Saturday 23 April 2011

The Way Forwards

The upcoming local elections come at the time of a seismic ideological shift in British Nationalism.

Whilst the British National Party and the National Front are still at the vanguard of promoting the ideologies of Ethno-Nationalism and Racial Nationalism to the British public, it appears that the British public have themselves moved on from any concerns on the issue of race to becoming concerned primarily with the issue of Culture.

This has been confirmed by an extensive survey undertaken by the Searchlight organisation. ( 4 ) (5)

This survey reveals that the ideology of Cultural Nationalism which is the basis of the British Freedom Party's politics is the foundation of a new Nationalist Populism.

This survey from Searchlight validates our ideological position and also our strategy to appeal to four of the five primary demographic groups identified in the survey who together equate to 75 % of the potential voters in Britain ;

A) Identity Ambivalents (28%)

These people are less financially secure and less optimistic about the future. They are more likely to be working class, to live in social housing and to view immigration through the prism of its economic impact on their opportunities and the social impact on their communities. Muslims and other BME (Black Minority Ethnic) groups are more prevalent here as are the largest single segment of those who identify with Labour.


b) Culturally Concerned (24%)

Generally older and more prosperous than other groups, many are (or have been) professionals and managers. They are more likely to view immigration as a cultural issue with concerns about the impact of immigration on national identity and about immigrants’ willingness to integrate. This group forms the largest segment of those identifying with the Conservative Party.


c) Latent Hostiles (10%)

More likely to be older, not university-educated, and more than likely working class. They view their own future with uncertainty and Britain’s future with pessimism. For them, immigration has undermined British culture, public services and their own economic prospects. They would support political forces that stood-up for their identity and way of life, but are less confrontational than those in Active Enmity.


d) Active Enmity (13%)

Drawing more support from the unskilled and the unemployed, these people are the most disengaged from traditional political processes and the most hostile to immigrants and what they think immigration represents. Opposed to all ethnicities or religions other than their own, many believe that violence is acceptable if it is a consequence of standing up for what is ‘right’.

The ideology of cultural nationalism appeals to all these political and social demographics.

For the Identity Ambivalents of all racial groups opposed to further immigration due to its impact on social housing, public services and crime we offer an immediate end to all further immigration and the deportation of all foreign criminals and illegal immigrants regardless of their race or religion.

For the Culturally Concerned who fear the cultural disintegration of Britain via mass immigration, political correctness and state enforced Multi-culturalism, we offer a rebirth of British Cultural Nationalism and the preservation of our national culture, heritage and way of life.

For the Latent Hostiles we offer better public services, more jobs, higher wages, more access to social housing, shorter waiting lists for the NHS and less immigrants who do not speak English in schools. This is because we intend to not just end immigration, but because we also intend to deport all those we define as Colonists, who are those who refuse to integrate into British society and who seek to impose their way of life on our society.

For the Active Enmity group we offer an end to Muslim Paedophile gangs who will be deported or be given capital punishment, we offer them the death penalty for Islamist and Real IRA terrorists, death penalty for hard drugs importers and for foreign criminals involved in sex slavery and people trafficking. By offering these people security in their own communities from foreign criminals and colonists, we can also defuse the simmering tensions in our country that threaten to erupt into communal violence.

Over the last few weeks The British Freedom Party have also had massive publicity in The Independent and The Guardian newspapers which has also massively raised our profile with the British public. ( 1) (2) (3)

This has allowed our ideology of Cultural Nationalism to become known to the British public.

In order for the British Nationalist movement to grow and progress we need only to do two things, the first is concentrating on what we are good at.

The British National Party must concentrate on recruiting and promoting Ethno-Nationalists and the ideology of Ethno-nationalism, the National Front must concentrate on recruiting Racial Nationalists and promoting the ideology of Racial Nationalism and the British Freedom Party will concentrate on promoting Cultural Nationalism and recruiting Cultural Nationalists into our ranks.

The other requirement is that nationalists stop attacking other nationalists and other nationalist parties. We must concentrate our collective fire on our common enemies, and not on attacking each other.

There is no conflict or competition between the different ideological strands of British Nationalism, simply as we appeal to different ideological demographics and groups.

The British Freedom Party aims to become the vanguard of a new Nationalist Populism, that like our sister parties in Europe like the Dutch Freedom Party and the True Finns, will allow us to take British Nationalism back into the mainstream of British politics.











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Adrian Peirson said...

According to Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen.

Al Quieda Does the Dirty work for Western Governments

Wayne Madsen says Al Queda is a 'Western' tool

It all Makes sense now.

Oh yes, almost forgot, you know the drugs trade, well,

that's run by our Governments too

And did you know that CIA stands for.

Cocaine Import Agency