Sunday 20 September 2009

Why 'Islam' is not the Problem.

We have to get past the simplistic 'blame Islam' mindset, because as I will explain below, Islam is not the problem.

First of all there is no 'one Islam'.

Islam is a combination of various sects that are about as fond of each other as Loyalist Ulster Christian Protestants are fond of Catholic Christian Irish Republicans.

Though these many sects are all Islamic, they have historically slaughtered more of each other than non-muslims have slaughtered muslims.

The Islamists in each sect of Islam hate each other more than they hate the Kuffar.

Therefore to see Islam as a cohesive monolithic entity is wrong, in fact and effect.

Today more muslims are being killed by their fellow muslims around the world than any non-muslims.

The treatement of the displaced Muslim Palestinians at the hands of their fellow Muslims since they left Israel is evidence of the hostility for muslims by muslims.

The day that the Church of England and the Protestant Churches all bow down to the Pope and obey the authority of the Catholic Church and form one united Christian Church, is the day I will believe that Shiite's and Sunni's, Wahhabists and Deobandi's will unite to form one Islam.

The problem for the West therefore is not 'islam' - the problem for the West is defined by four primary issues ;

1) Liberalism which surrenders our freedoms and civil rights to the Islamists in the name of political correctness

2) Leftism which attacks Nationalism, the only defence mechanism against Islamism, on the streets and in the trades unions

3) Islamism and Islamists - the radical Islamist nutters who have been allowed to agitate and demand the removal of our rights such as free speech, and whose demands have been granted by the Liberals and Leftists

4) The Corporate Media whose mental grip on the minds of the population ensures that Nationalist parties are unable to take power due to the constant propaganda pumped out to the masses attacking nationalist parties in order to ensure the puppet political parties of the corporations that own the media are perpetually elected into power to serve the interests of the corporations.

If the Liberals and the Leftists were not in power then the demands of the Islamists would never be granted.

It is the INNER ENEMY of our own people that is the true 'hidden hand' of the Islamists for they are the ones who surrender our rights and liberties to the Islamists.

Without the TREASON of the inner enemy, then the Islamists would simply be a bunch of noisy nutcases on the margins of society, instead of them being able to demand the majority surrender their rights to minorities.

Even the majority of Muslims despise the Islamist head choppers, wife burners and daughter honour killing morons who use the name of Islam to disguise their crimes and evil - for they realise that whenever the Islamists take power that after they have killed the jews, hung the homosexuals, shot the nationalists and communists, forced the Christians to pay Dhimmitude taxes such the Jizya - then they start slaughtering all those 'apostate' Muslims who dont follow the same nutty religious rules of the Sharia lunatics.

Moderate Muslims dont want the extremist head choppers in charge of Britain or their communities and mosques, and the moderate Muslims realise that the white, liberal, politically correct scumbags that genuflect and abase themselves before the every demand of the Islamists are as much a danger to them and their families as the Islamists are.

No liberals = no Islamists.

The Islamist parasites feed upon the treason of the White Liberal surrender monkeys.

The moment we talk about 'Islam' as being the issue then the REAL ENEMY, mainly white simpering liberal arseholes in the grip of the psychosis called political correctness, start screaming 'Islamphobia'.

At the first mention of this word the masses run and hide, for Islamaphobia has become ranked alongside 'racist', 'homophobe' and 'anti-semite' as one of the BUZZ WORDS which are designed to destroy a debate stone dead.

As soon as someone mentions the word 'racism' or 'Islamaphobia' then the masses scuttle away and hide, and this conditioning has been undertaken by the corporate media in order to ensure the masses do not vote for nationalist parties who they do not have in their pockets.

Therefore we must be cleverer than the media.

Instead of mentioning Islam, we talk about why it is liberals and leftists are surrendering our rights and freedoms to the Islamists.

Instead of talking about Islam, we talk about Islamists, Liberals and leftists and the corporate media.

Remember that Islam is not the issue, as I have stated above, because if the liberals did not continuously surrender our rights and freedoms to the ISLAMISTS then we would have no problem with 'Islam'.

The Islamists have been allowed to grow in our society because of liberalism and political correctness - and therefore in order to deal with the Islamists WE MUST ERADICATE LIBERALISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS THAT HAS ALLOWED THE ISLAMISTS TO BECOME A PROBLEM AND THAT ENSURES WE CANNOT DEFEND OURSELVES AND OUR SOCIETY FROM THE ISLAMISTS.

