Tuesday 5 April 2011

English Nationalism - an oxymoron

The EDP are not 'Nationalists'.

They are English Civic Nationalists.

Neither can England ever be a 'nation'. The territory of the English people has been subsumed into the British nation.

Nations are the products of ethnic groups, and the fact that the Ethnic English are a minority in England means England can never be reborn as a folk nation - only as a bastardised pseudo-England based on multi-culturalism.

When the people that created the nation are gone, then the nation is dead.

The fact that the Indgenous Etnic English are a MINORITY in England, means that England will never again be a nation - unless an Ethno-nationalist English Nationalist Party took power and began deporting millions of non-ethnic English from England.

But the EDP is not an ETHNO-NATIONALIST ENGLISH NATIONALIST POLITICAL PARTY, it is a civic nationalist party.

Therefore the EDP will never save England.

Britain is a nation, England is no longer a nation.

As the indigenous British folk groups are still the majority in Britain, then this is why Britain is a nation.

England was the territory of the Ethnic English Folk.

That territory has been stolen from them.

The fact that the EDP do not regard the basis of England and English culture as deriving from the indigenous Ethnic English - and also that if the Ethnic English Folk become a minority in England then England and English culture are doomed - means they are in fact ANTI-NATIONALISTS.

An English Parliament that hands power over to the non-Ethnic English is treason.

As it is an English Parliament is just another layer of state beauracracy to waste billions more on a multi-cultural version of England where the English Folk cont9inue to remain a despised minority in their own lands.

To have these layers of beauracracy that dominate British democracy in the level of their power over our people ;

1) The UN and other supra-national institutions

2 The EU

3) The British Government

4) An English Parliament

Is a total waste of time and a mockery of democracy.

What we need is to to withdraw from the UN and all the globalist supra-national institutions, withdraw from the EU and restore all those devolved powers back into a truly democratic British Parliament that restores power back to the indigenous British folk - not add another layer of state beauracracy to the already existing bloated ones above.

Any English Parliament under the EDP will become just another globalist, multi-cultural, pseudo-government like the wretched Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Parliament.

The Scottish Parliament steals money from British taxpayers and uses it to bribe Scots into voting for it.

The Welsh Parliament is an sickeningly politically correct and multi-cultural as the Scottish Parliament and the British Parliament.

An English Parliament run by witless, whimpering, politically correct civic nationalists would be an exact copy of the present joke Parliaments of the Welsh and Scottish.

The only way an English nation will arise is if all the colonists in England, which includes London and Birmingham, are deported and the ethnic English are once again allowed to become the demographic majority in their own homelands.

At the moment the Ethnic English are a MINORITY in England.

Any simple democratic vote that would seek to assist the plight of the ethnic English folk would be voted down by the civic English puppets in any English Parliament.

The idea that an English Parliament be imposed on our nation which gives an 'English vote' to the millions of colonists in England just because they are on the territory of England would kill England and ensure the final stage in the extinction of the indigenous Ethnic English folk.

To give the millions of colonists in England a vote in an English Parliament would be to hand power over England and the English folk to the colonists.

What English Nationalists have to realise is that due to emigration, white flight, immigration and colonisation - THE ETHNIC ENGLISH ARE ALREADY A MINORITY IN ENGLAND.

This is why the recent census only allows people to define themselves as English and White, as if they had a tick box for the Ethnic English it would reveal that the indigenous English people are already a minority in England.

To build an English Parliament would to to hand power over the Ethnic English to the colonists and non-ethnic english.

Therefore the EDP are not just the enemies of British Nationalism, they are the enemies of the Ethnic English, English culture and true democracy itself.

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wolfblood said...

English Dhimmicrats.

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wolfblood said...

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I have grown ze little moustach ;-#)


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Class 1 = IC1 (Nordic Roots, White skin,Blond/Blonde Hair and Blue or Pale eyes)
Class 2 = IC2 (Mediterranean Roots, White skin, Dark Hair and Dark eyes)

See attached charts.


Blatant Racial Insubordination

How is it possible that Mediterranean root, dark haired, dark eyed White Supremacist Racists are able to "Lord it over" Nordic root, blond/blonde haired, blue or pale eyed White people?

What is going on?

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