that is only issued to official party activists or authorised party vendors of official party products or propaganda.

They would not be able to use official party logo's, have access to official party resources and facilities and they could not act in the name of the party or promote themselves as agents or functions of the party as they could not be part of the official party structure, and therefore as they would not be under party control we could not allow them to pretend they are part of the party.

As they could not be part of the party then they would not be able to buy BNP products from the party and distribute, issue or use any official BNP products from the party that can only be obtained from official party sources and issued only to appointed party representatives as if we allowed them access to those official party products then they would be classified as official agents of the party.

The idea we would as a party allow QANGO's to organise, exist and operate as autonomous groups within the party and then to promote themselves and act as implied agents of the party, and incur potential legal liabilities for the party, is not going to happen.

The party has spent the last few months removing the copyrighted BNP logo from those individuals and websites who did not have permission to use it, in order to ensure the party image was not tarnished by those who unilaterally pretended they were speaking on behalf of the BNP or put themselves forward as being official agents or spokesmen of the BNP - so no QANGO's will not be allowed to organise within the party and nor will they be allowed to operate either as direct agents or implied agents of the party.

If a QANGO as an implied agent is allowed to form inside the party and is allowed to act, or has purported to act, in a number of situations and the principal ( The party )has knowingly acquiesced when it acts or has acted in the name of the party, then the failure to notify all concerned of the implied agent's lack of authority is an implied ratification to those transactions or actions of the implied agent and an implied grant of authority for future transactions or acts of a similar nature.

Therefore the party would be liable for the actions of implied agents acting in its name, or who can be implied as acting in its name.

If there were too close a relationship between the party and the QANGO, then the legal problem of them being an implied 'agent' of the party would arise if one of the QANGO's or its members went and did something stupid, and thereby left the party legally liable.

Therefore on the grounds of protecting the parties legal interests QANGO's within the party are a no-go.

2)Policy Forums within the party

One idea could be the formation of voluntary Policy Forums within the party eg an Indigenous British Community Forum for those whose interests are defending and promoting the rights and interests of the indigenous British people.

People would not be members of the Policy Forums but would join the forums voluntarily as forum advisers. These groups would have their own elected representatives who would liase with forum advisers to form policies etc that would benefit the interests of those in the particular Policy Forums.

Another group could be a Black British Section for members who wish to represent the interests of the Black Naturalised British Community within the BNP. They could then draft up proposals for the black community in line with the BNP policies and for inclusion in future manifesto's.

This could be a potential idea, and would allow those who wish to join such groups to form their own forum groups and hold private meetings and events for those who wish to join such policy forums.

The aim of the groups would be to have debates, issue proposals to the party and draft up policy ideas to be presented to the party to represent their specific interests.

For those who wish to have such Policy Forums they could do and then they could attend the private meetings of those forums by invitation only - whilst the rest of the membership simply attend normal meetings of the party.

3) De-registering the party and forming QANGO's to stand as independents in elections.

A feasible option for those that think standing in local elections is the ultimate goal of nationalism.

I proposed this as a plan a few years ago if the party was hit with a ban and proscribed. You could theoretically control such independents via the use of 'loaning' independent candidates a copyrighted symbol owned by an officer of the de-registered party which was once the symbol and name of a political party.

Many drawbacks in relation to the long term aims of the political process.

The fact that no national party structure existed to vet and control candidates, no clear chain of command existed in order to control what they did once (or if ) they got elected, no national party structure existed so as to exert control over who could say they were official candidates and who were not - means the reds could stand as independent nationalist candidates in elections and take the nationalist vote.

This sort of scheme is predicated once again upon nationalist short term thinking.

This sort of scheme is predicated upon a 'No Surrender to Common Sense' mindset where those that want nationalism in its traditional impotent and politically useless form are unable to evolve and adapt.

Rather than realising that the virtually entire strategy and tactics of nationalism have been flawed for the past fifty years, as demonstrated by the fact that until 2000 only the BNP had won 1 council seat, then this merely is a sop to those who still persist in perpetuating the failed methodology of the past.

