Wednesday 6 April 2011

The EDP and the 'English'

This is a great EDP party political broadcast ;

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Anonymous said...

Part 1 - Love thy Neighbour (Private Eye 1st-14th April)
Who are the mysterious "lawyers" who act for Nick Griffin in his ongoing spat with the Equality and Human Rights Commission over the BNP's racially discriminatory constitution?
Close inspection of last weeks costs judgment in the case reveals that they share an office with Romford Conservative Association... and have as a director a man who was barred from working as a solicitor by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for falsely claiming to be a solicitor and claiming costs that werent legally justified.
All of this may embarass Romfords patriotic right wing Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, another occupant of the building when he reads the EYE and discovers who he has up in the attic in Western Road.
According to the court documents Griffins QC in the EHRC case was instructed by Charles Henry & Co. No such law firm is listed by the Law Society: but the badly designed website for Legal Action, a registered charity, declares it "is charity operated to assist many causes and with the assistance and working with and through Charles Henry & Co" (sic) Law firm and Charity give the same address.

Anonymous said...

Accounts filed by legal action 2010 reveal just £9,000 paid to lawyers. Legal databases show only three hearings in which Charles Henry & Co was the instructing firm in the last three years, all acting on behalf of the BNP Leadership - twice in the ERHC row and once in a fight with four expelled party members.
One of Legal Actions directors is Kevin Gregory: and it was he who had the run-in with the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in 2006. The Law Society also accused him of permitting the Legal Action charity to falsely claim they were "solicitors and advocates". The tribunal didnt rule on that point but did bar him from working as a solicitor, lawyer, director or shareholder of a solicitors' practice

Anonymous said...

Gregory hit the national headlines last year in a "Tory love triangle" story after his girlfriend left him for her hypnotist. Both Gregory and his love rival were Conservative councillors in Havering at the time, though Gregory lost his seat last May.
Gregorys party involvement helps explain why the BNP'S lawyers' address is in fact in the attic of the St Georges and Union flag-bedecked Romford Conservative Association HQ - also the constituency office of MP Rosindell, who became famous for owing a Staffordshire bull terrier called Buster whom he would dress in a Union Jack coat.
Rosindell's assistant assures the EYE that Legal Action "has nothing whatsoever to do with Andrew. They may rent an office in an upstairs suite but this is not connected in anyway to the MP's constituency office" Just as well given Legal Actions unsavoury client list and the dodgy track record of one of its directors.