Friday 4 September 2009

Pickled Politics Gets It

The problem for nationalism is that much of the nationalist movement are motivated by emotion rather than logic.

Nationalists who are motivated by emotionalism are undiscplined and anti-intellectual, in that they like their nationalism in your face - marches, flags, banners, screaming speeches, racist rhetoric etc etc.

They like the buzz of being in your face - as much as they despise being disciplined.

They would rather march over the cliff shouting 'rights for whites' than be voted into power by playing the game of politics.

This is why Nationalism has become such a diminished force in Britain, for at one time in Britain EVERYONE was a nationalist and all the political parties including Labour and Tories were also nationalist.

Now nationalism is regarded with horror by all the parties including UKIP - and the politics of nationalism marginalised.

This is because the strategy and tactics of the nationalist movement have been held hostage by the emotionalists for fifty years.

The Far Left though have in that fifty years gone from a marginalised political sect to being in power regardless of who is in government.

Today the ideological DNA of the Far Left is present in the Church of England, the Tory Party, Lib Dems and Labour Party for each adhere 100 % to the core ideological tenants of the old Far Left ;

1) They all support political correctness
2) They all support multi-culturalism
3) They all support globalisation / internationalism as opposed to nationalism
4) They all support mass immigration
5) They all reject defending British culture
6) They all reject defending the interests of the indigenous British

Yet whilst this Far Left DNA has managed to infect and spread into the bloodstream of every British political and social institution, at the same time the indeology of nationalism has been destroyed and removed from all levels of British society and politics.

How did this happen ?

It happened because the Far Left were motivated not by emotion, but by logic.

The Far Left THOUGHT about how to get into power and then adapted their methodology, strategy and tactics in order to get into power - and this is why we saw such Far Left tactics as ;

1) Gramscian
2) Entryism
3) The infiltration and subversion of institutions by activists disciplined enough to keep quiet but incrementally shift and transform the institutions they subverted piece by piece ( as opposed to nationalists who have always dreamt of the 'Big Collapse' and then with flags flying and brass bands playing we are swept into power as heroes and liberators)

The Far Left played the Long Game, whilst nationalists demanded and planned for the orgasm of revolution and instant gratification.

The Far Left knew that what mattered was simply getting into power, not adhering to obsolete and useless ideological dogma on how they should be getting into power.

They understood that strategy and tactics should be based on what worked, and they rejected all forms of strategy and tactics that were shown and proved not to be working.

Nationalism on the other hand merely used the same failed strategy and tactics it had always done, generation after generation.

Nationalists have always been proponents of the Great Collapse Theory, where the 'imminent' collapse of capitalism would lead to an upsurge in support of Nationalism in order to sweep nationalists into power.

Of course that will never happen. The fact that the 'imminent' collapse of nationalism never occured, and the nearest thing to it which is the present Credit Crunch, has been controlled by the capitalists to ensure the Great Collapse does not occur shows us that the founding myth of nationalist politics, the Great Collapse Theory, is a total load of old bollocks.

Our enemies are cleverer than us - they learn from their mistakes.

They will NEVER allow another 'collapse of the Weimar Republic' to happen again.

The Credit Crisis has revealed that the Capitalists that run the banks and governments will never again allow another Great Depression and the collapse of the liberal democratic capitalist regimes that control our society and the rise of national revolutions.

The capitalists are prepared to roll back capitalism into government controlled corporate fascism ( the nationalisation of the banks ) in order to ensure the Great Collapse never again happens.

Thereby the last fifty years of nationalism have been wasted on those ideologues within nationalism that rejected incrementalist change in our nations for the fantasy of revolutionary change - whilst the hidden hands that control our nation have been planning to ensure that never again will the social, economic and political circumstances that led to the rise of Fascism occur.

Therefore the tactics and strategy of most of the political leadership in Nationalism over the last fifty years have been a complete waste of time.

The proof is in the fact that until 2001 in the last fifty years the Nationalist movement had won just ONE council seat.

That is pathetic - and criminal, for the fact that the 'leadership' of nationalism could have allowed that situation to occur and not grasped the mettle and changed their strategy and tactics over the last fifty years means we are now at the abyss of extinction.

Like lemmings the nationalists followed the same flawed and idiotic tactics and strategy as the generation before them, throwing themselves off the cliff but depicting that stupidity as heroic.

The time has come to reject the political methodology of historical nationalism in order to ensure the survival of our race, our nation and our culture.

Only be realising that following the political methodology of losers means we remain as losers, will we be able to start winning.

In order to gain power we must learn, adopt and deploy the same tactics and methodology of the Far Left which took them from a despised, marginalised political cult on the fringes of politics and society to where they now control every institution and political party in our society.

But we dont have fifty years left to do this.

Therefore the pathetic dinosaurs of old stayle nationalism that haunt the internet on sites like Stormfront, the Jurassic Park of Nationalist retards, must be regarded as liabilities for the rise into power of nationalism.

What matters is not how we get into power, but what we do once we get into power.

