Thursday 11 June 2009

The War of the Puppets Begins

Image - The War of the Puppets Begins.

The moment the BNP moved from the margins of society into the mainstream of politics, was the most dangerous moment in the BNP's history.

The very struggle for existence which formed the basis of the BNP's early development also defined its structural and political form.

As the BNP has grown in size and developed over the years, its internal form has had to change to deal with the nature of the external attacks being inflicted upon us - but we have never really faced an existential threat before.

At the same time as we have various individuals incited by the media into demanding membership of the BNP and whose sole intent is to sue the party for profit we also have Harriet Harman stating that in the Equality Bill the government has already prepared a power to enable the government to ban the BNP itself for non-compliance with the race acts.

Various lawyers are also looking at imposing legal liabilities on our elected MEP's using the race acts.

At every level we have, or will, come under attack.

Every politician, political party or criminal with something to hide in our country now fears the BNP.

We are no longer a joke, the boogeyman used to frighten the lily white, middle class, tender hearts of the Hampstead Liberals and the Ivory Tower Left.

Those that have betrayed our nation are now faced with a real nationalist political party in a senior position of politicial power.

Wht must come next is a grass roots Nationalist Community Movement, where individuals and organisations start to get active in our society.

From organising music gigs, a nationalist media, cultural events, nationalist festivals and business networks, we must create an Nationalist Counter Cultural movement similar to the type of movements that we saw spring into being as in the Sixties and similar to the environmental movement and the anti-globalisation movement.

There must be set Autonomous Nationalist Groups who are active in relation to their specific locality and in relation to a specific cause and these groups must organise into activist units to reclaim social space for Nationalists and Nationalism.

Our struggle is not just political and cultural, it is also a Civil Rights Struggle.

We must start to organise the same groups, organisations and activists base as the African-Americans did in the 1960's as the basis of their struggle for equal rights and social justice.

We who are the White indigenous British are the only people in this country whose civil rights have been removed. This has been done in the name of affirmative action plans, positive discrimination, political correctness and multi-culturalism.

We are now a discriminated against majority rapidly becoming a minority in our own country, against whom race laws have been enacted that legalise direct racial discrmination directed against us.

The same Equality Bill that Harriet Harman wants to bring in contains both clauses that ban the BNP and legalise direct racial discrmination against whites in our own country.

That is no coincidence.

We gain power with the mandate of nearly a million people and they have already prepared laws that not only ban the one political party that represent our community interests, but the same Equality Bill contains laws that impose a fascist regime of racism directed against us and our children.

We cannot accept this.

Therefore we have various options.

First of all we fight to the bitter end against any attempt to force us to change the BNP constitution.

We will not surrender, we will fight them through the courts if they come for us.

Secondly we must organise a Nationalist Movement that is not under the control of any political party, and that organises and operates below the radar in our communities - and each nationalist in this movement must work simply for the benefit of Nationalism and not against each other.

A Unity of Purpose is what is required, not co-operation or competition.

Each individual and group just gets on with organising their own thing, that way we have a Nationalist Movement who can assist our community at the grass roots level and who exists beyond the radar of the media and the government.

Thirdly we will fight any laws through the courts that seek to turn our people into second class citizens in our own country.

We will never surrender to such treason. We will resist it to our last breath.

The nature of that resistance though will evolve as society and events evolve.

The Equality Bill is a declaration of war against our people - they are attempting to disarm us by destroying the BNP and then using the law to legal direct racism against us.

How blatant can they get !

We are now entering the most dangerous phase in our existence, for we are surrounded by wolves that are just waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Every section of the Establishment is now united against us and not against each other.

Every corrupt politician, every media baron, every lackey of the New World Order and the Bilderbergers is now our mortal enemy.

Now that the euphoria of victory has begun to ebb away, we must face the harsh reality that now exists.

The War of the Puppets, the political and social forces that are used to ensure the power of the present Corporatocracy, has begun.

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Anonymous said...


You have missed the biggest card we have yet to play

The united nations indigenous rights act.

Prepare a solid case and then slam these people in the international courts.

On top of that the goverment is involved in political oppression, another violation of our human rights.

Prepare the cases now.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no! Only proper names, such as British National Party, National Front or British Union of Fascists should have capitals. Phrases such as Civil Rights Struggle. Nationalist Community Movement and Unity of Purpose do not need to have capital letters. I thought you had this!

Oh, and isn't Michael Jackson the boogeynan?

alanorei said...

Tunnel Rats - 'Nam.

The situation for BNPrs is similar to the 'Tunnel Rat' operations of the Vietnam War, especially for the lads (and lasses) charged with delving into the Brussels archives for the documented lowdown on the decades-long betrayal of Britain.

The above source states:

The tunnel rats were American, Australian and New Zealand soldiers who performed underground search and destroy missions during the Vietnam War. According to R. Lee Ermey, host of the television program Mail Call, "Tunnel rats were the smallest guys with the biggest [hearts]*."

*The original is more graphic. One thing for sure, though the BNP is the smallest party and the least expensively equipped, it's got more heart than the rest put together and then some.

The source continues.

In the course of the war, the Viet Cong created extensive underground complexes. Whenever troops would uncover a tunnel, tunnel rats were sent in to kill any hiding enemy soldiers and to plant explosives to destroy the tunnels. A tunnel rat was equipped with only a [handgun] and a flashlight...

The tunnels were very dangerous, with numerous booby traps and enemies lying in wait. Often there were flooded U-bends in the tunnels to trap [toxic] gas. Guards manned holes on the sides of tunnels through which spears could be thrust, impaling a crawling intruder. Not only were there human enemies, but also dangerous creatures, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, and ants.

The latter critters would be good company for anti-BNPrs, especially the UAF, MSM and 'old gangster' kind.

Guessedworker said...


Even if the party has to admit non-whites to remain within Harman's new law, members can send them to coventry, excluding them in every conceivable way. Meetings can be conducted without reference to them. Decisions can be taken without their voice being heard.

Incidentally, the September 2007 UN General Assembly approval of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is not legally binding on governments. It is only a Declaration of bien pensants. It is also highly restrictive in its range, referring exclusively to archaic Third World tribes. The British government has already announced its exception in respect to groups resident in this country.

I assume you know that, and know also that the reference to the Declaration as a basis for appeal on the main website is wrong.