Wednesday 13 April 2011

Netherlands Follow BFP Policies

Good to see the Netherlands are going to impose the key policy of the Bitish Freedom Party which is ' Integration or Deportation'.

world Netherlands to Immigrants: Learn Dutch or Fear Deportation
By: Jenny Wilson

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Netherlands immigration laws require citizens to pass a difficult test demonstrating Dutch language fluency and cultural knowledge. (via TIME Video)

For some immigrants, this law is reminiscent of the religious and cultural intolerance that they experienced in their native countries. In this video, Riffat Tahir has been trying to learn Dutch for two years because if she does not authorities may force her to return to Pakistan, where she'd be in danger of religious persecution. Tahir wants to learn but fears she may be too old and ill.

(More on Read about France's burqa ban)

The language test itself is not a new restriction, but earlier this year the government made it much harder to pass, reports Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Though the country was previously known for its tolerance, recent immigration laws have made it one of the strictest in Europe.

As a result, anti-Islamic sentiment builds in the country. Parliamentary leader Geert Wilder says in the video that "Islam is actually a fascist ideology, full of hatred, submission and anything else we should fight against." Immigration laws are said to preserve Dutch culture, but often feed prejudice. Tahir remarks that she's noticed a rise in segregation, commenting that she often gets stared at in public for wearing her veil.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Ok, so they will pretend to integrate, then take us over by stealth using demographics.

Live in peace till ready for Jihad

Anonymous said...

itegrate into the NWO system, NOT any nationalist system.

Nationalism will not be part of the integration, simply a destruction of all culture, the national culture is already destoyed or on its knees.

this is simply more oppression to get the people to conform with the NWO agenda.

to think this will help in anyway is ignorant, it will do more harm than good, it also allows the trojan hoarse a new disguise as it grows from within.