Monday 11 April 2011

What Is Cultural Nationalism

The Ideological Basis Of Cultural Nationalism.

Cultural Nationalism is a form of nationalism which is predicated on four fundamental principles ;

1) That it is ethnic groups which create cultures eg the Anglo-Saxons created England and the English Language, the ethnic French created France and the French language and the Zulu people created the Zulu culture.

In the case of Britain, our British national culture is a fusion of the
indigenous folk cultures of Britain.

2) That as long as the indigenous ethnic groups which create a culture remain the demographic majority in a nation in perpetuity, then the indigenous culture of that nation will remain the dominant culture of that nation.

3) That any immigrant of any race or religion can be fully integrated into the culture of a nation, as long as the percentage of immigrants in that society do not become a demographic threat to the numerical superiority of the indigenous people of that society.

4) That all immigrants into a nation must integrate fully into the host society and renounce totally their ancestral cultures and identities as a pre-requisite for them being granted, and retaining, citizenship rights. Those that refuse to integrate fully into the host society are not citizens of that nation, they are colonists, and hence their very presence usurps and undermines the national culture and national unity of that society.

Cultural Nationalism is opposed to those ideologies that emphasise differences at the expense of national unity eg the ideology of multi-culturalism and cultural relativism. Cultural Relativism is the belief that all cultures are simply relative to other cultures, that no culture can claim any superiority as regards its legal, moral or civilisational basis and that no culture has the right to demand its exclusivity within its own territory.

Cultural Nationalists believe that a people and nation share not just the same territory but also a shared philosophy of life, shared values and the same aspirations which together form the strong cultural and a civilizational basis for a nation.

Britain's indigenous diversity in terms of its heritage and customs, ancestral traditions, folk languages and traditional ways of worship are very basis of its uniqueness amongst other nations, and this indigenous diversity is based upon a shared and unifying national cultural basis which is essentially native to the British Isles and people.

Hence Cultural Nationalists believe any nation that allows millions of
unintegrated colonists to enter its territory and create 'closed communities' which seek to impose their cultures, religions and ways of life upon a society in the name of multi-culturalism, are in fact ensuring the inevitable social and civilisational collapse of that nation and society.

As the historian William James Durant wrote, " A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within ".

Cultural Nationalists believe that the destruction of modern civilisations from within is accomplished by ;

A) Demographic change caused by mass immigration

B) Colonisation and multi-culturalism

C) Cultural Relativism

D) Economic collapse caused by unintegrated groups of culturally alien colonists who rely on welfare benefits or other state largesse for their subsistence instead of working within the economy for the benefit of the nation and who also export capital out of the nation state back to their ancestral homelands.

For Cultural Nationalists it is not about colour, but culture.

We believe that anyone can become British, but that in order to do so they must become fully culturally integrated citizens of our nation and society.

It is also not about race, but space.

In other words Britain is one of the most crowded nations on the planet and therefore we cannot continue to allow millions of immigrants and colonists to continue to pour into our country.

The ideology of multi-culturalism combined with mass immigration is creating within our nation the same sort of racial, cultural and religious schisms and dynamics that have led to countless civil wars in nations like Bosnia, Croatia and a myriad other nations across the planet.

Only when all immigration is ended, and all the colonists already present within our nation are deported and the ideologies of multi-culturalism and cultural relativism are replaced by British Cultural Nationalism and cultural integration, can we prevent the societal collapse that will inevitably come in the 21st century.

Cultural Nationalists believe that the reason why the unintegrated immigrant colonist communities in our country are having so many children compared to indigenous British birth rates is due to the fact they have been allowed under multi-cultusalism to retain their ancestral cultures with corresponding high birth rates. At the same time the Welfare State has allowed them to claim benefits whilst staying within their closed communities and simply having children. We believe that by demanding full integration into British society that this will ensure that immigrant communities will have the same levels of birth rates as the rest of British society. This will further defuse the ticking demographic timebomb in our country as indigenous birth rates fall below replacement rate and immigrant birth rates continue to rise.

Cultural Nationalism is opposed to racial nationalism as the ideology of racial nationalism leads to mono-racialism in which different ethnic and national groups, as long as they from one racial group, are allowed to enter and colonise a nation.

