Friday 29 April 2011

Good Luck To Richard Edmonds

I want to wish say good luck to Richard Edmonds in his leadership challenge against Nick Griffin.

Richard Edmonds is a true and dedicated British Nationalist and Racial Nationalist, and he is a man with a clear sense of conviction and focused political principles.

I suspect that Richard stands a good chance of winning.

The Nick Griffin support has been so downgraded by his recent actions, and the ongoing exposes of his 'officers' corruption and stupidity, that I suspect his actual active support base in the BNP is down to about 20 % of the total party voting base.

This means a well known racial nationalist may be able to gain more than 20 % of the vote from the right wing of the party in order to dislodge Griffin from power.

The fact that the right wing of the party is more than 20 % of the actual voting members base means this may come down to a fight between candidates who will have the largest minority of votes in order to win.

At a time of seismic upheavel in British Nationalism, Richard would return the party to its ideological roots in Racial Nationalism.

Strategically this is a good idea for the party as over the last years we have witnessed the larget influx of European whites into Britain since the Norman Invasion of 1066.

Millions of Eastern European whites have come to Britain and sunk roots here, and at the moment they have no political party to vote for or to represent them.

In the midst of this multi-cultural and multi-racial society, the only community without any representation in the multi-cultural political and social process are whites - whilst blacks, asians etc etc all have groups / religions / lobby groups/ legal groups / community centres / leqal groups / charities etc etc to represent and support them as ethnic, racial and religious communities in Britain - WHITES HAVE NONE.

That applies to indigenous Whites, Eastern European Whites or Whites from anywhere in the world - the white community is the one racial community in Britain without any political representation as a community, and this means Whites are getting screwed over time after time.

In a multi-cultural society, those that do not organise to demand their rights - have no rights given to them.

In order for Whites to have representation in our multi-cultural and multi-racial society then a form of White Nationalism is required that allows all white groups in Britain to unite to protect their white racial interests.

Remember that no one asked us if we wanted a multi-cultural and multi-racial society, but we have to live in it anyway - and unless whites start to organise to protect white racial interests then all whites will suffer as other communities flex their muscles as organised communities in our country.

Richard Edmonds and the BNP pragmatists must realise that the BNP cannot be elected into power in our society - but that doesnt mean the BNP cannot excercise real power in our society, but at the level of community politics and community social organisation.

I would like to see the BNP under Richard Edmonds concentrate on going into communities like Tower Hamlets ( and everywhere else whites are already a minority or soon to be racial minority) and helping whites to organisw community and political structures that allow those whites to fight for their share of social resources in those communities where they are minorities.

For instance - there is not ONE white community centre in one of the London inner city areas for the white families who live in those areas - whilst there are hundreds of black, chinese, muslim, asian, skih, jewish community centres and charities etc etc.

The BNP needs to start concentrating resources on community outreach programmes in inner city areas to assist the white community to come together to enable them to have the same rights as all the other non-white communities in those areas.

That means social facilities, youth clubs, sports centres, community centres etc etc and if those requests for equal white rights and facilities are refused and our bids for those facilties turned down - then this not only exposes the racist double standards in those communities against whites, but it also radicalises the white community and politicies them.

The BNP must become the ;

1) The voice of white rights

2) a civil justice campaign for white rights

3) a social justice campaign for white social justice

This requires a new form of White Nationalism in Britain.



White Nationalism must ensure the Nazis who seek to divide the white community on the grounds of Nordics, Slavs and Mediterraneans and who regard all non-Nordic as racial inferiors etc etc are kept out of the BNP.

White Nationalism does not preach racial supremacism - it seeks racial equality for whites who have been the victims of anti-white racist 'affirmative action' and positive discrmination laws such as imposed by the New Labour Liberal Facist governments Equality Act.

White Nationalism seeks to fight for white rights in the context of a multi-cultural and multi-racial society predicated on all communities coming together on the grounds of race or religion to promote their community interests.

It does not mean supremacism or hate - it means equality in the context of the multi-racial and multi-cultural society that we all live in today.

The Griffin Era is coming to an end.

The questions is therefore what comes next.

Is it more squandered millions spent on fighting elections that we know the BNP cannot win - or are those resources going to be spent on creating community networks that allow us to have power at the level of the community itself and thereby bypass the need for political representation ?

I say the latter.

The BNP is a dead political brand - it is not a defunct tactical and strategic asset.

It just needs a new leader who can see the usefullness of a BNP re-designed for the new political reality we live in today - and one where the issue of white rights has become of massive political importance due to issues such as :

a) the systematic racist targeting of white children by Muslim Asian paedophile gangs,

b) anti-white state racism such as in the guise of affirmative action / political discrimination programmes,

c) in the centext of the unfair allocation of funds from councils and community groups to immigrant, asylum seeker, race based groups that discriminate directly and indirectly

d) white educational failure

e) white working class unemployment

f) integrating white Eastern European communities into a white nationalist political movement

g) social justice and equal rights for whites in the context of social housing, education, the NHS, council housing and community centres for kids etc etc

All these are live issues waiting a white nationalist political party to reach out to a disenfranchised and abandoned white electorate.