Nationalism must evolve, not splinter into powerless little cabals of pissed off nationalists standing, and being ignored, in elections.

This strategy would be a total waste of time simply as the mainstream parties would be able to outspend, out leaflet, out propagandise and swamp any nationalist that stood.

As no national structure would exist then the issue of how these independents would be funded would arise.

Similarly all the Electoral Commission would need to do is issue a clarification of what an 'Independent' candidate is and then ban any individuals who were representatives of political parties that had de-registered.

Any nationalist that tried to stand as an independent would be also studied and their history of political membership thrown back at them eg Joe Bloggs is ex-NF and in leaflets put out by Searchlight this would be higlighted in order to undercut their vote.

If they used the NF symbol on their leaflets, then they would still be NF and get nowhere.

Complete waste of time. Another diversionary plan for 'fantasy nationalism'.

4) Join the NF

This an option for all those that like to play Fantasy Politics as opposed to real politics.

You could join the NF and then personally feel like a 'good nationalist' whilst doing nothing at all for nationalism.

If the NF somehow started to win seats then the Equality Commission would simply come for them as well.

In relation to the NF membership criteria ;

" The National Front is a radical racial nationalist movement made up of a confederation of semi-autonomous branches. The primary object of the National Front is to ensure the survival and advancement of the White Race and the British Nation.

Compliance with the terms of this Constitution shall be a necessary condition of membership of the National Front. "

Two problems ;

1) The Equality Commission uses the internal propaganda of the party under investigation as evidence of its 'white only' racist membership policy, so I wonder if the NF have ever said they are a 'white race' only organisation in their internal propaganda at all ?

Hmmm a hard one that.

2) The Equality Commission will send them a formal legal notice giving the NF twenty one days to state whether they racially discriminate in relation to their membership policy and secondly do they have a whites only membership policy which is what they did to the BNP - and if they refuse to answer then they will take them to court to get a 'clarification ' on the position of the NF as regarding those two issues.

Now I wonder if the NF would be willing to say ;

1) We do not racially discriminate in relation to new members and we allow non-whites to join the NF

2) Our party is not a whites only party and our definition of the 'white race' is not based on race or skin colour.

Hmmmm, hard one that.

If they did not respond, did not reply or did not clarify their membership criteria -then they will be banned.

Simple as that.

5) QANGO's outside the party.

A superb idea.

Quasi Autonomous Nationalist Groups which self organise to set up gigs, festivals, cultural events etc are an essential facet of the future of nationalism.

As long as the MEMBERS of that group comprise less than 25 people then those groups are 100 % lawful.

Therefore all you need is five people as the founders and committee of the group and then people do not join as such, they issue their addresses and e mail details and become supporters and thereby get notified when any events are organised.

I would suggest that for those hard core nationalists that do not want to evolve with the party set these up and run them for themselves.

The nationalist political parties are the tips of the spear, the QANGO's are the organisations that generate the masses that propel the spear forward.

In order for nationalist political parties to increase in size and power then the masses must be NATIONALISED.

This means we must have as many community outreach programmes as possible whose aim and intent is to draw in the disenfranchised white community into those organisations - and then once inside them educate them into becoming nationalists.

The role of a political party is to stand in elections - and therefore as the entire legal system is being used to undermine our ability to operate in communities, QANGO's would allow nationalists to operate below the political radar and have direct contact with the white community and thereby educate, indoctrinate and organise them into becoming nationalist voters and supporters.

For example - a QANGO was set up to act as a creche in a white working class area for young mums and families with little or no government or community support. This would allow nationalists to organise a community network of people who then can be introduced to nationalism.

QANGO's could set up family days, barbecues, football events etc etc and thereby create a nexus of organisations to knit the white working class back together and then allow them to be nationalised.

The ONLY community in this country with no community centres, no ethnic lobby groups, no ethnic legal representatives, no ethnic charities, no government or council funded groups to help them in any way are whites.


