Tuesday 16 June 2009

Asylum and Open Borders for War Criminals


Hundreds of war criminals are walking the streets of Britain with impunity, a shocking report reveals today.

Around 300 people suspected of war crimes or genocide have been referred to the immigration services or police for action, said the Aegis Trust.

But glaring legal loopholes mean they cannot be deported because sending them home to face a possible death penalty would breach their human rights

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Anonymous said...

Still believing what you read in the corporate mass media, eh Lee?

Andraste said...

These leftists are fascinating to observe - they are polarity responders - they simply do exactly the opposite to whatever we say. Not a very sophisticated mental strategy and very obvious and revealing to anyone who has even the slightest understand of mental illness.

alanorei said...

It doesn't matter if there's 1 or 1001, the principle is, the 'human rights' of the host population don't matter a proverbial tinker's cuss - as usual.