Therefore the fundamental basis of cultures which are indigenous ethnic groups, are inevitably undermined by racial nationalism leading to the death of those indigenous ethnic cultures. If Britain were colonised by the Ethnic Chinese or the Ethnic Germans then the end result would be the same. They would both impose their own ethnic cultures on our country and usurp our own indigenous ethnic

Cultural Nationalism also opposes 'multi-cultural mono-racialism' where the indigenous ethnic people of the nation are encouraged to misceginate into one monolithic mono-racial entity with immigrant groups. This is because once you change the genetic nature of the indigenous ethnic groups who create and sustain cultures, then the culture of the nation also changes. We wish to preserve the unique genetic inheritance of the indigenous peoples of Britain so that our
indigenous cultures remain in perpetuity. At the same time we also believe it is not the role of the state to tell us who to, or who not to, have relationships with.

The removal of millions of colonists from our country will act not just to ensure the cultural integrity of Britain, but also the ethnic integrity of the indigenous British people.

Cultural Nationalism also repudiates the Civic Nationalist position on
citizenship. Just because someone is born on British territory does not make them British. To be British is to be fully integrated into British culture.

Those who are born here and who adopt the ancestral cultures of their parents or grandparents are not British, they are colonists. We do not believe that the bestowing of a passport upon a colonist by a transient government anytime in the past equates to them being a British citizen.

British citizenship is based on duties and responsibilities. The primary duty is to integrate into totally into our culture and society. Those that refuse to integrate totally into our society and national culture will have their citizenship revoked, regardless of how long they resided as a colonist within our national territory.

Cultural Nationalism stands opposed to the erosion of our ancestral rights and liberties, such as free speech, due to the dictates of political correctness.

Cultural Nationalists defend the British Constitution, ancestral laws and liberties of our nation and also the supremacy of Parliament against the subversion of our national democracy by supra-national institutions, dynamics and powers such as the UN, EU, US, World Trade Organisation, World Bank, Bilderbergers and globalism.

Cultural Nationalists believe that the old Left / Right split in politics is now an artefact of the 19th and 20th centuries, and that the political struggle of the 21st Century is between Nationalism versus Globalism.

Cultural Nationalists stand for democratic nationalism as opposed to global corporate fascism. British Cultural Nationalists stand for a British political system that serves the interests of the British people, workers and economy and not just the personal profiteering of politicians and global corporations. We stand for a national democracy where power derives solely from the British
people as opposed to power being held by the corrupt elites of a kleptocracy, plutocracy or the corporate media.

Cultural Nationalists also demand our politicians tackle class inequalities in our society in order to create a meritocracy which creates an equality of opportunites for all British citizens as opposed to the leftist social engineering ideal of an equality of outcomes for all citizens.


Anonymous said...

There is another view of the relationship between culture and ethnicity (race). That is that race is simply culture "gone to seed". This theory is consistent with the Darwinian view of things and is covered in detail in Edgar Steele's book, Defensive Racism

Defender of Liberty said...

So you assert that culture creates a race - i do not see how that can occur as a race exists first, the ethnic groups evolved and then these ethnic groups created cultures.

'Race as culture gone to seed' is not based on DNA evidence - the evidence is that races have evolved into ethnic groups - and archeology and simple reality proves that ethnic groups create cultures not races ( as races no longer exist except as conglomerations of ethnic groups derived from historical races ).

Anonymous said...

We know what it is, you have explined it before if it wasn't already clear from its name, or should we use itsa real name unatural, unworkable cultural suppression.

We know the theory, you have told us, in practice it is utter bullshit unless you want a totalitarian state along the lines of communism as it TOTALLY falls apart when scutinized.

You are flogging a dead horse here Lee and leading people down a blind alley, the same alley the NWO are trying to push us into, only difference is that you moronically think your ideology will gain you greater power and exceptance, this is so flawed that a basic understanding of the media and the NWO would lead you to conclude this, as well as the fact that it undermines real nationalism and its NATURAL cause.

in effect Lee by touting this shite you have crossed to the other side no matter how you try and butter it up.

Only thing is Lee in trying to appeal to everyone, you appeal to knowone and will never gain mainstreme exceptance.

so well done you have discredited yourself for a real unatural lost cause.

Anonymous said...

In short Lee you changed sides before the battle was over, you are currently trying to sit on the fence but are in the process of crossing over, to cut the crap - you are a traitor.

Thank god you are pretty much irrelevant and will remain so with your tripe ideology.

Defender of Liberty said...

You lost the battle decades ago you mug, you were just too thick to realise it.

You are a relic of the past, a political dinosaur who can only bellow and stamp you feet.

To be frank you are a fossil, whilst we are the future.