Monday 25 April 2011

Meritocracy not Dhimmitude

Meritocracy Not Dhimmitude.

For a sign of how far the 'Modern' Tory Party has descended into the dark pit of dhimmitude, the admission that David Cameron and his team of advisors are drafting up plans to allow Islamic Imams to sit in the House of Lords as part of a 'multi-faith initiative' is most revealing. It appears that David Cameron wants to create a politically correct Dhimmi-Democracy not a meritocracy.

What is also revealing is that this policy suggestion comes from supposed 'Christian' Tories ;

" David Cameron is considering plans to create a "multi-faith" House of Lords where Muslim imams could sit alongside Anglican and Catholic bishops.

The paper, produced by the Conservative Christian Fellowship, says: "Christians need to enter the debate and make it clear that we value the presence of the Lords Spiritual, but this doesn't have to mean unquestioning support for the status quo.

"There is a strong argument that our legislature would also benefit from the wisdom of leaders of Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and black-led congregations.

"A broad bench of Lords Spiritual drawn from a range of churches in Britain could provide a powerful vision of unity." (1)

We in the British Freedom Party do not believe that any politically correct social engineering projects, similar to the pernicious multi-cultural and mass immigration project itself, can ever produce 'unity' in our country.

Political correctness divides society into competing groups based on factors such as race, religion and sexuality and thereby transforms a united country into one divided into a myriad competing factions.

Unity can only come from a unified people with a unified culture whose leadership is based solely on merit. A House of Lords, and a society, divided into factions based on race and religion is the antithesis of unity. A House of Lords predicated not on merit, but instead based on the pernicious politically correct Tick Box Culture that dominates our society, is not one that will be trusted by the British people.

Nor will it be a House of Lords that will be able to do the job it is required to do, which is to hold The House of Commons to account. Legislation from the House of Commons will not be scrutinised by those siting in the House of Lords based on the national interest but solely in regard to their own sectarian interests.

The British Freedom Party support a House Of Lords based solely on one factor, that being merit.

Regardless of race, class or religion we want to see the brightest and best of our people appointed in the House of Lords as part of our plan to develop a democratic system based on meritocracy. We need a House of Lords filled with the best technical experts in all fields, from law to medicine to industry.

To go from a House of Lords based on inherited titles to one based on politically correct placements is to simply replace one privileged class, the aristocracy and bishops, with another privileged class of politically correct groups defined by race, sexuality or religion.

To go from one form of class inequality to another in the name of political correctness is simply pathetic.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lee if you hadn't noticed all religious reprecentatives undermine the religion they are said to represent as they will in fact represent the elites agenda and undermine any said religion.

Or do you think the marxists claiming to be Christians have reinforced the position of Christianity?

you are backing up the wrong tree.

This is in fact a twong pronged attack on religion and culture.