Not until the white community develops a consciousness of itself as a community, will it vote as a community for those political parties that seek to represent the white community in the political process.

For decades the failure of nationalism to understand this simple fact - THAT UNLESS THE WHITE COMMUNITY THINKS AND ACTS AS A COMMUNITY IT WILL NOT VOTE FOR POLITICAL PARTIES THAT SEEK TO REPRESENT THE WHITE COMMUNITY - has meant that nationalism has been drawing its votes from shallow pools of voters who already think or see themselves as nationalists.

In order for the white community to think as a community, then the fragmented and splintered atomised white community must be knitted back together by QANGO's and then it will start to think and act as a community.

Politics alone cannot save us unless the white community becomes a community again.

This process of atomising the white community has been a deliberate feature of the Liberal social engineering project of the last fifty years, and it began with the demolishing of the old white working class communities that were designated as 'slums' and then the breaking up of extended families.

When the old working class white communities were destroyed and replaced by high rise flats, this resulted in the destruction of the extended family and kin networks that were the basis of the old white working class communities.

Mum and dad used to live next door to nana and grandad and our cousins lived down the road - and each helped the other out all the time, so that a living community existed.

The destruction of the old white working class communities led to the total breakdown of the extended white family networks that ensured our communities and families flourished. Tearing them apart destryoed the community and families in one go.

This was a crime against humanity as we have seen the crime, drug abuse, poverty, social alienation that the liberal social engineering plan created in our communities - and today they call us racists for trying to reform white communities and recreate extended family networks to save our people.

Once the white community was torn apart the immigrants were shipped in and allowed to drive a further wedge between the white community and extended families.

A recent book about the East End of London which explored the destruction of the white working class communities, and the resulting social and individual problems caused by the dismantling of extended family networks who all used to live alongside each other giving each other mutual support, revealed just how much damage the processes of White Community Destruction and Multi-Culturalism did to our people.

The white community is the ONLY community that no longer thinks or votes as a community.

Therefore if we are to get into power we must first get the white community to re-organise as a community, then think of themselves as a community and then vote as a community.

This is where QANGO's are essential.

For those nationalists that are unable to accept the BNP constitutional changes required to keep the BNP as a functional party and to allow it to participate in the democratic political process, then rather than waste their time joining the NF - form a QANGO in your own area and start to nationalise your own community.

I suspect though that many of the Keyboard warriors, arm chair nationalists and gobshites that are shouting the loudest' No Surrender' are those least likely to do anything to save our people.

It may salve the conscience to put thirty quid in an envelope and send it off to the NF once a year and then do bugger all else, but that does not make you a nationalist.

A nationalist is an activist, not a keyboard warrior or a 'card carrying do nothing'.

6) Freezing the membership - another rubbish suggestion.

What is the point of giving the courts the legal guarantees we need to continue to operate when we effectivly 'freeze' the party.

The changes in the constitution will allow many new people to join the party and encourage others to do so - so we will be forced to change the constitution, put up with all the alarmist nonsense peddled by the 'No Surrender' mob in the party and then wilfully block ourselves from any benefits from the change - which are new members and new money coming in.

As for the idea peddled by some that the Equality Bill scraps the entire body of race relations laws, case laws and precedents - it doesnt.

The Equality Bill is a consolidating act, whereby it will draw all the old legislation from disparate sources into one consolidated body of law ;

Reducing nine major pieces of legislation, and around 100 statutory instruments into a single Act, making the law more accessible and easier to understand, so that everyone can be clear on their rights and responsibilities.

The Equality Act does not overule the race relations acts - it puts them all under one act.

At the same time the Equality Act is TIGHTENING up the race relations acts and making the 7 grounds of unlawful discrimination include such things as discrmination against transexuals.

The new act expressly states that all membership associations are bound by the act - thereby taking away the need for a court case using the race relations act and case law in order to create grounds for a case.

All a stay on proceedings will do is ensure we are faced with a more EXTREME and more tightend up act in the future - and that we have to pay more costs fighting it again through the courts with even less chance of winning the case.