Nationalism must dump the strategic and tactical baggage of failed nationalist methodology and learn from the Far Left.

The moment nationalists learn that the Far Left WON the political struggle, whilst we lost it, is the moment nationalism will be capable of re-thinking its obsolete strategy and tactics for getting into power.

The moment we start to adopt the tactics and strategies of the Far Left and apply them to the nationalist movement is the moment we will be moving from a marginalised political movement into the mainstream.

Let the dinosaurs on stormfront bellow and howl, for they are simply pathetic relics of shameful historical failure.

The time has come for nationalism to throw off the yoke of historical failure and begin the transition into power.

Contrary to the lie peddled by some on the fringes of the BNP that Nick Grffin tried before to change the constitution and was forced to back down by the members, the truth is that the CRE started a case against the BNP in regard to a complaint by a Sikh who applied to join the party, but THEY were forced to back down when we informed them that in law they did not have the power to do so and WE changed the constitution to ensure that the CRE did not have any way to attack us that time.

The present attack from the Equality Commission, which replaced the CRE, is based on them being given new powers under the Equality Act 2006 and a recent change in the law which allows them to come for us even under our revised constitution.

There was no 'uprising' from the members that forced Nick Griffin to back down, the simple fact was that at the time we had a debate about what we could do = amend the constitution or do what the CRE wanted.

The party chose the former rather than latter.

Today we are in the same situation, though the law has been tightened so that the way we wriggled out of the last case has been closed down.

Whilst our enemies evolve in their thinking and tactics, it appears that the retards within nationalism are incapable of any form of legal and political evolution.

All they can is speak bullshit about things they know nothing about.

If you want to set up and run white only organisation and run cultural events, festivals, gigs etc then you can do by simply ensuring you dont have more than 25 members in the group you form.

If you are motivated by the issue of race and racial nationalism then you are entirely free in our society to do so, but to try and force any organisation with more then 25 members to do the same will result in that organisation being taken to court and banned.

You can put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and go 'la la la la' and ignore reality as long as you want, but dont call that politics.

Politics is the art of the possible not pathetic posturing.

Its a pity that whilst the enemy, such as those on Pickled Politics understand this -the stormfront morons with their nazi fetishism and adoration for their dead leaders are so dumb they cannot ;

EHRC v BNP on all-white membership is an own-goal

by Sunny on 4th September, 2009 at 2:25 am

It’s occurred to other people as well, but I’m really annoyed now that the EHRC didn’t think through their case against the BNP because of it’s whites-only membership rules.

BNP must adapt membership rules or be crushed, says Nick Griffin. You see, he’s out-manoeuvred the EHRC. To his own party he can now say: ‘look guys, I’m sorry but the law is forcing us to change our membership policy‘, knowing that they would not have allowed it otherwise.

But Griffin knows there aren’t going to be that many ethnic minorities who’ll join the BNP. But changing the rules takes away the most obvious and potent symbols that the BNP remains a racist party. If the rules change and Griffin goes on television and declares that he’s not racist, merely standing up for British culture, what can journalists obviously point at to illustrate the party’s racism?

Sure, there are things we can probably point. But pointing out things he’s done in the past can easily be batted away. To the person considering voting for the BNP, the biggest source of stigma has been taken away. And you’re left with a party which is succeeding more and more daily in hiding its origins and true inclinations. This helps Griffin enormously and he knows it – which is why he’s embracing the change quickly. It’s a huge own-goal by the EHRC. Thanks guys.

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Andraste said...

I notice the distinct absence of leftist scum posting comments to your articles Lee. LOL. I wonder why. Oh dear they suddenly realise that the BNP have out manoeuvred the establishment, and that the EHRC has been utterly stupid… and they are also trembling in fear as they also realise that the BNP is going to advance from this position, we are not weakened at all.

What a great article on the BNP website to have Rajinder Singh who could be accepted as the first ethnic minority member warning about the dangers of Islam… how great to watch the leftist maniacs call work themselves into self destruction.

See Martin Wingfield’s blog:

Wolfblood said...

Lee, we have to move swiftly.
The enemy is, as you say, clever and quick to act. They will attempt to throw spanners in the works; the re-building works, that is. They will attempt to manipulate the dinosaur naysayers as they have always done
Lets get the new constitution up and running asap.

Andraste said...

The relics and Nazi festishists [sic] that haunt the blogs and forums are the very same idiots who have prevented and thwarted the rise of nationalism these past decades, they are in fact the enemy within and must be recognised as such.

When Nick Griffin took over the party he had a vision of what was needed to actually make our party a serious political force - and for the party to have come this far in ten odd years is amazing, not even considering the adversity it has faced in that time.

The time has come to severe totally all connections with the lunatic fringe, they are not true nationalists anyway... a true nationalist works singuarly to achieve what is best for his people and country, they do not let their own petty egos and squabbles prevent them from the greater task of saving our people and country.

Finnito said...

So now we have to fight lies with more lies and not the truth?

Thats it then, Britain as we knew it is dead.

Andraste said...

@ Finnito

How are we fighting with lies, please elaborate?