Sunday 3 April 2011

Paul Morris - The Welsh Wart

Yet again the Green Maggot uses his site to attack real nationalists, as opposed to inept, idle, thick mugs like himself who think simply peddling crap on a crap website on a day to day basis = doing something useful for nationalism.

I regard Morris as a wart on nationalism, an ugly little parasite that needs removing from the nationalist movement.

Morris and his handful of moronic sock puppets that support him are the dregs of nationalism, the pond slime of a pathetic political dead end.

According to Morris if all the problems in Britain and British Nationalism arent exclusively the fault of the 'Jews', then its the fault of all those who have seen through Morris's facade of pseudo-nationalist bullshit.

Anyone who reveals what Morris is, is then attacked by Morris on his pathetic website.

The question is - is he just a pathetic crank or the inner enemy as many people suspect him of being ?

I couldnt care less what the useless, pathetic drunk says about me, its water off a ducks back.

But his agenda over recent weeks and months has been clear - he promotes the dregs of nationalism as a way to undermine nationalism.

John Savage and Gary Marshall - who are total political non-entities who have never done a single thing for nationalism except use the movement simply as a way to self promote themselves and flatter their own ego's, have been given an airing on his site.

Paul Golding and Jim Dowson are universally despised in nationalism, yet they were invited on his site to peddle their self serving bullshit.

As for yours truly it was obvious that the only reason I was invited onto his site to talk in the paytalk room was to be set up.

It was obvious that morris was trying in his utterly amateurish way to turn the interview with me into a lynching party, but unfortunately for Morris he is as thick as he is pathetic.

To be frank I thought Morris was either drunk or a cretin, or most probably a mixture of both.

I have some news for Morris and his ten sock puppets who visit his tedious little boring site, you are about to be totally eclipsed.

In the next few weeks very significant developments in nationalism are about to occur.

They will allow us to move nationalism out of the gutter with cranks like Morris and into the mainstream.

Morris and his band of subhumans that follow him like Mark Kennedy, one of the most pathetic scum ever to crawl from the sewer and into British nationalism, are a disgrace to the movement.

The fact these sock puppets and morons are congregating around Morris proves the old adage is correct and the the scum of a feather do flock together, just as flies gather around fresh dog excrement on a hot day.

I hear that Eddy Butler is now going to go on Morris's site this week - which proves yet again that Eddy will sup with the devil himself if it advances his own agenda.

The fact that Eddy has in recent weeks feted the idiot Paul Golding and even the feculent wretch Jim Dowson shows us that the frankly laughable, though laudable, Eddy Butler idea of 'nationalist unity' and the 'BNP Big Tent' is more akin to the political model of a bordello filled with diseased whores than a boardroom run by real politicians.

Any 'nationalist' that supports Golding, Morris and Dowson being allowed back into the BNP is either an idiot or a mad Machiavellian, as Golding, Morris and Dowson deserve only to be purged from the nationalist movement entirely.

If 'nationalist unity' and the 'BNP Big Tent' means rebulding the BNP with the very people that brought it down - then the phrases 'a fools errand' and 'a phyrric victory' spring rapidly to mind.

Morris and his ship of fools are the curse of nationalism.

Anyone who associates with the drunken convicted thief Morris and his pack of snarling attack slugs is a waste of space.

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Anonymous said...

lee, i believe i like you as a person from what i have read over the years, i feel however you are no different to the rest, well meaning but destructive with more than your fair share of cock ups.

we are entering the final hour and you lot behave like bald men fighting over a comb.

quite disgusting really.

Defender of Liberty said...

There is a war on for the survival of our folk, nation and culture.

Those who stand in the way of victory must be regarded as the inner enemy.

I never fired the first shot.

But I will keep on firing until I take down those who I regard as the enemy.

The lines are being drawn.

Those who stand with the enemy - are the enemy.

There can be no progress until the obstacles to progress are removed.

I did not start the war, but I will make damned sure the right people win it.

Anonymous said...

Morris is indirectly working for the enemy, he's that stupid he probably hasn't even realised it yet LOL

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Colletts interview? I noticed you didnt mention him.

Extant said...


That's the point, a true Nationalist is not interested in the individual expressions of a looser, they are only interested in the drive forward with the agenda and that agenda if you haven't noticed is Nationalism.

The like's of Paul Morris is proper gutter scum, just look at his track record it speaks absolute volumes.

He is a 62 year old man who cant even keep a relationship down.

His Wife and children has moved to Ireland to get away from him, even his children will refuse him direct contact.

He hasn't had sex with his girlfriend for over 5 years.We all know it because she tells everyone as she tries it on with them.

Sorry Angela, he is making me expose him.

Morris stole from the Nf organizer of Gwent in 1976. She invited him into her Home at her lowest point of her life,for comfort after he tricked her to confide and trust him. Then the scum stole her life savings of £400, so she couldn't even afford to bury her husband.

Also during 1976 Morris and his communist marching father robbed a post office in Blaina Gwent with a knife. They were both caught of course, because moron Commies breed moron Commies.
Morris got off with a caution because he was posted to Ireland as an IRA infiltrator and his scum commie father went to Jail for 5 years.

He is also a failed business man who never made the grade past defrauding the dhss, tax and vat office who are still perusing him relentlessly.

No one saw Morris after his theft from a poor old lonely lady and the robbing of the local village Welsh post office until 4 years ago when he started his Zionist Green Arrow attack site.

Everything that Joseph Bolinski aka Paul Morris has touched in his entire life has ended in failure; everything.

He is a 62 year old drunk that purely exists to inflict upon anyone his failings and to be quite frank, anyone who attempts to align themselves with such a fkn looser is a looser themselves.

Birds of a feather.

Morris has even drawn explicit similarities between a person luring 14 year old children to a grown mans Hotel room and his own niece, in a sexual fashion, that he says is completely plausible and acceptable .

Everything I have tried in my life I have succeeded ; everything. Some may think that's a bold or even brash statement to make, but it is the truth.

One of the simple secrets is that I have always been lucky to either align myself with the best and/or deliberately align myself with what I believe in; winners !!

When I want to succeed , I have the ability to seek out and align myself with the gifted and the talented; I then do what is easy; support then unconditionaly.

For an easy to understand explanation to the few who have forgotten, this is known as (loyalty)

Lee John Barns is the Vincent VanGogh of Nationalism and if you are unable to see it, you are the enemy.

There are a many other Nationalists within our circles who are immensely talented, they will naturally and very quickly support lee barns with the FNN .

This is the real future of British nationalism, remember my words well.