The fact is that even if we wanted to adjourn the case - we cant.

We have six weeks to issue the clarifications the court demands or we get injuncted and the party de-registered.

Therefore fanciful plans to 'avoid this by crawling up into our own backsides and going la la la la with our fingers in our ears and eyes closed until it all goes away' is simply not an option.

Therefore ideas such as freezing membership and changing the constitution are meaningless - it is better to bite the bullet, firewall as best as possible the new constitution with procedural amendments re the operation of the party and begin to exploit the fact that we can no longer be defined as a 'racist' party by attacking the bans in the police, prison service, trade unions etc etc.

7) The idea that because black members may be present at meetings some members may cause trouble is easily solved.

Just as at present if a BNP member attacked or verbally abused another BNP member for any reason in a public place or at a BNP meeting then they would be ;

A) Kicked out of the party
B) Banned from the party
C) Reported to the Police

If any drunk thugs thought they could verbally abuse or attack fellow BNP members for any reason, let alone their race, then they would be expelled. That rule applies to all members at all times.

And finally thanks to Lancaster Unity for confirming that my plans for the constitution are bang on target.

As an old Lancaster bomber pilot who I used to know used to say ;

'Only when you are getting flack from all sides do you know you are right on target'.

Being attacked by the Nazis on Stormfront and the Reds on Lancaster unity is all the validation I ever need.

Thanks to the dykes and queers on LU and the jackboot and lederhosen fetishists on SF.

For some strange reason they love that picture of me they keep putting up on their site, I dread to think why - the grubby little perverts.

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Epona said...

Well put Lee, The party will evolve from here as it should..

Anonymous said...

5) QANGO's outside the party

I like that. I have been working on ideas for my local community to engage them in cultural events

I notice that in my area having been through many stages of regeneration,after cycles of planned neglect by the labour regime council, with the latest regeneration being now backed up by 'social engineering' or 'ciali regeneration as they term it, with PFI finance, organizing small events and things that get people together, this is the remit of a few people paid to do this on behalf of the council and the management agency.

I have approached these people with ideas but they weren't interested yet took them anyway an did their own thing with them.

I'll try and work on my own or maybe as you suggest get a few people together , fellow Nationalist to work on something as a team

I am doing this as an artist and as supporter of the BNP in its necessary changes and lats evolution

Tim said...

Lee, a really thought provoking article.

Point 5 is a good one but that would be the case even if the party was not forced to change it membership rules or am I missing a point?

Nationalisation of communities would be a very effective tool, but like many the jump from thinking to doing is not a matter of lethargy but a simple lack of knowledge of how to go about it. Start up tools and info packs would be very useful.

As for keyboard warriors, I agree 100% that the activists on the street are the backbone of the party, but it would be unwise to underestimate the power of the web, and those prepared to use it effectively. And why would the party spend effort on the operation fightback mails etc if they didn't think it was effective?

Anyway, I agree that we have to adapt. Resigning in indignation and/or joining another party will not change anything.

Keep up the good work.


Defender of Liberty said...

Great work and good luck,

let me know how you get on with the QANGO idea and if you have any ideas then share them with us and we can pass the ideas on,

regards, lee

p.s. thanks epona

Defender of Liberty said...

Agree on all points Dowlish,

will see what I can do about the info packs etc



ulsterpatriot said...

The establishment just don't get it do they? The harder they grip the sand, the more falls through their fingers. I thought that the stealing and leaking of the membership list was the biggest own goal the government and their agents could have ever achieved. Thanks to Trevor Philips and his band of merry muppets, the BNP are about to become more powerful than ever. Like the Vietnamese and Afghans the BNP are quickly learning how to defeat an enemy of superior resources.
There will be no army of foreigners rushing to join the BNP, neither will they want to fund our activities for the next five years with their membership subscriptions. So i say this to the kneejerkers, none of our ethos has changed and our policies remain intact. We are now about to enter a very fruitful period of the war in which we find ourselves. We shall not be defeated!!!

Andraste said...

Spot on ulsterpatriot.

