Saturday 9 April 2011

China, Libya and WW3






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Anonymous said...

I see the green sparrow is censoring posts that are legitimately critical of his site, his writers or current best pals which seem to change on a weekly basis.

this is highly hypocritical seeing as he griped and stamped his feet about being proscribed by the BNP for being critical.

at least the prat was consistand in the past when he supported the bnp, now his site is a train wreck.

at least you rarely censor lee even though we do not always agree.

cencoring to ppush propaganda is counter productive anyway, people simply go looking for a new blog home and the censored one loses its gravity and becomes irrelevant.

Anonymous said...


Green sparrow used to have many great writers on his blog, well researched intellectual pieces backed up by links and providing great depth as well as being bang on the money, of coarse green sparrows own posts showed a lack of intellect, but the rest more than made up for this, i had to presume that some of his writers had to be key figures in nationalism to write such great works or should have been if they were not.

but this week i have read countless posts that are crass beyong believe, it is as if he has got retards writing for him some constant outpouring of shite, i was going to sway drivel but that would be high praise indeed!

myself i am now looking for a new pro BNP blog where people get on with pulling together, i dont want to hear anymore shite about prsonalities, i simply want to discuss in a positive manner ways to improve and spread nationalism with the BNP as the vehical to do it.

Some may argue against my position, i don't care that is what i want and i think at this stage many others do also.

Anonymous said...

Still no Chemtrails.