Wednesday 6 April 2011

Cameron and the British Empire

David Camerons apology for the British Empire is sickening.

The crimes, greed and exploitation of the British Empire is borne by only one class, the Cameron Class of aristocrats who grew rich from robbing the realms of the British Empire whilst at the same time they subjugated and exploited their own Working Class people here in Britain.

Whilst they built palaces and mansion houses for themselves, the Working class lived in slums and workhouses.

The Glory of the Empire - the railways, the schools, the bridges, the oil refineries, the hospitals, the roads, the factories and the ports and docks from which the wealth of the ex-nations of the Empire is based today - they were built by the working class men and women of Britain.

We, the ordinary working people of Britain can claim the glory of the British Empires legacy - Cameron and his class of Aristocratic parasites share only the guilt and blame for what went wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on Lee, the average brit was little more than a slave to the upper classes during this period.

the working classes never even had the vote until recent times.

free image editor said...

The class issue have been known in Britain since the outset of times and that topic makes me sick. Years ago, there were working class to blame, now they call them chavs and accuse in everything bad that happens in the society. This war of the classes seems to be never-ending