Tuesday 30 June 2009

Questions and Answers

Social and legal impact of a BNP government

Q. Exactly how much of Britain’s current GDP, in terms of gross, net, and overall percentage figures, is a result of the non-white British population?

A - Who knows. Anyone who believes any of the bullshit pumped out by the present Labour government concerning any statistics related to immigration or immigration linked issues is an idiot. Neither the government nor the politically compromised public institutions who generate such statistics related to the effects of immigration on our economy can be trusted. Those that accept any such figures as either correct or partially correct from the government or the various QUANGO’s and civil service institutions it has politicised are the sort of people who respond to e mails from the ‘relatives’ of deposed ex-African presidents who have ten million dollars in the bank and they will send it you if you merely provide them with a ten thousand pound bridging loan.

Q. What would be the estimated financial loss to Britain’s GDP upon the withdrawal of all domestic assets by non-white British citizens submitting to “voluntary repatriation” or involved in pre-emptive emigration upon the election of a BNP government?

A - How can anyone assess the impact of such an issue when the government itself acknowledges that it does not have a clue how many immigrants, illegal immigrants, illegal entrants, asylum seekers or bogus asylum seekers are in the country. One of the first jobs of the BNP upon entering government will be to undertake an immediate National Population Audit. As part of this process once we have ascertained the actual figures of the above mentioned groups within our country then we will develop a programme to resolve such issues. Note that the BNP policy on voluntary repatriation, contrary to the facile and erroneous propaganda pumped out by the ignorant, the uninformed and the media, applies to everyone in the country regardless of race, religion, colour, creed or nationality. Everyone from Australians to those from Zaire will be given the opportunity to utilise the Voluntary Repatriation policy, the same way it is being used right now by the Labour government and as it was formerly used by previous Conservative governments.

Q. Exactly what kind of organised nationwide “re-education programme” would a BNP government initiate in order to bring the views of the British civilian population into line with the BNP’s policies and ideology?

A - The British people have been subjected to continuous political brainwashing by the Labour government as regards Multi-Culturalism, immigration and political correctness from the moment it came to power. At the same time the various anti-free speech laws that have been enacted by previous governments have created a climate of fear in our society as regards any debate on immigration and issues related to immigration. The BNP want to create a democratic society based on the principles of an Open Society, whereby people can speak freely and openly without fear about issues that concern them. The BNP seek to re-educate people about their basic British Constitutional rights and to create a society where free debate is no longer criminalised and our basic democratic rights usurped by the Marxist-Leninist ’Terrorism of the Word’ whereby anyone that dares say anything a Liberal Fascist disagrees with is, is no longer instantly called ’racist’.

Q. What will be the standard BNP procedure in order to deal with non-white British citizens who refuse voluntary repatriation and do not submit to compulsory repatriation?

A - As stated above the BNP policy on Voluntary Repatriation does not apply to just Non-Whites, it applies to all Naturalised British Citizens of all colours and races who have a Right Of Return ( leges sanguinis ) to their home nations.


Those Naturalised British Citizens that do not wish to take up the offer of Voluntary Repatriation are free to do so. The BNP policy is Voluntary Repatriation not Compulsory Repatriation. It is a pity that the people who compiled this list are not intelligent enough to understand the difference between the two policies. The BNP does not, and will not, ever support any policies of Compulsory Repatriation for Naturalised British Citizens.

Q. Specifically what procedures will a BNP government implement in order to “encourage” non-white British citizens to accept voluntary repatriation? Please provide the maximum level of detail possible.

A - None. This whole issue ‘ of encouraging non-white British citizens to accept voluntary repatriation’ is symptomatic of the ignorance and the psychosis of the person who compiled the questions. The policy will be VOLUNTARY. It will apply to all races, colours, religions etc not just non-whites. The only incentives offered will be financial assistance in relation to relocation grants and resettlement grants.

Q. Exactly what percentage of Britain’s foreign aid budget will be used in order to provide the “generous financial incentive” to encourage the voluntary repatriation of approximately 6 million non-white British citizens?

