Tuesday 12 April 2011

Feminists and Sluts

The embrace of the word slut, and the concept of female slutttishness by feminists, is the degredation of the feminine.

What man, as opposed to a degenerate male, would want a slut for a wife or partner ?


A man loves the feminine, the male degenerate sees the female as a sex object only and hence loves sluts.

Sluts are diseased, moronic, pathetic, degenerate whores.

Would you want your mother or sister to be a slut ?

Grow up you pathetic people.


Why do feminists want to make being a slut respectable?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"A woman has a right to wear what she wants, without her appearance becoming an excuse for sexual assault."

That was the message Sunday afternoon at the Ottawa SlutWalk, according to today's Ottawa Citizen.

"The walk consisted of a march from the Women's Monument in Minto Park to the human rights monument in front of the Elgin Street courthouse, with some chanting "Slut slut; Ho ho; Yes means yes; And no means no."

The event was a response to remarks made by a Toronto police officer who told a student group that one of the things women should do to protect themselves from rape is to avoid dressing like "sluts."

Toronto had the first "Slut-Walk" a week ago. Others are in the works in U.S. cities, and the story has received news coverage as far afield as New Zealand.

The event's name has sparked some controversy, of course.

Natalie Davis, 22, (pictured above) explained that consent must be explicit. In her mind, the word "slut" is a positive term. This is a conscious effort, she said, to take control of the word, in the same way that the word "queer" has been reclaimed by the gay community.

"I want to embrace the word 'slut' as somebody who is sexually responsible and aware, whether I have one or a hundred partners," Davis said.

"To me a slut is someone who can say yes or no -and just because I identify as a slut that doesn't mean I say yes to everybody. To me a slut is just somebody who is in charge of their own body and in charge of their own sexuality."

Makow comment:

The elite is staging false flag terror attacks like 9-11 as a pretext to erect a world police state.

Feminists are taking to the barricades!

What are they protesting? The subversion of democracy? Tyranny?

No. They're demonstrating for the right to behave like sluts.

Is there any better proof that feminists are puppets of the elite?

When their brainwash victims extol degrading and self-destructive behavior, is there any doubt that the elite is satanic?

Why do feminists want to make sluts respectable?

BF (i.e. Before Feminism) women consecrated sex for marriage and family. Children were the fruit of the love between a husband and wife. A woman accepted her husband's spirit (seed) and gave birth to a child that projected them both into the future.

A woman's natural need to love and be loved was fulfilled. She was cherished and protected for as long as she lived.

Thanks to Feminism, women have learned that this was very "oppressive." (Did they ever suspect they were being sabotaged?)

Now, they no longer have to endure love and courtship. Like many homosexuals, they don't even have to know their sex partner.

They can get inebriated and hop into the sac with the first guy that strikes their fancy.

But -- he had better make sure she doesn't change her mind, because if she does, then that's rape!

And if he dumps her afterward, that's the price of anonymous sex, which is really great and worth it.

And if she gets old and fat, and is lonely or destitute, that's great too.

She'll always have an old dog-eared copy of "The Feminine Mystique" to remind her why.

So don't say they're sluts.

Say they're "liberated."

They're "independent women."

OK, they admit they're sluts, but that must be a good thing.

Because they're WOMEN, and after centuries of oppression, what they say is always true.

And don't say they're stupid.

Because if slut is good, stupid is even better.

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Anonymous said...

indeed lee, all part of the disintigration of family, traditional - and here is the key word - NATURAL values and cohesion, the state becomes the father and the child becomes a rootless souless programwmed bot to be disposed off or set into worthless action by the elites as and when they see fit.

they had to start by destroying the church as this was a key foundation of family and influence, this is why they will try and target multiculti for the STREANTH that it gives its people in their varying religions and cultures.

the mono culture is what the NWO seeks once the dominant culture and race has been significantly crushed and neutrilized, and that is where you are helping them lee.

Anonymous said...

I like sluts. They are fun!

Extant said...

Ooh fk, how did I miss this, I like sluts too :O)

I reckon we should all Viagra right up and go out immigrant slut finding, shag the fk out of em all to dilute the invader jeans ; but thats just me.

To go where no other British Nationalist has gone befour.

It will be a dirty job but someone has to do it :O)

Extant said...

God damn, I just love it when a good plan comes to gether ;o)