Monday 4 April 2011

The EDL Speech at Blackburn Rally

Tommy Robinson speech at Blackburn rally ;

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Anonymous said...

He’s a multiculturist wanker, another traitor like Chris Bev

Anonymous said...

the edl are being set up to lad a new genicide of both their sole stated target group and the british.

the two groups that pose the biggest obsticle to the elites.

the edl is their tool, same as the `rebels` in lybia.

any fool can see this, your only hope is that the elites lose control of it and the movement takes on a will of its own, but so far all i see are puppets dancing to the elites tune and all the while the denounce real nationalists they shoul;d be both proscribed officially, highlighted for their hypocracy and moronic shortsighted claptrap.

the elites must be wetting themselfs laughing at the edl supporters.

the edl are another arm of ukip.