Wednesday 17 June 2009

Yes Officer - I am Black

The Telegraph reports that police officers are stopping and searching White people simply to balance up the figures in order that they are not accused of 'racism' when the figures are added up.

So in areas where black gangs are shooting each other or where Islamist terrorists might strike, the police are stopping and searching white people simply because they are scared of being called racist.

Therefore in order to stop this trend developing amongst the Police and other public services - if they stop you then when they ask you what race you are simply reply 'Black African'.

The police cannot say you are not a Black African as the police as an institution regards race as a social construct not a genetic reality and therefore they allow individuals to self designate themselves as members of an specific racial or ethnic group.

Therefore if you say you are Black African then they have to report the stop and search as against a Black African.

If the Police think they can place the public at risk by this idiotic procedure and also target whites for stop and search simply as they are white and this will allow them to hit their targets in order to demonstrate some farsical politically correct 'anti-racism' procedure in the police - then they can think again.

Make sure you get you copy of the stop and search forms and check they have ticked the right box.

Once a few people start doing it - then the police will realise there is no point in doing such things in future.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea! How many BNP members get stopped & searched every week? It's sure to make a huge difference to the statistics.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Lee. Keep it up! I only hope that when you land that cushy job as Nick's legal adviser in Brussels that you'll still have time to post here as often.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Lee, noted for future reference.

I filed in an email complaint form against the MET and they asked many pc questions, so i put down as a physically disabled, black Carribean, transgender, muslim, lesbian and you know what they phoned me the very next day with some trivial excuse and said they will pass on the relevant information to the right people...yes beat them at their own game, they can only use pc nonsense with our co operation - STOP co operating, they probably knew i wasn't a physically disabled black Carribean transgender muslim lesbian but what can they do ?...politicalMIZZ