Sunday 10 April 2011

Multi-Culturalism = the slow death of Britain

Multi-culturalism is the slow and painful death of Great Britain.

Whilst the white working class are left behind in poverty, the New Ethnic Middle class built on the batrayal of the white working class, grows vastly out of proportion.

Take the article in The Guardian today ;

Contrary to common stereotypes, the data suggests that many members of immigrant communities live in relatively prestigious neighbourhoods. Mosaic found that, if you live in the highest-status neighbourhoods, your chances of having a Jewish or Armenian name are five times the national average.

Many other groups – notably Greek Cypriots, Iranians and Japanese – are also over-represented in these neighbourhoods. Almost one in four people in Harrow now have a Hindu Indian surname. By contrast, people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origins are far more likely to live in poorer neighbourhoods, as are Albanians, black Africans and Vietnamese.

The findings suggest that Britain is also becoming more diverse. The fastest growth has been among minorities who in 2006 were small in number, with the proportion of Slovakians rising by 977% and Lithuanians by 582%.

There has also been rapid growth of black South Africans and Zimbabweans and of people from the former French west African colonies, such as Ivory Coast and Mali. The number of adults with Nigerian and Ghanaian names has doubled.

Over the same period, there was a 13.5% fall in the number of adults with Anglo-Saxon names living in smarter, private flats and a decline of 12.5% in the same group living in council flats. Conversely, there were increases in the proportion of people from eastern Europe and Africa and of the Hindu and Muslim religions in both types of housing."

Note no mention of the fact that the white working class are vastly under represented in these exclusive, wealthy middle class areas.

It seems the smug, hypocrital lefty wanker journalists of the Guardian no longer want to talk about class inequality in the UK, just 'racial' inequaulity.

The bogus rhetoric of 'racial inequlity' is a tool to minimise and hide the ongoing ethnic cleansing and social betrayal of the indigenous white working class of Britain.

The rhetoric of racial inequality is also a brazen lie as in fact such issues are based not on race but on cultural differences - due to the fact that cultures such as Albanian, Black African and Pakistani are by culture Islamic, and also less likely to speak English, and are thereby less able to integrate into our society.

Their poverty is a product not of their race but of their cultures.

The issue of race is used to hide issue of the class betrayal of the indigenous people of Britain by our governments.

Whilst the New Ethnic Middle Class have profited enormously from multi-culturalism, the white working class have been betrayed and abandoned.

The white working class most damaged by multi-culturalism though is the White Indigenous English Working Class - but do not expect the so called 'english democrats' to speak for them, as the EDP do not even acknowledge the Ethnic English even exist.

The data reveals in fact that the White Indigenous English are being ethnically cleansed.

Our council housing is being taken from us and at the same time the New Ethnic Middle Class are buying up the best private housing - and all the while our people are being forced back down further into poverty.

Yet the middle class wankers in The Guardian celebrate this white flight and ethnic cleaning.

When it all blows up in their faces in the future, then they should expect to pay the price for their treason and betrayal of our people.

In the new era of 'Media Info Wars' a multi-cultural propagandist is as much a terrorist as the man who plants an IED in the road in Afghanistan.

Those who are the propagandists of the system are info war terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Lee multiculturalism is a natual result of multi racialism and demographics.

Multi culti was never the goal simply a method to reach the true goal of mono culturalism.

Multi culti stems from race and religion but race above all, that is its natural position anything else has to be forced.

This is why your cultural ideology fails, you can force it if you want but it consists of constant oppression with the unpredictability of demographic change or simply future known demographic change that could be changed now but not later as the demographics will be so changed that all hope is gone.

At that point the British will not be in a position to dictate cultural anything.

Now getting back to mono culti, This is the goal of the elites, the plan is to enslave everyone not too far removed from stalins USSR and that will include his evil death camps I believe.

as the demographics shift over the years our only hope of having any influence in the few remaining comminities we have if any is multi culturalism.

as we certainly wont be influencing it in the future unless something ios done soon.

I dont believe we are at the too late point now and still feel mono racial can still be achieve to a degree where things can be made stable again and the culture stabilised.

To start talking cultural ideology above race as well as being flawed is in my view premature and only really a last ditch hope when the demographics are cose to hopeless in which case balkanisation would probably a better bet for reasons i mentioned, in the meantime cultural ideology simply plays into the hands of the elites, in that they have since shifted away from multi culti and are going down the mono cuklture path as we seak, so your ideology supports their key agenda, racial marxism.

however you look at it it is a disturbing turn of events, but events can change and change quickly.

Anonymous said...

and the 'Guardian' as the bare faced to write such a thing when they who write and the owners of the media etc are the ones welcming and promoting culturecide and , miscgenation, minority status, genocide of British peoples..

Defender of Liberty said...


The predominant ideology of the last 40 years has been Cultural Marxism, and in order to cure that disease we need Cultural Nationalism.

You are half right that the end goal of multi-culturalism is a fake mono-culturalism, it is also the goal to have mono-racialism.

This is where the white nationalists and mutli-culturalists all agree, as hey both want a mono-racial society. Whilst a white nationalist mono-raciali society, the multi-culturalists want a racially misceginated society - both of them would destroy the very basis of our nation and culture - which is the indigenous ethnic British groups that sustain and created our British culture.

Our goal is to destroy multi-cultural and create a dominant British cultural ideology and also to deport every colonist from the UK to ensure that the demographic majority of the indigenous British people is preserved in perpetuity, as we believe that cultures are sustained by the ethnic groups that create them.

Race is not the reality of our nation and culture, as ethnic groups create cultures not races.

I have explained this a thousand times, and though you know I am right, you will not admit it as you ideologically disagree with me.

Anonymous said...

Miscegenation, as a result of socalled integration of mulitculturalism tend to create a more inferior subculture that is dominated or influenced by repressive oriental/eastern culture, had been known to have more tendency to be more harmful, fake, problematic and unrealible.