Friday 22 April 2011

Must Watch - Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism and the death of America ;

The only solution to the spread of Cultural Marxism is the rise of Cultural Nationalism.

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Extant said...

Brilliant, especially the intro.

The over load of information, the creation of many pressure groups, races ,religions. The seperation and segregation, dumbing down of all that is good.

The state and people deliberately fragmented; Marxism is the eternal ripping apart of a Nation.

Extant said...

This is what we need and plenty of helpings too :-#)-

Adrian P said...

Forget the BBC

Tarpley, McGovern and Madsen

Anonymous said...

The British National Renaissance Workshop

Genius Loci : You are your culture

Focusing again on local people, local places and areas where there as been particular cultural achievements be they creative, design, art, industry, horticultural, literary.

For example certain areas in Lancashire where Lancashire lace were made from the raw materials locally grown in this instance Hemp.

For example Staffordshire Pottery and the great Pottery innovation and skill that issued out of that design and industry

These local history and tradition and innovation and success would be the focus for study , workshop and practical makings. Where in each location and each significant creative source in history would provide a resource and inspiration, initiative , and real sustainability and a future revival of industry , employment that is local and not global level. For that is the future for real sustainability and care.

These workshops would not just be confined to the history of local excellence and success. But would also extend into their areas of ‘creativity’ but not ‘cultural’ (that is no culture) Propaganda that the left globalist multicultural Marxist diversity driven agenda of councils spend their money on e.g. music / noise making for 6 - 9 year olds. Where we see in the latest tax payers Marxist council (in combination with the globalist anti British pro global BBC media centre (media TV etc Culture Destroyers)

They always focus on Music as ‘’the’’ creative thing. Well yes, its ‘universal’ ‘speaks’ to most cultures especially black cultures. It is transient, least demeaning in its cruder forms. Its ‘universally’ brings people to together . Noise making ‘levels and ‘makes one forget’. ‘, appeals to sensualism and base instincts and well all cooperate and ‘equal’ in making music / noise. ‘All equal before music’

I would advocate to counter such a all ever inclusivity ever repeated approach to the individual and the use of the whole body and mind through making things using various materials for example making with Clay, Drawing, with a focus on Invention. These Artisan Renaissance workshops would be for 6 – 9 year olds and 10/11 to 15 year olds.

Other might be on organic gardening, foraging, Design and survival skills

The out put from these on going ‘live exhibitions’ would be the British Renaissance exhibition. Showing the creativity and innovation from these workshops and would include looking at ast creative excellence of all things British that would underline the specifity of British Cultural Identity and value

Anonymous said...

National Barter Network

Allows people to exchange goods, food and skills. Also these could be exchanged for money, or indeed silver, or in part exchange of goods and money . To promote community cooperation and social and supportive connection between British People

In uncertain times and with increasing cost of living , while wages are keeping up with cost of living, money will eventually control you and standard of living will drop and consequently quality of life. Bartering allows some independence of the money based system , and one that sees possible devaluation and collapse as Bankers and Globalists seek to destroy national denominations Globalist system of exchange and bring in single currency and possibly eventually this will be reduce to digits on a computer or ‘credits’. Upon which there would be total control over you.

So in bartering if one has a number of things and one wants a certain thing in return a then those that have that thing and wants yours things can make you an offer
each other a mutual exchange

Ho would this be communicated to people. This might involve a internet website facility as a means to do this. Or / and it may be set up in localities via flyers, emails, notices and talks / gatherings.

The National Emergency Garden Network / National Allotment Network may feed into this system of possible modes of co-operation and exchange as would the National Self Sufficiency Network

It remains to be seen as to whether this kind of ancient system would work with Britain

Anonymous said...

National Emergency Garden Network

Purpose to encourage and inspire Self-Sufficiency , Self-Reliance, independence, community co-operation , to supplement food supplies in a time of increasing food costs and low wages, unemployment and possible food shortages, whilst promoting General Health and well being.

How this might manifests itself is flexible. Local allotments could network within local areas and further afield, and link into the national loci bartering network and self - sufficiency network. Local talks given in existing groups and presentations held for those who would like to know about growing their own even if one doesn’t have a garden as such. (E.g. tubs, crates, bags and also bringing people together to have a number of individuals linked allotments) forming a national consensus to force government to provide more allotments. Suggest to small holdings that they may like to take on willing local people to help out in exchange for small amounts of produce

Promoted to youth clubs and similar organisations. Allotments, Small Holdings. Community centres, Local gardening groups , and possibly Outdoor groups. New groups may be initiated to ‘grow your own’ in a local setting, ‘Grow local.’ Not global ‘ .