Islamism is a symptom of the disease - the disease is primarily liberalism, a cult of mainly white, middle class morons infected with the social sepsis of political correctness, and before we can deal with the Islamists we must eradicate and remove the disease of political correctness that weakens and poisons ours people, nation and society.

It is the INNER ENEMY that are the real enemy, not the Islamists who use our weakness to attack us, just as a bacterial infection grows in a self inflicted wound.

In a strong, nationalist society then the Islamists would not be a problem - they would either be deported or dead.

Those Islamists that agitate and demand a Sharia Law system be imposed in Britain would be deported.

Those that were convicted terrorists, funders or supporters of Islamist terrorism would be hung after trial.

Therefore Islamism would not be a problem for our society, and not just our people but most ordinary, moderate Muslims would breathe a sigh of relief the moment the boats filled with Islamists were escorted by the Royal Navy out of British territorial waters and the convicted terrorist Islamists were dangling from ropes outside many British prisons.

We must stop talking about Islam being the problem, and start talking about Islamists, liberalism and political correctness as being the problem.

If we did this then the public would be 100 % in support of what we are saying, and even moderate Muslims would applaud our stance on this issue.

For far too long we have fallen into the trap prepared for us by talking about Islam, now we must play the game in order to win.

First we must deal with the liberals and political correctness before we can deal with the Islamists.

It is the INNER ENEMY that must be targeted, and that inner enemy is not Islam.

That inner enemy are our people, the white, British, cringing, pathetic politically correct liberals who are serving the interests of the Islamists and who surrender our rights and freedoms to the Islamists.

It is their treason that we must deal with if we as a people and a nation are to survive.

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Andraste said...

The true enemy is indeed the psychotic white liberal; the Islamist is also our enemy but as you point out their threat would be nullified completely with the destruction of the white liberal. Therefore the energy and focus of our attacks must be against the white liberal, who sits away from the front line, like a cowardly general, whilst committing vast hordes of Muslim soldiers against the infidels by exploiting their religious zeal, both tacitly and directly, for their own ends. Thus it is the white liberal who has exploited the Muslim and who is most responsible for our current predicament; Islam has been used as the monolithic battering ram against West by the liberals in an attempt to smash the national states of Europe, and this relationship has until recently been of mutual benefit to both factions: A pact against the traditional West by the white liberal and the Islamists in order to annihilate the European identities defined by nations.

However, the time has come, and Choudry recently openly stated it, that the Islamists no longer require the alliance with the liberals because he believes they are now sufficiently strong to advance their cause on their own. This makes the Marxist liberals very vulnerable, we must now capitalise on this situation and expose the fundamental contradiction of liberals allied with Islamists, and this is very easily achieved. For example a visit to the UAF website quickly reveals their inherent vulnerability and what is conspicuous by its absence is what the UAF actually stands for, they have no declaration of beliefs or values other than the vacuous and meaningless statement that they are “against fascism”. Whilst such trite statements appeal to the braindead white moron who does not require substantive qualification of anything that states itself is “against fascism”; however, the total absence of the UAFs declared intentions reveals all. The UAF do not make known their core beliefs because this would at once cause their Islamist allies to not only desert them but moreover the Islamist would immediately identify the UAF as a mortal enemy.

The UAF stands for:

· Gay, lesbian and transgender rights
· Atheism
· Communism
· Anarchy

We need to expose what the UAF stand for so that the Islamists separate from them.

odin said...

Exactly Lee why don't they all see this!
I always say Islam is is symptom of this Government not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

One problem with your piece Lee is that it ignores the changing demographics, until you address that issue as part of the problem then you really have not addressed the problem at all.

Numbers are a primary driving factor, yes this addressed by the BNP but ignored by your article.

Their is no nationalist goverment with the continued deliberate changing demographics, this has to be highlighted long before it is too late, far more so than how you propose to deal with what you claim are the fringes.

Andraste said...

Anonymous said...

"One problem with your piece Lee is that it ignores the changing demographics, until you address that issue as part of the problem then you really have not addressed the problem at all."

I think the position that Lee was advancing is that to be directing all our energies at the Islamists is wrong, we need to shift the locus of our attention on the white liberals and sustain our propaganda war against them. Otherwise if we only focus on the battle with the Islamist we get bogged down in trench warfare and can't fight those who are really directing the war.

Defender of Liberty said...

