Friday 19 June 2009

Murdoch and Cameron Scandal

Rupert Murdoch has told a parliamentary inquiry that he has "editorial control" over which party The Sun and News of the World back in a General Election and what line the papers take on Europe, it was revealed today.


The Tories have insisted that David Cameron did 'nothing wrong' by accepting free flights so he could meet media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

Mr Cameron was flown on August 16 by private jet to the Greek island of Santorini, where he joined Mr Murdoch for drinks on his 184ft yacht Rosehearty.


Rupert Murdoch’s vast News Corp media empire was thrown into turmoil today as the man seen as his immediate next in line quit, leaving a massive question mark over the 77-year-old mogul’s succession plans.

The media world reacted in shock today at the departure of Peter Chernin, widely thought of as the most talented media executive of his generation.

Peter Chernin (Russian: Пётр Чернин, or Pyotr Chernin, born May 29, 1951 in Harrison, New York, of Jewish roots) is President and Chief Operating Officer of News Corporation, and Chairman and CEO of Fox Entertainment Group, a position he will hold until June 2009 (see below for note). In addition to the Fox duties, he is also a Corporate Director for American Express.


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Anonymous said...

Well done Lee on doing so well with citing your sources recently, you've made a big improvement. With your prestigious LLB (Hons) I'm sure you recognise the importance of crediting copyrighted material.

Andraste said...

The first commment (07:17) is typical of these idiot lefties, just pointless statements and never actually responding to the content of the post. That's all we should expect from them, empty and vacuous statements.