Thursday 7 April 2011

Time for Charlenes Law

It is time for a new series of laws that restore the death penalty for convicted paedophiles and that also allows the courts to deport all naturalised citizens involved in paedophilia.

Charlenes Law would be twofold ;

1) It would allow the courts to impose the death penalty for those paedohiles convicted of repeat or multiple paedophile offences.

2) It would allow the courts to issue an immediate deportation notice to any naturalised citizen that commits any crime of paedophilia.

We need to start a civil rights campaign to make the name of Charlene Downes as well know to the public as Stephen Lawrence.

This campaign should involve all nationalist parties to collect the signatures to hand into Parliament.

We should all start going into the high streets of every town and city and start to wake up people to the threat of muslim rape gangs in Britain.

The police do nothing except hide the truth for fear of breaching the dictates of political correctness, and the case of Charlene was handled so incompetently by the police and the CPS that the scum who murdered her were acquited AND THEN GIVEN £250,000 BY THE COURTS AS COMPENSATION FOR BEING KEPT ON REMAND.

This is the state of our society today.

The victims are betrayed and the killers rewarded.

Now we must start the fightback.

( Thanks Tim for the ideas and support)

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Anonymous said...

Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old

Read more:

Extant said...

Your welcome Lee,

But the pleasure is always mine mate, not just to clearly identify a man of such noble and honourable qualities,(as I have always recognized) but to know you as a real friend to us all.

Charlene's law will be the backbone of a real National revival.
It will forge an unwavering backbone for women's rights to be treated with respect and equality.

People will realize that the British culture is far superior to raping,killing, amputating violent and barbaric political racist and fascist ideology of Islam and recognize what it really is.


Nationalists and Patriots of all groups , creed's and walks of life will and need to support us and spread this Nation wide.

This is one of the first to unite British Nationalism.

Strike whilst the kettles hot, we must succeed.

We all have an absolute duty to pass this to as many groups as possible.

Charlenes Law

Anonymous said...

Lee, I feel support for your campaign will come from every corner, and not only nationalists.
Nobody within the establishment is interested, or has the balls to act, so in the name of Charlene we must enact "Charlenes Law".

Extant said...

Re D.H

Help us spread it mate.

Look at History as every single revolution is created by one single issue that spreads like fire .

WW1, WW2 and every other historical mark started with one common realization against an issue that was seen as dreadful for what ever reason.

Charlenes Law is the back bone against Islamic rape, violence , honor killings, acid attacks against innocence.

Anonymous said...

This needs to hit facebook big time as soon as possible.Its the major talking point at the minute.