A - The entire foreign budget will be diverted from subsidising tyrants, corrupt oligarchs and aid dependent terror states in the Developing World into assisting the creation of civil societies in those nations through the talents and skills of voluntarily repatriated members of the diasporas of those nations. The theft of the most skilled, most talented and most essential people of Developing Nations such as doctors, nurses, economists and entrepreneurs over decades by the West, and especially nations such as Britain, has been a crime against humanity. As a result of this theft of the brightest and most talented people from the Developing World the African continent has been devastated. In the midst of the worst human crisis in history, the AID’s crisis, the NHS has robbed the African continent of its most essential people. This theft has been ’moralised’ by successive governments as sign of our counties ‘Strength through Diversity‘ ( a fascistic slogan if there ever was one), when in reality it is has been one of the greatest crimes against humanity of the post-colonial era.

We intend to assist the Developing World in building functional economies and civil societies where through trade and mutual co-operation we can work together to create nations that can take care of their own people, rather than nations that are dependent upon the charity of the West at the same time as we steal away the brightest and best people of those countries.

Q. What will be the total financial amount required in order to provide this “generous financial incentive” for up to 6 million people?

A - As stated above the figures cannot be ascertained until the true figures of actual numbers in our country are ascertained.

Q. Will Britain’s white/Caucasian population be subject to taxation by a BNP government in order to finance this incentive?

A - We intend to impose punitive taxation on those companies, individuals and corporations in Britain who have profited from the theft of the most skilled and essential people from the Developing World. Our tax policy will be essentially based on removing the profit from exploiting the Developing World and as a result this will ensure that civil societies in the Developing World are able to develop their own economies. Once we have assisted those nations in the development of their own civil societies and functional economies then those nations, in particular the Commonwealth nations, will be given trade deals whereby we both profit from the process. The cost to the tax payer will be less than it is today as at present. This is because the collapse of nations in the Developing World is borne financially by British citizens in relation to spending on mass immigration into the UK, asylum seeking into the UK and foreign aid to failed nation states. Once we end the exploitation of the Developing World all these pernicious dynamics will cease to exist and the British taxpayer will no longer have to subsidise the effects of post-colonial human resource theft from the Developing World nor the corporations that profit from stealing the people and resources of the Developing World.

Q. What will be the status of British citizens (both minors and legal adults) who are the children of one white/Caucasian parent and one non-white parent, specifically taking into consideration Nick Griffin’s recent response “I don’t care, drop them all over Africa”?

A - This is quite simply a lie. Nick Griffin never said that statement. Their status will be exactly as it is now.

Q. What will be the status of white/Caucasian British citizens married to non-white British citizens at the time of the election of a BNP government?

A - The exact same as it is now.

Q. What will be the legal status of the marriages detailed in point 47? Will they be declared void/illegal?

A - No. They will be the exact same as they are now.

Q. Exactly how will a BNP government “discourage” relationships between white/Caucasian British citizens and non-white British citizens?

A- It wont. Neither will it use public money to propagandise multi-culturalism and nor will it waste public money on politically correct facile stunts Black History Month. At the moment the only children taught an identity, and taught to be proud of their identity, are non-white children, Under a BNP government all children will be taught to be simply proud to be British and about British culture and history.

Q. Exactly how will a BNP government “discourage” British citizens involved in mixed-race relationships from having children?

A - It wont.

Q. Exactly what level of governmental monitoring and involvement in the private lives of British citizens does the BNP foresee in order to enforce the policies referenced in points 49 and 50?

A- None.

Q. What legal rights and protections will non-white British citizens not have, in comparison with the white/Caucasian British population? And will non-white British citizens be subject to any special taxation?

A - The same as today. Everyone will be taxed the same, except for those corporations, individuals and companies involved in asset stripping the Developing World.

Q. What voting rights in local & national British elections will non-white British citizens have, if any?

A- The exact same rights as everyone else.

Q. Exactly how would a BNP government enforce first preference being given to white/Caucasian employees over non-white employees when individuals are being assessed for promotion, team composition, or workload assignment in the private sector?