I have been visting some forums that are anti-BNP to get their take on the membership situation. And a lot of people think it is a mistake bby the EHRC, that will in fact only be of a benefit to us. However, most of the idiots posting up simply don't get it, the main comments they make go along the lines:

i) See how the BNP deal with 10000 Asians joining
ii) How would the BNP deal with someone like Trevor McDonald joining?
iii) Get enough people to join to force vote of no confidence in Nick Griffin

But such statements mean nothing, there is no possibility of any of these situations arising. As soon as any would-be agitator reads the membership conditions they will not join, they won't want to fund the BNP for 7 years until they get the opportunity to just present a motion at the AGM. High profile celebrities will not join because of the credability boost we would receive, and there is no room for them to subvert us anyway, because they will be treating just like anyone else who steps out of line and expelled from the party. As for forcing a vote of no confidence or other such shenanigans again this is not possible for affiliate members.

Lee, one other point, I expect you already thought of this as its pretty obvious, only full members can hold any official position in the party.

Keep the ideas coming guys... Lee, you are doing a great job.

andraste said...

This situation is fantastic. The pressure from the EHRC is forcing us to evolve, and it follows that our new status affords us opportunities that were previously not possible. For example we all know that the real agenda of the EHRC and the establishment is driven by a vicious and genocidal intent against the indigenous people of our land, but they hide their attack behind egalitarian sounding terms such as “the equality bill”, etc.

Up until now we have always been at the mercy of the establishment, because they let us get away with our supposedly “racist” membership criteria and we all secretly feared the day the launched legal action. The did not attack us in the past because we was not really that much of a threat, however now that we are a threat and an growing threat at that, they have attacked us thinking we will be bankrupted and/or ruled illegal. However, the fact that we are about to evolve into 100% legality, with no grey areas means that we are instantly granted a status we didn’t have before. We can effectively run a campaign mirroring that of our opponents and there can be no come back on us… i.e. we start a campaign called “Operation White Vote” – how can there be a legal challenge to this? There can’t be a legal challenge to it, because that instantly makes Operation Black Vote subject to the same legal process. People from any line of work can join without fear of persecution and fear being sacked. Surely the case of Adam Walker becomes instantly stronger when the membership and constitution changes, because how can it be stated that we are a racist party in court if our standing is totally legal and we accept anyone from any race as a member.

By continuing to attack us further after our change to the membership and constitution the establishment will be making it so obvious to everyone that we are attacked simply because we are committed to being the political representatives of the indigenous people, because they will no longer be able to use the line that we are “racist”. In fact we almost want them to attack us more because as with all tyrannies the one thing that brings them down is when they are exposed for what they really are, and by continuing to attack us, which they surely will, we will gain more support from people who will realise what the establishments real agenda is.

Defender of Liberty said...

Just had a read of Tyndallites propsals that he has been touting as the solution, and to be frank its the biggest load of bollocks I have read so far - at least some people have given some good ideas.

1) You can do that anyway - so do it. Dont confuse a cultural association with the BNP, if you want to set one then do so.

2) They have a choice to join if they want anyway - though that would be based on who led it and who ran it. If you want to set one up then do so, outside the party.

3) Why ? Just because a few keyboard warriors and nazis can be happy in their little cultural association - get real. 95 % of the members are prepared to be grown ups about the change and carry on fighting elections and winning elections, only about 5 % are throwing their singed golliwogs out of the pram - why allow 5 % to dictate to the 95 % ! We may not be happy about what we have to do, but we are intelligent enough to realise that we need to make the best of it - not ponce about like a load of prima donnas.

4) Why ? most people in the party are real politicians who want us to go forward to victory, not indulge in infantile gesture politics.

5) You can do that anyway - if people want to go to it they can, if they dont then they dont.

6) Brilliant idea - hand victory to gerry gable and the reds by doing to ourselves what they never could which is to destroy the BNP. The fact that this 'hollow shell' of a BNP still has to adhere to the race relations act means nothing changes at all. Absolutely Ridiculous.

