Thursday, 3 September 2009

The UAF / Searchlight Nightmare About to Come True

The ultimate nightmare for the UAF and Searchlight is about to come true - when the BNP amends its constitution as then the BNP and its candidates cannot be called 'Racists' anymore.

This is why the Equality Commission case is the ultimate phyrric victory, for all they will have done is remove in one stroke the entire list of labels they like to define us by.

They will no longer be able to call us racist or nazi, as the National Black Police Officers Association and the BNP will have similar definitions of memberships in both our constitutions - so if the NBPA arent a 'racist' group then the BNP cannot be called a 'racist' group.

The ONLY real weapon the enemies of Britain have against the BNP is the label 'racist' or 'nazis' that they use in their newspapers and magazines to smear us with and undermine our vote - but once the BNP amends is constitution in such a way that we no longer define our 'white only membership' on the grounds of race or skin colour then the BNP cannot be called racist anymore.

As long as the BNP have a 'white only' membership criteria for membership that is not based on race or skin colour, then we are completely legal.

The fact that only a handful of non-whites may probably wish to join the party will be irrelevant - the fact remains that the BNP as an organisation can no longer be called racist as an organisation.

If a few idiotic reds and agent provocateur non-whites joined the party and caused trouble, then as long we kicked them out for any reason other than their race or skin colour that would be 100 % legal. We can remove anyone we want from the party if they cause us problems as long as the grounds for doing so arent unlawful eg their race or skin colour.

If a few dozen reds or agent provocateurs joined the party then we will have amended the constitution in such a way as to ensure they have to have, for example, 5 years continual membership before they can become full members - and that way they have to subsidise the party for five years with their donations before we kick them out for any reason we wish to kick them out for when we discover they are only in the party to cause trouble.

This amendment to our constitution also has implications for the NUS 'No Platform Policy', as the no platform policy is based on the 'fact' that the BNP is a 'racist' party, but once the constitution is amended then No Platform has come down for the BNP and we must be allowed, under the Education Acts that require all colleges and universities to respect free speech, to organise, campaign and participate in all political activities on university campuses.

This will allow us to set up outreach programmes across the country to reach disaffected youth directly.

The ban on the BNP by the Police, Trades Unions and other organisations would also have to removed and annulled, as the BNP could not any longer be classified as racist organisations by those bodies.

In one stroke we will have brought down all the walls they have erected to contain us !

Another interesting position will be that the BNP can now emphasise CULTURE as well as ethnic and indigenous rights.

This is where I would expect a lot of support and potential votes in elections from patriotic, loyal Non-white British citizens, such as those who have served in the British Army.

The issue of defending British Culture has been sadly neglected by the BNP for a long time due to the emphasis on race and ethnicity.

By tapping into the rich vein of anger about the erosion of British culture, British values, British heritage, the underming of the British Constitution, the end of national sovereignity and erosion of British laws, British civil rights and liberties that is present in all communities - we can unlock massive public support.

If a couple of proud non-white British servicemen with their army service medals wanted to attend the RWB and talk about their experiences, or the experiences of their crack addicted, heroin addicted, beaten, shot or raped children who have suffered as a result of the governments asylum and immigration policy because they have been shipping in scum from around the world into the country and dumping them into poor white working class and poor non-white working class communities - then that would make superb propaganda for us.

If a few non-whites stood up and demanded at a BNP event the end of the Islamisation of Britain, an end to multi-culturalism, an end to mass immigration and the need to repatriate illegal immigrants, criminals and bogus asylum seekers and also about the dangers of diversity - can you imagine how the media, the white liberals and lemmings would react !

If no non-white members joined the party, and NONE chose to attend the RWB - then whats the problem !

The fact is that there will probably be a handful of sincere non-whites who would wish to join the party, and if they are prepared to join the BNP and agree with the amended version of the constitution and its emphasis on defending the rights and liberties of the Indigenous British people and defending British culture, then I cannot see that being a problem.

Those whose political interests and desire is to to protect, defend and represent the interests of the Indigenous British community will still be able to do so, whilst those in the party whose emphasis is on defending British culture will also be able too.

The fact is that as anyone who has a relative in the British Army will tell you, there are many proud, fiercely patriotic and nationalist non-whites in this country who have woken up and realised that the multi-cultural society is a complete disaster.