The demographics problem is a symptom, yet again, of liberalism.

The liberals let them in, not nationalists.

The liberals prevent nationalists deporting the colonists and the Islamists.

The liberals will not execute the terrorists.

The liberals will not stop sharia law.

The liberals will not stop mass immigration into the UK.

The issue of demographics is not mentioned as it is irrelevant to what the article is about, which is a tactical template to win public debates and not alienate the masses whilst doing so.

The issue of demographics is once again a symptom of liberalism, as liberalism promotes abortion for the indigenous british and rewards large families for Muslims.

The whole series of our social problems derives from Liberalism.

Anonymous said...

"The demographics problem is a symptom, yet again, of liberalism"

A) wrong, It is no longer a sympton and looking back at the past looking to point fingers and aim the blame for past wrongs doings does not address the problem, you are ignoring what is `NOW` the disease or a parallel.

Liberalism could step out of the picture tomorrow and the so called symptons would NOT dissapear, proving that is no longer a sympton but much more and a main driving force.

Abortion is a red herring, it is not abortion that is largely
changing the demographics but economic pressure, as much a product of capitalism, globalism and corporatism than any other ism.

Hardly Liberalism - nothing more than a syptom of propaganda in a media age.

large families are a pressure the islamists are prepared to endure, due to their culture and driven on once seeing where the change leads them - domination.

The original source as you point out is the corporate media/
international bankers

- they are the driving force behind this so called Liberalism, again - Liberalism is not the disease - corporate greed and a NWO power agenda is.

If the NWO thought Nationalism would suite their ends then the media would have the public screaming for nationalism just as it did during the last world wars.

again proof that the Liberals are not the disease but just another sympton.

Demographics is beginning to overun the original disease and what the NWO response to it will be is the big question, not the Liberals or some other `populist` political fashion.

To ignore Demographics as pass it off as simply a sympton at this late stage is ignorant.

Anonymous said...

"I think the position that Lee was advancing"

Lee, as you can see Andraste is capable of making his own response, your patronising and sycophantic efforts are nothing but clutter.

Andraste said...

Anonymous said...

"Liberalism could step out of the picture tomorrow and the so called symptons would NOT dissapear, proving that is no longer a sympton but much more and a main driving force."

No, the impetus for all destruction that is occuring is from the insane white liberal Marxists who infest all levels of the establishment, remove them and you totally derail all machinations intent on destruction of our people, our cultures and traditions.

"If the NWO thought Nationalism would suite their ends then the media would have the public screaming for nationalism just as it did during the last world wars."

Yes, thats correct, but now they have moved into the "end game" where nations and nationalism are to be eradicated in order to create the global one-world system. Therefore your historical comparison is only half correct; we are in a different time, the old dynamics (as valid as they are for analysis of current trends) do not necessarily precipate all that is now.

"Demographics is beginning to overun the original disease and what the NWO response to it will be is the big question, not the Liberals or some other `populist` political fashion."

No-one is ignoring demographics. The objecrive is to simply ensure proper perspective is given to the situation. by destroying the white liberal agenda we kill the monster. This is where our efforts must be directed.

Defender of Liberty said...

Here we go again.

Yes, demographics is a symptom of liberalism. That is obvious. I said so.

Yes, liberalism is a manifestation of the global corporations, as liberalism is pimped by the media to the masses. I said so.

No, liberalism wont leave the picture. Liberalism is what is, what you think will be is irrelevant.

Therefore liberalism is the problem today, yesterday and the forseeable future - as it works as a mechanism for the global corporations that peddle it to the masses as a methodology to dilute nationalism and ethnic groups via mass immigration, miscegination, abortion and the importation of alien religions.

Liberalism is a disease, it is a disease of the mind, a new religion for atheists to abase themselves before.

Abortion is having a massive effect on demographics - 6 million abortions since 1967 is vast.

That is a vast effect on the nation - to dismiss that 1 in 10 of the UK population have been aborted since 1967 is absurd.

Thats more than world war 1 and 2 added together.

To compare the British elite who ran the UK before WW2 with the globalist elites who run the Uk today is utter nonsense, try reading Carol Quigley and about the Anglo-Saxon Hegemony of Cecil Rhodes and his Round Tables and how after the war this was destroyed and replaced by the US empire.

Britain and the US ran the world before world war 2, after world war 2 we were nothing.

The world elite now are not the same world elite in WW2 - as Tragedy and Hope by Quigley revealed.

