Monday 11 April 2011

Cameron and the Blacks

The very fact Cameron made an issue of the numbers of 'black' students ( a racist statement that relegates individuals to their most basis feature - their skin tone - and at the same time dehumanises them to a 'racial category' not an individual) shows us that Cameron wants to perpetuate political correctness in society.

Should universities recruit idiots of all colours in order to appease liberals ?

Should the stupid be allowed to go to Oxford simply as they are poor ?

Should the moronic rich be able to go to Oxford simply as they can pay for it ?


The answer is simple - the only category for admission to Oxford should be merit.

We need a meritocracy in this country, not a perpetuation of class privilege or its twin sister political correctness with its new PC privileged classes.

Oxford should be prohibited from giving people places on the basis of race, class or wealth.

Once the individual is interviewed and given a place, if they are poor then get the university to give them a bursage / loans to cover the costs of going to Oxford.

If they are rich get them to fund their own place at the university via their parents having to pay or them asking for loans.

FFS its not rocket science is it.

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