They came to this country in order to live in a British society with a British culture.

They have seen the erosion of British culture and British values and this replaced with the evil and pernicious multi-cultural hellhole we have today.

If they joined the BNP we could put them on our leaflets saying they are BNP members and supporters, and then when the white middle class idiots of the UAF or the white liberal idiots in the trades unions that assist Searchlight distribute their leaflets saying the BNP are 'racists', they will just look like total idiots to the public.

It will be very difficult to call us racists if we have non-whites endorsing our politics and party.

The fact is that we could even go on the attack - there are NO blacks or non-whites who work for the Zionist Searchlight gang, so we can attack them as being anti-Black when they operate in our communities !

Apart from Weyman Bennett, the token leader of the UAF, there are virtually no non-whites in the UAF either.

Many nationalists are so intellectually insular that they forget one important fact ;

If Britain was an all white nation but with a non-British culture then our country and people would be destroyed.

A degenerate culture spawns a degenerate people.

The role of culture in our society is rarely appreciated by nationalists, for the simple fact is that if we had an all white Britain but we had a communist, liberal or consumerist society (as we have today) then our people and would still be destroyed.

In order for us to save our people we must organise as a people and also replace the present cultural poisons that contaminate our nation, society and people.

A degenerate culture spawns a degenerate people.

The issue for nationalists has never just been about race or ethnicity, it has always been about culture as well - as the culture of a nation moulds the people.

Therefore a continuum of interests exists between the indigenous British people and naturalised British citizens who are patriots and who want to defend British culture.

They like us do not want to see an Islamified Britain, a Britain which is controlled by global corporations that peddle filth and perversity to our people, they dont want to live in a Britain where Christianity has been replaced with Sharia Law and honour killings, they dont want their kids shot with guns imported into the UK by WHITE Albanian and Russian gangsters, they dont want their kids on heroin imported into the UK by Islamist gangsters, they dont want their kids smoking crack sold to them by bogus asylum seeker and criminal gangs from the Third World, they dont want British culture replaced by American Bling culture and its worship of money and murder, they dont want to see Britain ruled by the EU and forced to accept in millions of asylum seekers from the Third World who import in AIDS and tuberculosis, they dont want their kids taught at primary school the joys and delights of anal sex, they dont want their teenage 12 year old daughters given the pill by white liberal doctors and trendy white leftist teachers so they can have under age sex and get sexual diseases and they dont want Britain to become a nation where British culture is something stuffed inside dusty glass boxes in museums.

They want to live in a Britain with a British culture and powerful British identity - which is the very reason they came to the country in the first place.

They dont want to live in britain where the 'human rights' of Islamist terrorists take precedence over the rights of ordinary people to live in safety on our streets. They dont want to see Britain allowing the Islamists to demonstrate on British streets and spit at British soldiers on a parade after returning from wars.

They understand that the white liberals and the professional race relations agitators who are extremist ethnic minority leftists, and the evil ideology of multi-culturalism itself, are the enemies of all that Britain stands for.

In fact non-whites are more militant than most liberal brain damaged whites about immigration - they demand an end to mass immigration as they know that if it continues there will one day be a civil war, and they dont want their kids dragged into it.

Whilst most whites in this country have become so cowed by the endless screams of 'racist' at them that they have become 'liberals by default' through their apathy, silence and cowardice - the non-whites of this country have never experienced that level of brainwashing and conditioning.

Whilst whites have become gutless arse lickers of the liberal elite, the non-whites in the UK are not afraid to speak out on the issue of immigration.

Recent documentaries and polls have revealed that non-whites are as worried, or more worried, about immigration than many whites are.

This decision by the Equality Commission to attack the BNP is the most stupid thing they could ever have done, for by so doing they have destroyed the only real power they ever had to utilise against us.

The race relations acts do not prevent whites from forming their own white only groups, all they have to do is ensure they are not dim enough to make them membership associations, as any membership assocation over 25 people comes under the race relations acts.

All they need to do is have a small committee of ten people as main organisers of these groups and then collect e mails and phone numbers of people who wish to attend events, meetings, rock gigs, festivals etc etc.

Instead of breaking the law, we have to evolve to out think the law.

The last thing the government and the liberal elite want us to do is think.

