Monday 15 June 2009

The Baddest Cop On The Planet

Watch this video and see the baddest cop on the planet.

This man is heartless ;

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nnnngh... ohhhh ... said...

Brilliant!!!! Lee, did you come a little bit in your pants when you watched that video? Bet you did.

Defender of Liberty said...

You are sick,

I bet if they were black though there would already be AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson orgainsing riots,

oh well it was only a whitey so who gives a shit eh.

odin said...

add this to it lee.
OKLAHOMA CITY — For more than three weeks an infamous cell phone video showing an Oklahoma highway patrolman and a paramedic getting into a scuffle on the side of a highway has been making its rounds on YouTube.

Now its counterpart — video from the trooper's dashboard cam — has been released, and some are saying it vindicates a decorated war hero.,2933,526495,00.html