Monday 15 June 2009

Power and Terror - Noam Chomsky

Great video from Noam Chomsky here ;

Note the audience, mainly white and impeccably middle class liberal.

Note that Chomsky says the government is subordinate to the media.

Yet still the liberal lemmings believe what the media tell them about the BNP and they still believe stories like the WMD in Iraq and 45 minutes missile threat.

Is there anything dumber on the planet than a white, middle class, over educated liberal that regards the media with suspicion but believes its propaganda ?

Great section in there about Winston Churchill ordering the gassing of the Kurds.

All Empires only ever reap terrorism when they allow those they fought and defeated in war to settle within them.

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Anonymous said...
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Judaeophile said...

Ashekenazim are not "white" as in classically European, but a distinct Neareastern (even from most other Neareasterners) group with heavy European admixture.