As long as we are 'haters' then we are not a threat, as hate is an emotion that cloouds judgement.

The glory of the white race is its ability for rational thought, and this is what has taken us to the moon, developed the technologies of modern civilisation and the wonders of Western Civilisation.

The thing the liberal elite fears most is that we start to out think them.

The BNP is the only MAINSTREAM Nationalist political party in Europe to have a membership policy that is illegal, even the Front National, the Vlaams Belang and other mainstream European political parties all have non-white members.

When a political party goes mainstream, as the BNP has, then it can no longer pretend it can ignore the law.

If were a tiny political cult on the margins of society with no council seats or any political representation - like the National Front - then we could do as we want and not be bothered by the equality commission.

The BNP are now major players in the premier league of both British, EU and international politics, unlike the NF who are still playing in the sunday league.

As a major player in the premier league of politics, we have to play by the rules of the game or else we get kicked off of the field itself.

The National Front has not been taken to court as they are a political irrelevance.

If the National Front suddenly started winning council seats and european seats then they would find themselves in court like the BNP.

The NF may try and say 'we would spend all our millions of pounds of funds and members fees on fighting this case if they came for us' when in fact their membership fees income wouldnt pay the legal fees to get advice from a QC or barrister before even fighting the case.

The NF, if it attacks the BNP on this issue, needs to reveal publically what all its money reserves are and what its yearly income is - and if it is less than half a million pounds to fight a similar case then they are talking out of their arse.

The fact is that the NF wouldnt have the money to fight this case.

They are lucky in regard to the fact that they are a political failure, as that way they remain off the political radar and will be left alone.

No doubt some of the more hypocritical leaders of the NF, like Eddy 'Ready Steady Cook' Morrisson will try and get the more extremist BNP members to join the NF and no doubt a few will go - and if they want to waste their time, money and energy on posture politics with an insignificant political cult on the margins of society, then they are free to do so. If the Nazi Saluters and golliwog burners want to join the NF then they are free to do so.

That means we get on with the real job of getting into power.

We can then get on with the real work of getting into Parliament and changing the laws.

All true Revolutionary Nationalists realise that it is not how we get into power that matters, it is what we do when we get into power.

We have to abide by the laws our enemies enact, until we are in power and we can annul them and pass our own laws that benefit us.

We already have to abide by existing laws on political donations, registration of political parties, what we can put on our leaflets, what we can say at meetings etc etc - so why is it some people think we can simply ignore the laws that exist around membership associations under the Race Relations Act !

The Nationalist Revolution begins in Parliament, but in order to get into Parliament we have to play the political game whose rules are defined by our enemies.

If we do not play the game we get kicked off the field - and if we are no longer able to operate and function as a political party then we cannot get into Parliament to save our people, culture and nation.

The Nationalist Revolutionary understands the nature of the society they are forced to live in, and they evolve and adapt in order to ensure their survival of themselves, the political movement they support and the political party they support.

The SOLE aim of us being involved in the political process is to get into power, as only then can we enact the Nationalist Revolution that will save our people, culture and society.

Onwards and Upwards !

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Ben said...

that LJB said: "As long as the BNP have a 'white only' membership criteria for membership that is not based on race or skin colour, then we are completely legal."

"The fact that only a handful of non-whites may probably wish to join the party will be irrelevant - the fact remains that the BNP as an organisation can no longer be called racist as an organisation."

A whites only membership policy that allows in non-whites? How to prevent Operation Black Vote and the rest?

Defender of Liberty said...

Thats the way the law operates, it doesnt make any logical sense as it is designed to undermine our rights as a community.

If those from operation black vote wanted to join then thats fine - let them fund us for five years as associate members and then we kick them out when they cause problems in the future.

Thats five years worth of dosh we get from them in the meantime.

I suggest we change the membership rules to say that all existing members, and ex-members, retain their rights as they have right now.

But all new members once we amend the constitution remain as associate members for five years and only then get full membership rights - as that will apply to all members of all races then that is 100 % lawful.

If they cause any problems for us in those five years of associate membership they get kicked out.

Defender of Liberty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Defender of Liberty said...

Just to let people know I am not going to post up comments about ;

1) John Tyndall - he is dead and therefore the ideology he espused is an irrelevance to where we need to go as a political party in todays world and in relation to the requirements of contemporary politics.

