Sunday 3 April 2011

The Future Is Here

I would like to introduce you to the future of British Nationalist Internet Activism, the Freedom News Network ;

Starting this weekend we will be beginning interviews with the most important and innovative nationalists across the whole planet.

I will also be doing a weekly live internet debate and discussion show on nationalist issues and nationalist news.

People can skype in and ask questions etc etc

The format of my show will be a British version of the Alex Jones and Glenn Beck shows with chat, debate and current news issues all featured in the show.

Now nationalists do not need to go to a dozen different nationalist websites to get their nationalist news, they only have to visit our new website which carries all the nationalist news feeds from all nationalist parties and writers from one site.

I have no doubt that our format will be copied and stolen by those not clever or talented enough to create such a site, but the fact remains - we created the format and we are the ones with the talent, skills and initiative to set the site up.

The future of British Nationalist internet and web activism is here at last.

The Freedom News Network - news for nationalists by nationalists, not corporate media propaganda masquerading as news.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely fantastic news!!! It's now time for us nationalists to move forward as a united force!

Extant said...

Absolutely brilliant mate, I am really looking forward to seeing the real deal and it will make a refreshing change.

P.s. we are all counting on you mate..


Anonymous said...

Excellent Lee,

This will put the Yellow Sparrow to bed, or even worst, it will take his beer money away from him.

Anonymous said...

Haveing recently visited the Alex Jones site, I thought it be a good idea that there be a British version or similar

Now I find thats been done...


I look forward to tuneing in