Stop masking your facile analysis in florid language, make the point succinctly and clearly and stop obfuscating with boring tendentious rhetoric.

Argue on what has been and what is - not on your own projections that bear no basis in reality.

Ben said...

Tactically both the Islamist and the liberal message will be used at different times and for different purposes. This is purely a short term debating tactic.

But demographics is NOT irrelevant, it is the core issue is it not?

If you are promoting the good / bad muslim message, colonialist vs. British citizen to the general public and not making an argument for us as a people then what foundations do you have to stand on when you get to some assumed form of power?

Yes people might not be scared away by the name calling of 'waycist'and many might join on the basis of the 'new politics'but what then, they aren't racial nationalists, they haven't been convinced, nor has Joe Public.

If Nick went onto Question Time and said that the political class looks to make it immoral (and perhaps before too long illegal)to advance the interest of the indigenous population by tarnishing it with the stigma of the word racist which is a lazy and dishonest argument for those that use it and a cowards way out for those that believe it then that might stick. If all is sophistry to get temporary psephological advantage then it seems like a house built on sand.

Make an argument well and when you increasingly get a place at the electoral table you have the opportunity to hammer it home and refine and expand it.

Seventy years ago most people openly agreed with the racial angle. Most opinion polls say much of the public still holds ethnic orientated opinions. It's just the stigma that prevents them admitting it openly and you don't banish the stigma by these methods. In my opinion at least..

Anonymous said...

"Defender of Liberty said...
Here we go again."

A) indeed!

"Yes, demographics is a symptom of liberalism. That is obvious. I said so."

A) No you said liberalism is the disease, when it is a symptom, you are mixing the two. they are not the same thing, one is cause the other is effect, while the other may be an initial cause it is no longer relevant once demographics reach a tipping point, that tipping point is on course liberalism or not.

"Yes, liberalism is a manifestation of the global corporations, as liberalism is pimped by the media to the masses. I said so."

A) indeed you did, on this I agree, I said so.

"No, liberalism wont leave the picture. Liberalism is what is, what you think will be is irrelevant."

A) First your post is an ironic contradiction - read it through! Liberalism may well leave the picture as demographics will on current trends get so out of control that the people who peddle Liberalism (globalists) may seek other means to control what could otherwise be a power problem for them!

Liberalism may help in the destruction of nations but once the nations are broken, then liberalism may not be the most efficiant form of propaganda and productivity. Ethno liberalism, perhaps, however a cast like system is just as probable.

On top of this how will the globalists be able to continue to peddle liberalism to people who reject the wests ways and Liberalism in general with a majority islamic demographic which is fast reaching it's tipping point - until it reaches the tipping point at which time the NWO will risk losing all power?
or will Liberalsim as we know it be destroyed before that time?

"Therefore liberalism is the problem today, yesterday and the forseeable future - as it works as a mechanism for the global corporations that peddle it to the masses as a methodology to dilute nationalism and ethnic groups via mass immigration, miscegination, abortion and the importation of alien religions."

A) Indeed it does but again you are not addressing the core issue - demographics - see above answer.

"Liberalism is a disease, it is a disease of the mind, a new religion for atheists to abase themselves before."

A) No it is a programmed populist ideology, induced through propaganda and threats by the corporates through the state and media, it has to be constantly reinforced as it is opposed to nature. If the media turned off the Liberal tap and anti free speech laws were squashed then the symptoms would dissapear even faster than they arrived in popular culture, however I believe the demographics would continue much as they are.

Anonymous said...


"Abortion is having a massive effect on demographics - 6 million abortions since 1967 is vast.

That is a vast effect on the nation - to dismiss that 1 in 10 of the UK population have been aborted since 1967 is absurd."

A) I agree it has had an effect but not all of which is negative and not I believe nearly as much as economic factors. How many millions more have ended up in a condom due to economic factors - 50-60 million? Also many of the pregnancies aborted are due to liberal free sex, if liberalism was squashed then so too would many of the pregnancies to begin with!

"Argue on what has been and what is - not on your own projections that bear no basis in reality."

A) My whole point is based on demographics and the impact of changing demographics on the nature of Islam, totally ignored by you yet - Nick Griffin, Arthur kemp, the MOD and demographic experts acknowledge these changing demographics and warn of the future impact based on current trends which is why the BNP have policies to counter this issue and go to great lengths to highlight it.