A - The BNP will scrap all laws that allow Affirmative Action, Positive Discrimination and Racial Quotas, and abolish all laws that are racist against White British Citizens on the grounds of their race or sex. We will create a Meritocratic society where the brightest and the best get their jobs simply on the basis of talent, and where Whites are not penalised on the grounds of their race. It is the politically correct liberals that have, in the name of multi-culturalism and political correctness, created the most racist state in British history.

Q. Exactly how would a BNP government enforce first preference being given to white/Caucasian candidates over non-white candidates for job vacancies in the private sector?

A - The BNP are going to scrap all politically correct Liberal Fascist laws that penalise Whites on the grounds of their race and that allow Affirmative Action and Positive Discrimination for less qualified non-whites. That means we will create a society where employers must only employ the best qualified applicant. If they do not do that then the employer will face financial sanctions. It is not in the interests of the nation or our national economy to have jobs taken by under qualified people simply because they are non-white or because of some 'racial quota'. We will ensure that the present anti-white racist system of employment law is scrapped and that employers will have a single legal duty placed upon them - that they must hire only the best qualified applicant regardless of race or any other factor. If they fail to do that then we will ensure they suffer financial liabilities.

Only in the event where it is a genuine occupational requirement for the job eg a Chinese restaurant in order to produce authentic Chinese cuisine must employ a British citizen of Chinese ancestry will the employer be allowed to employ only the best qualified applicant from that specified racial or ethnic group. The same would apply to Indian restaurants, Black owned businesses that cater exclusively to Back British clientele ( eg a hair dressers that offers specialised services for black clientele ). Only in such limited circumstances would a business be able to claim that race or ethnicty is a legitimate factor in the operation of their business and be allowed to employ the best qualified applicant from within that specified racial or ethnic group.

Q. Exactly how would a BNP government enforce first preference being given to white/Caucasian clients/customers over non-white clients/customers when professional services are being provided by individuals and companies in the private sector?

A- It wont. It will allow individuals and companies to hire only the best qualified person for the job, not ‘tokens’ who are being employed to ensure compliance with some politically correct ’race quota’ imposed upon them by the government.

In most cases employers will not be able to claim any race based exemption to their employment policy and as such they will be offering their services to the entire community and onlyh allowed to employ only the best qualified applicant regardless of their race. Only those companies that offer specialised services for specific sections of the British community based on race or ethnicity, and whose occupational requirements require a race based exemption from the principle of hiring solely on the basis of the best qualifications, will be able legally to offer their services solely to that specific community and utilise a race based proviso to their employment policies.

If Black British citizens in the UK wish to set up businesses that serve only black clientele and employ only black staff then they will be free to do so. If the owners of Turkish kebab shops want to serve only British citizens of Turkish ancestry in their shops and employ only British citizens of Turkish descent they will be allowed too. If a White British citizen only wants to sell his products to White British citizens and employ on White British staff then they will be allowed too. If Chinese takeaways want to serve only British citizens of Chinese ancestry and employ only British citizens of Chinese ancestry they will be allowed too. If Indian takeaways only want to serve British citizens of Indian descent and only employ British citizens of Indian descent as cooks and waiters in their shops they will be allowed too.

Q. Exactly how would a BNP government ensure the continued viability and competitiveness of British private companies nationally and (subject to global sanctions and trade embargoes) internationally if the primary criteria in relation to point 61 is race, rather than business & financial benefit?

A - As stated above this scenario will not apply as it is predicated upon a false premise. We do not intend any such ’race based’ rules on businesses, therefore such a scenario will not occur.

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odin said...

Brillant Lee!

FPPeterson said...

An iteresting piece Lee. Can you confirm the extent to which this represents official party policy as opposed to your personal musings. Also could you please indicate what document is being cited when eg 'points 47, 19 and 50" etc are mentioned in the questions?

Thanks and regards


Anonymous said...

Very fair and free

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're going to be waiting a looooong time there, FPPeterson.