Sunday 10 April 2011

Israel, the ADL and the Nazis

Many of the Far Right in America and Canada are agents of the system, funded and assisted by the federal government.

They are infiltrated and subverted by state sponsored agents, such as the NPD in Germany was and in the UK the NF and British Movement were by state agents like Ray Hill, and the 'extremists' are used to alienate the movement from public support and create a 'problem-reaction' paradigm where the system can pass ever more laws to restrict free speech.

The AL Qaeda CIA puppets are also tools of the system allowing the US to expand its Empire by creating a 'Problem-Reaction' aradigm where terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda destablise nations like Afghanistan and Libya and allow the US to bomb, invade and take them over.

Alex Jones on Israel, state agents and extremism as a tool for the system ;

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Good video. I saw that earlier.