2) comments that are obviously from the nazi fringe - if you want to be in a nazi group, then form your own one. Dont confuse your brand of historical hero worship with contemporary politics. We want to get into power. If you want to have a cult then form one, but dont confuse that with politics.

3) Comments that are simply from people in denial about the reality we face.

If I get a comment from someone who will donate half a million pounds to the party to fight the case, and they actually donate that money and I can confirm it has been donated to the party, then I will post all their comments critiquing what we need to do to save the party.

Those who talk the talk but dont walk the walk and who want the party to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds of members and donors money fighting an unwinnable case will not have their comments posted.

Only those who are prepared to put THEIR money where their mouth is are entitled to tell me and the party what to do with members and donors money.

Money talks, bullshit walks.



Anonymous said...

Now I understand the new BNP `lifetime mebership deal` sign up the hardcore before we sell them out and they leave deal.

May as well join UKIP!

Defender of Liberty said...

Join UKIP then.

Thats the great thing about having choices.

You can either evolve with the party or leave it.

I am sure that UKIP would love to have you in their party with your opinions.

How wonderful it is to see so many hypocrites so willing to waste so much of other peoples money on fighting a case we cannot win just because they cant face reality.

I tell you waht why dont you contact Tyndallite on Stormfront and you can form one of his little 'cabal' type secret squirrel groups that he keeps banging on about. You can all have a secret decoder ring, write to each other in invisible ink and concoct as many cunning plans as you want - whilst we get on with getting the BNP into power.

Theres the door.

Make sure you close it on your way out.

The NF are waiting for you to join.

You can play 'Fantasy Politics' all you like with them secure in the knowledge that you never have to experience the problems of living in the real world of politics.

Tom 'Sadie and Matt would never ever steal the membership list and leak it on the internet' Linden will even send you a membership application form if you PM him on stormfront.

Defender of Liberty said...

Tom 'Matt and Sadie never leaked the membership list, griffin did it' Linden thinks the NF and the BNP should de-register as political parties and then stand as independents.

So the 'cunning plan' of Candiate and Tyndallite on Stormfront is that the BNP and NF voluntarily close themselves down and thereby do what over 30 years of red violence, intimidation and threats could never do - which is hand total victory to Gerry Gable and all our enemies on a plate by ending the political struggle for British nationalism.

And they say we are 'surrendering' to the equality commission.

With 'friends' like that we dont need enemies.

Defender of Liberty said...

I suggest that all those who have thrown their slightly singed golliwogs out of their prams because they dont like the fact the BNP has to evolve and accept its responsibilities as a mainstream political party as opposed to it becoming a banned organisation, either face reality or avoid it by joining the NF.

The BNP do real politics as opposed to 'fantasy politics'.

Defender of Liberty said...

Chances of the BNP imploding = NIL.

Thats because those who dont want to face reality can always leave and join the NF.

Sure we will lose a few people, mainly keyboard warriors and nazi nostalgics.

But our loss is the NF's 'gain' isnt it.

Durotrigan said...

Lee, I think that your characterisation of the CEHR victory as a Pyrrhic one is spot on. It will now be the case that professionals such as myself who work in the public sector will be able to join the BNP without being vilified and denied our livelihoods. We will be able to lend you the financial support and, more importantly, the public activism and endorsement which will help to secure the Party a more mainstream and acceptable image.

The Party's membership should therefore swell with nationalists who have hitherto been denied a real chance of helping to reverse the multicultural tide. The CEHR will therefore have unwittingly strengthened the BNP greatly, allowing it the prospect of real political power in the years to come. However, as many have commented, the BNP will need to ensure by one means or another that it is not undermined by mass leftist entryism.

Andraste said...

Anyone that makes stupid statements about joining UKIP now has never been a true nationalist, therefore it's good to separate the wheat from the chaff and I say good riddance.

ExpatNorge said...

The true nationalists will remain and man the pumps as the rats scurry to jump off the "sinking ship", the laughs will be on them though, as they're left stranded up shit creek without paddles !!

Once the dead weight has gone, the ship will be able to stay afloat, albeit a bit lower in the water, but a ship low in the water rides the storms better, and lives to sail another day.