Tuesday 12 April 2011

The Legal Strategy To Shut The Scum Down

This is the legal strategy we need to follow from now on when such cases are revealed ;

1) We leaflet the areas to contact the victims

2) We assist them getting legal representation and to inititate individual and group class action legal caes against the shop owners / perverts to seize their assets and shut them down. They are liable ditrectly for their actions and the shop owners liable under tort law for the actions of their employees on their premises under vicarious liability.

We also contact the insurers of such shops and inform them that they have breached their insurance policies by having children on the premises and that they must revoke those insurance policies. That will shut the shops down as they have no insurance.

3) Then we sue the police and councils and social services for their failures in each case.

That way we ensure the shops are shut down so no new victims can be raped, we ensure the victims have compensation and that the public authorities who have failed to protect the children are forced in the future to take a pro-active apporach forf fear of being sued by new victims.

The only way the police and councils and social services will learn is to hit them financially.

The only way to shut the shops down is to assist the victims to sue them and take all their assets.

From now on this will be the strategy we will follow in all cases of paedophile grooming.

We will take their houses.

We will take their shops.

We will leave them bankrupt and penniless.

We will sue the councils and police and social services for millions of pounds in compensation.

Only then will the government take action.


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Anonymous said...

Lee I think I worked out the globalists plot with the help of the Corbet report.

1. make China reliant on the global economy - ship all jobs to China.

2. remove China's access to resources - invade the middle east.

3. collapse the economy - deregulate the financial system until it naturally falls apart.

4. China goes down with the global economy that it is now tied to.

5. the globalists back uprisings in China and sieze control of the country.

6. Russai is broadly already in the pocket of the globalists since Gorby, they backed the lbyan invasion by abstaining.

7. China will smell a rat and it's only hope of maintaining control is a billion strong land and air war, plus nukes.

8. the globalists have already siezed control of the oil reserves China would need for a prolonged land war, Russia wont help, Russia may be drawn in ala WW2.

9. The Elites watch it on their big screen in their bunker in switzerland.

johnpkb said...

Good plan Mr.Barnes - use your talents by being pro-active.
I really pleased to see you offering the EDL assistance in this, it's is this type of activism that should be pursued and encouraged relentlessly without all the petty party politics.
Good stuff.

extant said...

I notice that no other blog will follow your fantastic plan to beat Pedophile scum.
Fkn utterly shameful mate, I will remember the rape, killing and torture of the innocent Children well and the webs and non blog help to combined a similar effort completely ignored by them.

I will remember this well and beat them severely with their failure to come together and act as one..

Funny, only the EDL is acting. I keep them updated with your plans, incredible how they are the only movement who is really working against child abuse.

Now we know who are out just for them selves and yet again, it is clear you are not, but they are.

What more of a serious cause is worth persueing for the Nationalist cause !


royalecraig said...

Great idea, non violent but effective, however don't expect easy victories, I've been suing for yrs, at my last attempt, in order to prevent me appealing the Judge held onto the court order till I ran out of time.
The good news is, the idiots we are up against are not too bright, the lady who handed the order to me after I ran out of time was kind enough to state so on court headed note paper.