The BNP can still follow its 'Parish Councils Model' of putting people on parish councils and follow this new white nationalist model.

It can still stand in elections.

The BNP will merely need to re-focus its resources in a different direction and adopt a new tactical and strategic model.

There are those on the left / liberals who will attack Richard Edmonds for his views.

But the aim of Richard being leader is not for his photogenic beauty to win hearts, it is to re-organise the BNP and consolidate it ideologically.

A reformed BNP is not designed too , nor will ever want to appeal too liberals and leftists and nor is to win elections, it is to racialise and radicalise the white community in our communities and educate them as to the real racist nature of our society and then organise them to ensure they get social and civil justice.

Richard can allow the BNP to re-organise internally, to consolidate around the ideology of white nationalism and to re-direct the BNP at the community level so as to ensure it becomes socially relevant in those communities.

At the moment the BNP is focused on being all things to all people and failing every time, and ends up merely factionalised and split into sectarian groups who are used by Grffin in a classic 'divide and conquer' scenario to keep him in power.

Nor should the BNP be directed at winning elections asit cannot win any more it has been made 'brand dead' by Griffin.

It has been also ruined financially by Griffin and his coterie of crooks and idiots on the payroll and has also seen its most loyal and competent officers driven out of the party in endless moronic purges.

It needs to consolidate around a trusted leader with a firm ideological position.

Eddy Butlers plan to dump racial nationalism ( or join the civic nationalist English Dems) is political madness - there are already UKIP and other civic nationalist parties that adhere to the poison of politically correct politics and sappeal to those demographics - the last thing the BNP needs to do is pretend it is the same as those poisonous parties.

The BNP posturing as a civic nationalist party is a pathetic joke and will take the BNP nowhere.

It is not and never has been a civic nationalist party.

It is a racial nationalist party that needs to become a White Nationalist party that dumps the ideology of race hate, and that also dumps the sick twisted evil ideology of the left and liberals which is race replacement of the white British people by immigrants from the Developing World and elsewhere that is the true dynamic behind political correctness and mass immigration, and takes up the standard of fighting for white rights.

There must be no tolerance of Nazi race hate and also no tolerance of Liberal race replacement ideology under the guise of political correctness, in the BNP.

The BNP must resist both.

It must say - multi-culturalism is based on the issue of race. Race is real not just as a genetic reality but most important of all AS A SOCIAL REALITY.

The left and liberals have created a multi-cultural society that denies the existence of race as a genetic reality ( in contravention of the science and which proves the left / liberals are in the grip of what Marx defined as False Consciousness as they reject science to assert the non-existence of race ) whilst simultaneously the left / liberals assert the existence of race as a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT and then impose laws on our society that actively racially discriminate against all whites on the basis of their race.

And we as a race are being racially discriminated in Britain then we must unite to stop this evil racist dynamic in our multi-cutural society that is actively damaging the white community, both indgenous and newly arrived, just because they are white.

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Anonymous said...

Hi lee! Am I to understand that if the BNP did as you suggest then there would no longer be the need for your new British Freedom Party? Dan

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi lee,my love for you will never die i have a tatoo of you on my bum cheeks the famous victory one,forgive my english for i am spanish.My cock grows ever bigger for you.


i have been in jail in my country.

Adrian Peirson said...

Educating the public about what is really going on is key, other wise they will keep voting for the NWO Puppets.

Interesting article

Got the article from

Ade said...

Lots of Good info here on

Lawfull Rebellion

Anonymous said...

''but that doesn't mean the BNP cannot excercise real power in our society, but at the level of community politics and community social organisation.''

I have ever since the recent general election suggested connecting with local communities I even wrote to NG about an social / health initiative that might be set locally all over the country and relatively cheaply . But I never even got a reply. Neither was any interest of support forthcoming from my local branch about the need to get conneccted (rather than just apear at election time and expect the vote) and so basic things for the local people e.g grafitti removal and litter picking. Idid actaully pursue with the help of English Heritage a complaint regarding a local listed building in a heavily enriched area. But it drew a blank from the council and the person who had bought the property from the council.

I think Mr Richards is a good candidate for the challenge. he would get my vote.

Yes we must start in earnest conencting with local people across the country through social and cultural projects. hopefully inspired and nourished with new leadership. But why wait start now!
I think I will send a few ideas tolocal branches for them to consider...

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused. E Butler is in the English Democrates but he's campaigning for a right winger in the BNP. E Butler is a Liberal Nationalist.
E Butler is in the Eng Dem but is a researcher for BNP MEP A Brons.
What is going on? And why is Butler involved in everything?

misterfox said...

Lee, this is supurb planning document and exactly what is needed. I have tried to make suggestions in my essays but not as well thought though as this. I hope Richard listens. It would help his campaign to advocate groups to help Whites in the inner cities greatly.
The problem with radical British nationalists is they either adopt the losers garb of Nazism and fall into the states trap; or they try to appease the state by trimming their policies and calling themselves "moderate" as if the states agents will open their arms to them.
I'n not a White Nat myself but I see your point and wholly agree with your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dont yer just love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Total nuts.
White nationalist party mkII
same outcome too