Monday 29 June 2009

Beauty and The Beast

Whilst all the publicity about the child rapist Michael Jackson has dominated the news, we have forgotten the beautiful Farrah Fawcett-Majors who died the same day as Wacko Jacko.

Truly a case of forgetting the Beauty and seeing only the Beast.

My first sexual awakening was watching Farrah Fawcett-Majors in Charlies Angels when she and rest of the girls wore bikinis on the beach one episode.

One never forgets ones first moment of sexual desire, it is a seminal moment (forgive the pun) in a young mans life.

Unlike the Beast the Beauty simply spent her life trying to be beautiful.

The world is now uglier without her beauty.


Her wings have now folded on this world,
And no more will she dance on the wind,
Her beauty a fragile flutter, so delicate,
Graces no more this cell of cold rock,
And so we are all lessened by her loss,
The day is darker, and the night a star less,
For without such beauty to inspire us,
Then the future we seek is already lost.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, yes, it seems that people of mixed ancestry like Ms Fawcett often have a particularly exotic beauty, don't you think Lee?

Anonymous said...

I had not forgotten her but you could have been forgiven for thinking the rest of the stinking world had.

What a bastard newspaper. Will someone shove it up Mandala's black arse?

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh yeah, she really was of mixed race.

French, English and a tiny bit of Choctaw Native American Indian in one of her great grandparents, an Indian group whose DNA is mainly white.

Hardly means she was mixed race does it you dickhead.

Hardly Beyonce was she.

Defender of Liberty said...
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Dee Dee said...

On an earlier post about the recent and tragic death of Michael Jackson someone called 'Andraste' said

"The Cult of Wacko Jacko - it's pathetic how people are going on about him - it shows how empty their own lives are that they mythologise celebrities. Pathetic."
27 June 2009 17:33

Substitute "Wacko Jacko" for "Farrah Fawcett-Majors" and the sentiments made by 'Andraste' are pretty much applicable to those who have/had a fantasy about her as they have/had with Michael Jackson (see your article above).

Anonymous said...

You have written something that I have thought about doing. I had a 'crush' on Farrah Fawcett-Majors in my teens. She deserved your written celebration of her life and your short poem.

For me Farahs death was not eclipsed by Jackson death for the light that shone from her is not extinguished

The world is now uglier without her beauty.

Defender of Liberty said...

The difference is simple - she didnt rape any children.

Therefore she can be regarded as a decent human being - Jacko couldnt be as he raped little boys.


gag said...

I heard Wacko used to walk the chimp around Neverland humming "I'm forever blowing bubbles"


Andraste said...

Dee Dee the fucking retard is obviously unable to see the difference between the disgusting adoration of Wacko Jacko currently engorging the media and their unthinking slaves and an article mentioning the passing of Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Which rather proves my initial point.

Andraste said...

An anonymous cunt said :

"Hmm, yes, it seems that people of mixed ancestry like Ms Fawcett often have a particularly exotic beauty, don't you think Lee?"

Obviously you haven't been on this blog very long otherwise you would know that we discuss and give credit where credit is due to anyone regardless of race. But hey never let a simple factor such as the truth get in your delusional way.

If a white pederast was being worshiped by the media (not that that would ever happen) then we would attack that equally.

Defender of Liberty said...

Spot on Andastre,

Native American women are, in many cases, very attractive.

The actress Kimberly Norris for example.

Here we give credit where credit is due - as the list of great Black singers in the Michael Jackson orbituary did.


Anonymous said...

Now that we've established that you will happily take requests on this blog Lee, how about giving us your thoughts on the continued failure of the BNP Brussels contingent to reward you with a cushy job in the halls of power?

Bubbles said...

Something for the sick, paedo-worshipping retards:

Apart from the mentally ill, inadequate liberal freaks, chin-wobbling bedwetting shit-suckers, lesbo feminazi grunters and other sexually degenerate lowlife, the only sympathy for paedophiles is from paedophiles.
Or are they all the fucking same!
Dirty, filthy scum!

Anonymous said...

Lee, I'm sure that some day you might meet a real, actual woman who'll let you put your willy inside her -- without asking for money up front! Just be patient.

Anonymous said...

She was the ugliest of the angels. Lee and if you think that plastic face was beautiful then you have blinkered vision (she was also verry skinny) and a junkie dont be a hypocrite Lee she was a ugly person and not a natural blonde either! T.

Anonymous said...

Lee - sorry to go off topic, is it true you have been kicked out of the BNP? Sharon Ebanks is putting it about that you, Michaela McKenzie and someone else are out?

Rumours are spreading. If, as I suspect, this is more of her crap, please do what you can to squash it.

Defender of Liberty said...

Anyone that believes anything the lunatic Ebonics says is an idiot.

The only people who listen to her are Searchlight and Lancaster Unity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lee. Didn't believe her for minute but thought I'd check with the organ grinder rather than the monkey, as it were.

Anonymous said...

Listen, you cancer ridden piece of shit - some people are grieving and you are exploiting their grief just for a few hits on your sick, disgusting blog. You lowlife. Crawl back to the stinking hole that you came from. What you have said about MJ without ANY evidence whatsoever says much more about your sick mind than it does about this humanitarian. What's the matter Lee? Are you concerned that he has done so much more in this world than you could ever hope to achieve? Or is it because he was loved by people all across the globe whilst you, dear asshole, are hated by just about everyone. I guess this post won't see the light of day since others have been censored but knowing you will read it is enough for me. Get back to w*nking off over Farah you scumbag.