Tuesday 5 April 2011

Speechless - Britain Has Talent

Not much leaves me speechless, this does though ;


The dancing man is Andrew Brennus a BNP candidate in the local elections in Liverpool.


This guy should go on Britain Has Talent.

He is a great dancer, the video is well edited and its a catchy tune.

I reckon the British public would love to see this being performed on a saturday night on Britains Got Talent.

Who agrees that Andrew Tierney should be the BNP contestant on Britains Got Talent and do this as a sketch on the show ?

Come on Andy, you have got real talent and some great dance moves.

I loved the Welling Wave and the getting jiggy bit at the end of the video.

This would go down a storm at the RWB.

Come on kids, put on your hoods, start dancing and join in the chorus !

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wolfblood said...

Hilarious and Bizarre! :-)

Defender of Liberty said...

Its well produced, well edited, great dancing and a catchy tune


wolfblood said...

Actually its sensational, and very funny too.

Plus it will wind the sour reds up. Or maybe not, they're a weird bunch.

Just shown it to my neighbours. It had them in stitches :-)

Here's the youtube link -

Extant said...

I have one better with Paul Morris and a special guest appearance too.


Anonymous said...

what i liked about it was that it was catchy and manly.

the words could be adapted for the bnp.

we need some popular culture that sticks in the mind -

new chorus -

stand up and be counted, a man for all to see.

stand up and be counted and join the bnp!

Extant said...

Have a read of this mate-


Extant said...

Picture of Talmud Morris caught red handed in full Rabbi attire sent to your email ;o)

Anonymous said...

nice of you to supply the media with this negative shit lee, how much do the uaf now pay you?

if someone is making an ass out of themselfs or setting the party up there are better and more discrete ways of doing it.

Defender of Liberty said...

Its not my job to regulate the video output of BNP candidates, if they put this stuff on the internet expect to get it watched.

Its just anopher sign of the total incompetence of the party that they allow a candidate to stand that has put this online.

Its not my job to do your job.

Besides its a catchy little tune and he is a great dancer and I look forward to seeing him do a version of this on Britain Got Talent.

Anonymous said...

thabkyou for admititing your seedy agenda, not your job to police the BNP - indeed.

its also not your job as a so called `nationalist` to hand feed the press.

It seems you would like to see the BNP fail out of spite - well done, you are now an anti nationalist.

Defender of Liberty said...

If you think that sort of KKK crap has anything to do with British Nationalism, then you are either a fucking idiot or a red.

Now fuck off.