Saturday 12 September 2009

Sharia Law and the Stalinists

In order to overthrow the Shah of Iran, the Islamists and the Communists united to bring down the government and monarchy by co-ordinating a General Strike.

After the Ayatollah took power in Iran he then ordered the arrest and execution of all the Communists.

The Stalinists of the UAF are working to prepare the takeover of our nation by Islamism, therefore the UAF should be regarded as a terrorist supporting and facilitating organisation.

Anjem Choudry now warns the Far Left that the Islamists now have sufficient terrorists trained and prepared in the UK, that they no longer require the 'useful idiots' of the Far Left to 'defend' them.

The UAF have done their work, which is to defend the Islamists long enough so that they could prepare their street militias in order to ensure the application of Sharia Law is being applied street by street throughout our cities.

Dont say you werent warned.

Note how the Islamists are now fighting the Far Left in other European nations as well ;

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your boys are training the Libyan special forces.

Which side of the war is the UK on?

Rijker said...

Serves the uaf twats right, Lee.
We've always told them it would happen and they've always screamed about 'narzis' and all the other old bollox fed to them by the zionist captalist hate machine they claim to abhor.
Now they know what fate is in store for them but they still can't stop behaving like trained dogs.
I hope the blacks caught up in this realise they are being used by these evil bastads too. That Bennet freak doesn't give a shit about them.

Anonymous said...

Top poster is right, never mind the UAF, the government has being using the SAS to train Libyan troops for the last 6 months!
Still we've got the ballot box LOL!
Too bad they have the bullets!

alanorei said...

Some years ago, none other than Mel Phillips reported how Islamophile George Galloway was roughed up by some of his precious Mozzies.

Thanks for the post, Lee. It isn't surprising of course. Even these often-inbred Islamicists (close-blood relative marriages etc.) have got more sense than to trust a traitor.

Occupied Britain said...

What would the mothers of these nice moslem boys be saying if they knew they were hanging around the streets of London with Homosexuals, Lesbians, Transgender folk, Druggies, Aethists, single parents and convicted criminals.I refer to the UAF of course.
Would any sensible parent let their kids associate with that lot.Islam is surely a very strange religion.

JPT said...

The UAF are despised by the BNP and ironically by the Muslims also. They have no future one way or the other.