Monday 1 June 2009

Britain Has Diversity

Image - Britain importing in more diversity.

The killers of Kriss Donald arrested after fleeing to Pakistan and going into hiding on their way to being returned for trial in the UK.

Britain has Diversity.

This diversity includes ;

Criminals hiding from justice in the vast illegal immigrant communities we have in the UK ;

Wonderful members of travelling community who enrich our neighbourhoods with their quaint customs (but you cannot say anything or else the PC PC Plod will arrest you ) ;

Islamist terrorists, Islamist extremists, supporters of Islamist terrorism and extremism. (Too many too link here as well know)

War criminals hiding in the UK including a Rwandan Catholic priest who killed 2000 people by bulldozing them under his church ;

Foreign paedophiles (too many to list)

Foreign crime gangs ;

Britain has an excess of diversity, and as a result we also have an excess of crime.

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1 comment:

lormarie said...

While its appropriate to be honest about crime, I'm certain that there are plenty of law abiding immigrants in the UK. You know what happens when you focus on the crimes of others and not your own?Things spiral out of control (look at the US as an example). If whites in your country face a criminal threat from nonwhites for the most part, I'll stand corrected.