Friday 8 April 2011

The Sick Joke opf British Justice

This is a national disgrace.

Lets hope justice is served on this asylum seeking scum bag some other way.

'What about my family rights?' Father's despair as appeal court refuses to deport failed asylum seeker who killed his daughterBy Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:14 PM on 8th April 2011

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A Government bid to deport a failed asylum seeker who killed a 12-year-old girl in a hit-and-run was rejected by the Court of Appeal today.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, 33, an Iraqi Kurd who was already banned from driving, left Amy Houston dying under the wheels of his car in Blackburn, Lancashire, in 2003.
He was jailed for four months over her death, but was allowed to remain in the UK on his release.

No justice: Paul Houston claims the legal system does not stand up for the average man

Amy's father, a 41-year-old engineer from Darwen, Lancashire, who has been campaigning for years to get Ibrahim deported, was present at the London courtroom today for the ruling given by Lord Justice Sullivan and Lord Justice Gross.
They rejected an application by the Home Office for permission to appeal against a decision in Ibrahim's favour - made initially by an immigration judge and upheld on appeal last year.

Ibrahim, who had faced being removed from the UK as an illegal immigrant, was allowed to stay after an immigration judge ruled in 2009 that he had established a 'family life' in this country.

Innocent victim: Amy Houston (left), who was killed by Aso Mohammed Ibrahim in a 2003 hit-and-run accident

When refusing permission to appeal today the judges expressed their 'greatest sympathy' for Amy's family, but stressed that their only task was to decide whether there had been any error of law - they ruled that there had not been any error.
After Lord Justice Sullivan gave his reasons for dismissing the application, Mr Houston asked from the public gallery: 'My Lord, what about my right to a family life?'

Afterwards, Mr Houston, told reporters: 'I am still waiting for an answer to the question. What about my rights to family life and Amy's right to life?
He added: 'I'm disappointed with the outcome but I always expected it, to be honest.
'The judges had the opportunity to stand up for the hard-working people of this country, the people who pay their wages, and show the world and the country that the Human Rights Act isn't just about asylum seekers, criminals and terrorists but the average man - but they let me down and didn't do that.

Loving family: Amy, aged eight, pictured with her father four years before she was killed

'If there's a problem with the law, the law needs changing and the politicians have to start earning their money.

'If there's a problem with the Human Rights Act, they ought to do something about it.
'I'm just disappointed. You do it by the rules, you do it the way they tell you to do it, you go through all the procedure, just to get slapped back down again.

'What's the point of having a legal system if it doesn't stand up for the average man in the street?

'Me and my daughter are victims in this. If they can't protect the innocent and vulnerable people of society, there's no point in the justice system.

'There is no benefit whatsoever to have Mr Ibrahim in this country, it serves no cause.

'Something has to be done to stop people undermining the Human Rights Act and manipulating it for their benefit.

'Maybe there's a possibility of taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights but I'd have to do that personally and it costs a lot of money - money I haven't got.'

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