7) Why ? 95 % are prepared to get on win elections, they arent a fucking nutter like Tyndallite whose obsession with blacks means more than winning elections and taking our country back. knobhead.

8) Why ? There will be no discrimination cases - unless some racist knobhead who is drunk at the RWB or a meeting causes an incident - and those types of idiots are better off outside the party. We need disciplined nationalists who live in the real world, not purists playing fantsasy politics.

9) Why ? more members = more money = more elections we can fight in and more community projects we can set up and more legal cases we can fund. Another demented idea.

10) We can do both - so why not do both, why limit growth to a latteral direction when we can do latteral and vertical growth at the same time - another nonsense idea.

11) So the cultural association gets the money that would have gone to the BNP - whilst the BNP stands as a 'hollow shell' in elections with no money. Fucking brilliant - what a genius idea. Cock.

12) so insane not even worth responding too.

13) so the 'leaders' of the cultural group can use it as they wish like a giant piggy bank. 'anyone can run the cultural group' - like Tyndallite I suppose. Twat.

This is the biggest load of bollocks I have read so far.

Stick to driving a train you dick.

Guessedworker said...


It's a ratchet. Once the principle of multiracialism is forced on the party, the next target will be the discriminative membership conditions that hold back racial equality.

But you are right that it isn't really about the number of entryists. Ten thousand is fantasy land. A handful will do, because the legal schwerpunckt, as understood by anybody who actually thinks, is to move the party from racialism to culturalism. Read Lee's piece again and see how much is already tipping over into culturalism. Once the BNP is fully culturalist, and the enemy can be sure that it harbours no illusions about stopping race-replacement over the next half-century, the legal onslaught will stop.

Defender of Liberty said...

What nonsense - the race relations acts do not force a party to adopt policies that support racial equality, the laws merely state you cannot stop blacks joining.

What your political policies are cannot be forced to change - only your membership policy.

Those who cannot see that ethnic and racial survival are linked with the prservation of an indigenous culture, are simply deluded.

The idea that by defending British culture we are going to destroy the Ethnic British folk is the biggest load of old bollocks I have ever heard.

Get a grip.

A degenerate culture spawns a degenerate people.

A degenerate people is a people about to die - from miscegination, invasion, cultural suicide etc etc

Culture is the shield that defends the folk - surrender the shield of culture and the folk die anyway.

Andraste said...

@ Guessedworker

"It's a ratchet. Once the principle of multiracialism is forced on the party, the next target will be the discriminative membership conditions that hold back racial equality."

That is not correct. Firstly, the principle of "multiracialism" is not being forced on the party, what is being forced on the party is that our membership does not prevent those of other ethnicities joining the party, just because these people can join does not mean that the principles of the party change - in exactly the same way that if I decided to join Labour would not mean that Labour therefore had been forced to accept the principles of British nationalism.

"Once the BNP is fully culturalist, and the enemy can be sure that it harbours no illusions about stopping race-replacement over the next half-century, the legal onslaught will stop."

The reason d'etre of the BNP is the preservation and perpetuation of the traditions and culture of the indigenous British folk - the BNP is already “fully culturalist” in this sense, therefore there is no change.

You seem to be under the mistaken belief that because the membership rules have to be changed to allow other ethnicities to join that this changes the very nature of the existence of the BNP, this is also the mistaken belief held by the establishment. It is mistaken because by becoming a member of the BNP one is automatically acknowledging not only the rights of the indigenous British people but also that the indigenous people must be preserved along with our culture and traditions, this is an inescapable fact – therefore if an Asian joins he is committing himself to the constitution of the BNP, and if he acts contrary to this he will be disciplined and/or ejected from the party.

Furthermore your argument is quite pointless anyway and is merely distraction from the issue at hand that being how we effectively deal with the legal action against us in order to best safeguard the purpose of the BNP. Your time would be spent much better on how to ensure the principles of the BNP are maintained, rather than wasting time arguing against a legal undertaking that the BNP must perform in order to continue to exist.