Friday 8 April 2011

EDL Demo Announced in Blackpool

News just in from the EDL ;

Full EDL Demo in Blackpool May 14th Justice for Charlene Downes.

Following the revelation that the alleged killers of Charlene have been given £250,000 in compensation for the time they spent on remand, a full EDL DEMO has been called for May 14th in Blackpool.

This is NOT organised by Casuals United as the last three demos were, but we will support it, and numbers will be far higher this time.

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody have an idea where the BNP are standing and how many candidates they have. The website isn't full of the usual boasts about record amounts of candidates. I understand Yorkshire and the North East are standing next to none. Psychotic bully Jeffersons Cumbria region seems to buck the downward trend. The website boasts record candidates for the Welsh Assembly, which will mean about 7 candidates. Griffin once a saviour for Nationalism has now managed to destroy it single handedly due to his pathetic man management and fall outs..

Anonymous said...

Lee what piss's me off in all this i was with the EDL from day one and got a lot of stick from top brass in the BNP and given an option.I made the decision to drop the party at that point and have done more the past 18 months than i ever did with the BNP in 10 years.Street activism is for me not boring pub meetings waiting for collection buckets going round to line griffin's pocket.

Defender of Liberty said...

Yes mate I know - the EDL get the job done whilst the BNP make Griffin rich.

Anonymous said...

Theres an article on the BNP site about Charlene, but I dont hear any call to Demonstration,and leafleting, on the Street Public Information....which is what really matters

Nationalists unite for our fallen kids. said...

Send this article to all your contacts, old and new.