There are also studies to show how extremism is influenced by changing demographics which rather makes a mockery of your whole article which as i pointed out at the start ignored the critical issue of demographics which directly effects the points you raise.

Making your whole post just a pointless narrow rant at pre-programmed Liberals(sympton) with it's only saving grace - a hat tip to the corporate media, guided not by Liberalism but greed and power.

It is you that assumes Liberalism as we know it, will be the dominant driving force in the forseeable future - kettle/pot?

Personally I can try and look beyond the destruction of the nations which is where your forseeable future ends!

Anonymous said...

OK bit of a ramble, but i will try and illustrait a possible end to liberlism as we know it.

Post WW2 and how different the controllers were, while i would agree the NWO had less social policy influence, they still had huge influence within the banking/financial/political/media systems pre war, post war the power center does appear to shift ever more to the states and to ever more subversive control than outright overt national imperialist control.

I believe this was due to the fact that Britain had become `little brother` and the concentration of power for the NWO would now focus on the US and more on corporate power.

Why buy a book when you can borrow it?

In other words why have expensive resouces like armies etc in far of lands that keep resisting when all you need do is back the warlord or buy off the politicians from both sides of the `democracy` or otherwise and all the natural wealth and resources will flow direct to you anyway!

Though how much influence the `British` elites of the NWO have in that power system is unclear and it may not have deminished for them personally, one bit.

While the British people were taxed and overstretched.

Controlling and destabilising countries through corporations, corruption and backing war lords, rather than armies and national imperialism, this time it was corporate imperialsim and corruption that would lead the way.

The Fed ex reserve, the Rotschilds etc - all pre war, all manipulating way back when.

They were pre war more interested in finance and less in direct world social level totalitarianism, they even said as much themselfs!

As long as they controlled the wealth they cared not for the laws or left, right, liberal, authoritarian ideology of the land.

The state controlled by the bankers even resisted and had purges post war of both home grown communism and liberalism, people who today would be considered their hero's! anti war demonstraiters at the time were considered the Liberals the state wished to destroy.

The state was not fond of the long hairs or their hippy Franfurt school liberal ideology.

Anonymous said...


It was not until later that the state realised that the Franfurt school of neo communist subversion PC Liberalism could - once the cold war had ended(for now) be of use to to their advantage, especially in nation wreaking and the break down of current society could be beneficial - at least for a period.

One such benefit to the corporates/bankers of the franfurt school was Feminism, this was a dream come true to the international bankers, more productive people, lower wages, higher mortages and and the state gets greater influence in the schools.

However birth rates drop, as people don't want to lose their std of living and no one is there to look after the children they would otherwise produce.

on top of this divorce rockets and the family unit is broken, at this point people will believe anything the NWO controlled mass media with sophistcated marketing tell them.

and the message is that the country needs immigrants as the people are not reproducing, this has the double effect of undermining national indentity, and the NWO post WW2 and aparently US based moves up a notch in totalitarian social control and it's imperialist agenda starts to take on a more national imperialist angle which was just a glimmer in the eyes of the NWO after the collapsp of the British empire.

Most of the NWO structures etc had been to keep the communists in check so they maintained their wealth, but now it moved up into realistic dreams of world goverment - with the help of so called `liberalist` propaganda and oppression.

Showing that Liberalism was just a tool, not an ingrained NWO ideology and that it comes and goes depending on the situation. when that tool outlives it's purpose - I believe at the point of total domination. it will most likely be replaced with something far less `liberal` as before.

while the pros of liberalism for the NWO is the destruction of nations, a mad society where people will follow anything the media tell them, it has some negative flipsides for the NWO -

Liberalism is expensive, miriads of social workers etc, an unproductive society, social unrest.

Once power is gained and the nation dissolved I believe Liberalism as we know it is dead.

Instead the emphisis will be a police state with ultra emphisis on productivity, zero emphisis on care and compassion and zero tolerance or special rights for certain groups, no more unions, no more public sectore cusshy jobs.

It will be a simple case of play the game our way for as little as possible or it's gulag time.

Defender of Liberty said...

Liberalism is a mental illness, a mental disease, and demographics a symptom of that disease, is that really hard too understand ?

The disease is promulgated via the globalist corporate media as it suits their agenda which is to undermine nationalism, is that so hard to understand ?

If we want to add in absurdities lets include sperm shed by wanking and eggs lost via periods. We dont, as we are not nutters. Abortion is a reality, a real statistic.

The moment the liberal propaganda was stopped, nationalism would resurface - and please dont tell me that a nationalist mass movement would still endorse liberalism ! You contradict yourself in that you say liberalism is not 'natural' and then say that when the artifical forces that keep liberalism in power are removed, that nationalism, a natural ideology, would not re-appear and wipe away the toxins of liberalism from our nations.

Arthur Kemp and others have pointed out the symptom, Islamic demographics, they have not pointed out that liberalism is the issue.

Did these Islamic colonists and British citizens suddenly appear in a puff of smoke in the UK ? No -they were allowed to enter by political parties and governments infected with liberalism and liberal immigration policies.

Liberalism let them in, after infecting all sections of british politics, right and left, and tranforming them from nationalist political parties into the conservaties who support global free market capitalism and labour who support global open borders leftism.

The demographics issue is a product of liberalism !

And as for demographics and extremism - total straw man argument. Extremism flourishes under liberalism, as it has in this country. Therefore liberalism breeds extremism, not demographics. Demographics is a symptopm of liberalism, and extremism is another symptom of the same disease.

As for the future, liberalism is indeed a phase in the process of demographic change as by changing demographics, liberalism and also the leftist and capitalist globalists and corporations will usher in the final stage of the death age of liberalism - but it wont be a politically correct police state.

The final stage in the breakdown of globalism, which is powered by capitalist economics, will be Islamo-Capitalism.

Who owns the last oil will be able to buy the world, as once the oil, begins to run out then the political elites of all nations will surrender more and more of our nations, rights and democracy to the Islamists in the middle east who own the oil - and they will demand not just our wealth but our lands and our liberty and our political elite will be so desperate to stay in power they will sell them everything they demand so as to keep the masses pacified with consumerist trinkets and toys.

They will conquer the west via capitalism and demographics unless liberalism, of both left wing and right wing guises, are destroyed.

The liberal gatekeepers who hold the gates open and allow them in to our nation must be removed, as well as the liberal capitalists who want them in as cheap labour and who will be prepared to sell everything we own to keep themselves in power.


There is no left and right anymore - there is NATIONALISM and there is liberalism, for liberalism has infected both left and right and transformed what were once nationalist political parties and ideologies of labour and tories into manifestations of liberalism itself.

Whoever we vote for - liberalism and political correctness rules.

Therefore the solution is to vote nationalism in order to remove left wing and right wing liberalism.

Ben said...

Yes, you have to fight against the broad ideology of liberalism (a bastardisation of an English political philosophy that had some good points when secure in our own homeland).

But liberal (or more truly egalitarian internationalism) sentiments will always be with us. Thought experiment: If the BNP gained power in the next election it won’t be the ‘end of history’, game over for that ideology will it? Not unless we are taking North Korea as our political model. And outside of the UK the vast majority of nations will be lined up by their political elites against us. If you gain power you have to have an attractive and agreed mandate and that mandate can’t be 1/10 out of the water and 9/10 unseen.

A core argument is an argument for something, not against something. One that confers legitimacy and makes others outside the UK think twice about applying sanctions because of sympathy in their domestic populations.

The best way to get there is reason and yes with a little cunning and occasional political manoeuvring. I can’t believe the way to do that is to form your arguments out of older morsels in the liberals pantheon (assimilation vs the non assimilated etc, people are individuals - good muslims, bad Islamists).

If you slay the dragon (unthinkable that it would be such a nakedly visible assumption even ten years ago) that it is racist to think as an ethnic group (giving due respect and fair mindedness to others) then all else follows. As you yourself (I think) argued a week or two ago : teach people to feel like white Britons and they might start to act like it.

France is trying to keep to their core principles of liberté, égalité, fraternité: a secular state, banning the veil etc but it doesn’t seem to be working so well for them.

Uphold the rights of free born Britons and our political and historical legacy and from there attack those ideologies that threaten that base camp.

Adrian P said...

Genocide and the Deliberate Destruction of Great Britain

zoomraker said...

The liberals are like the traitors inside the city who open the gate to the besieging army.

Initially the traitors are the most dangerous enemy but once that gate is open...

Ben said...

Amusing side note on 'Islamists':

Anonymous said...

Correct that there are widely divergent views among Muslims, many really do believe the "religion of peace" notion. But Islam IS the problem. See
and the leaflet to print out and distribute: