Wednesday 10 June 2009

BNP Bodyguard Vindicated

Image - Anna Heath of the UAF trying to delay the escape of the BNP group so as to allow the mob to catch up to them and continue the attack.

Yesterday the gutter press, the TV news channels and the corporate media were busy editing footage of the attack on Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons in order to show the heroic efforts of BNP security to remove one of the protestors in their path in a bad light.

The role of this individual who was brushed aside by the Security Team has now been made clear.

She is not a 'member of the public' she is Anna Heath and she is a member of the UAF.

She had also just moments before been viciously attacking BNP security with a wooden placard which could have easily blinded or maimed the BNP security team.

Her role it now appears was to delay Mr. Griffin and Andrew Bron's escape from the mob who were attacking them.

By placing herself in the path of the BNP group her role was to slow down and delay the BNP group from passing her and reaching the BNP security car, thereby slowing down the BNP group and allowing the mob to catch up with them.

She was to stand in the way and try to delay the escape route of the BNP group and allow the thugs in the mob using bottles, wooden staves and wooden sticks as coshes to attack the BNP group and cause them real and significant harm and injury.

The media have attempted to portray Little Red Riding Hood in her red coat as some innocent member of the public wandering accidently into the chaos - when in fact she was attempting to assist the mob in furthering their violence and was one of the main instigators of the chaos and attack.

Therefore the moment when BNP security officer Jay swept her out of the way he not only avoided the trap she was trying to set for him and the BNP group but he also managed to save himself, Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons and many of the protestors from serious violence.

His actions and quick thinking were ideal examples of the efficient and calm security operative in action.

Congratulations to BNP security. Good work.

As for the UAF - we now anticipate that from now on your sole intent as regarding demonstrations is use them solely as a pretext to inflict serious mob violence upon us.

Therefore be aware that as a result we now have to anticipate that any mob approaching us is intent on inflicting direct and serious violence against us - perhaps even to attempt a murder attempt such as happened to Pym Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh.

That means such confrontations will in the future be met with a robust response appropriate to the level of threat being offered.

The police seem unwilling to protect the BNP from attack, so we must organise to defend ourselves.

A woman who says she was left with injuries to her neck and face after being thrown to the floor by one of Nick Griffin's bodyguards is to press charges for assault.

Anna Heath, 23, was one of about 100 protesters who forced the leader of the British National party to abandon a press briefing on College Green in Westminster yesterday.

Pictures from the event appear to show Heath, who is 168cm in height, being hit in the throat by one of Griffin's minders as the BNP leader was bundled into a waiting car.

"I got there a bit late and there was a big group of them coming towards me with Griffin in the middle and this huge man half-grabbed me, half-pushed me in the neck and threw me backwards," said Heath, an artist who lives in London.

"I hit my head hard on the ground and my neck was all swollen – I am still finding it difficult to talk."

Heath was taken to hospital by ambulance and released later the same day.

"All the bouncers around Griffin were huge – I mean really big," she said. "But I wasn't intimidated, I just wanted to make the point that I find the racism and fascism of the BNP unacceptable ... With other political parties you can demonstrate and disagree but with the BNP this is what happens."

The protesters disrupted the press conference by throwing eggs and chanting: "Off our streets, Nazi scum." There were a series of tussles involving Griffin's bodyguards and other demonstrators. One protester said he was run over by a vehicle driven by a BNP supporter.

Speaking from a meeting in a pub in Manchester today, Griffin said the police had let "the mob run wild".

Weyman Bennett, from Unite Against Fascism, which organised the demonstration, said protesters would gather wherever Griffin or the BNP appeared. "The BNP only got elected because the turnout was so low," he said.

"We will stand up with other people and say that the politics of fascism and nazism have no place in the 21st century. These types of politics don't represent the majority of this country and the majority of people have to speak up for a decent society."

The Metropolitan police said it was investigating reports of a road collision as well as one allegation of common assault and allegations of egg throwing.

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Anonymous said...

In the tv video footage I saw her approach and stop in a deliberate manner and one could see it was intentional and then as she blocked the path of escape from the baying thugs (any sensible women would have fled or would not go near such a situation))the security guard deftly moved her out of the way.

Imagine if that women had approached Brown or Cameron in that manner,and in such a situation well she wouldn't have got close because they would have had police around them.The security guards action would have been the action of any security official in such a tight an dangerous sitution where if he had not acted thus, serious injury oculd have been inflicted on thsoe he was protecting and moving to safety.

The media still in their madness try to yet again portray The BNP in a bad light , thus not unlike the 'uaf', who they seem for part to mutually suport such an endeaviour.

alanorei said...

Jay was in exactly the same situation as the SAS were when they broke the Iranian Embassy siege back in 1980 and were faced with the split-second task of distinguishing terrorists from hostages. Even Ron Morris, the embassy chauffeur, had to be bundled out with all the other surviving males and held hand-cuffed face down on the lawn until the SAS were able to determine that he was actually a former hostage.

Like Lee says, well done, Jay

If another Jay had been on the scene in Sarajevo in June 1914, to bundle an emaciated-looking Bosnian out of the way before he draw and fire twice from his concealed weapon, the future might have been less grim.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right, the BNP goons are exactly like the SAS...

Anonymous said...

"...any sensible women would have fled or would not go near such a situation"

The first commenter is spot on! To put it another way: WOMEN: KNOW YOUR PLACE!

Defender of Liberty said...

I have always regarded women as more dangerous as men - they are physically tougher (try having a baby) they are mentally tougher and they are far more cunning than men.

Men are simple brutes, women are far more sophisticated.

Therefore when I am approached by someone whose intent is to harm me, then I simply treat them as the enemy regardless of their sex.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Guardian Paper - please, what is 168cm in English?

alanorei said...

Anon 11:54

That wasn't what I said, if you take the trouble to read what I actually wrote.

However, prove to me that no member of the BNP's security team has ever served with the SAS, SBS, Paras, Marine Commandos or the equivalent. Chapter and verse, please.

Anonymous said...

'Therefore when I am approached by someone whose intent is to harm me, then I simply treat them as the enemy regardless of their sex.'

Don't get laid a lot, do you? Well, not consensually anyway. Not suprised, if you look like Brons or Griffin. Master race? Do me a favour

Anonymous said...

These political terrorists deserve all they get and she deserved to get pushed out the way.

I had a hunch that there was something fishy about her when watching the news. A large mob comes towards you, you dont stand in the middle of the pavement and walk towards them, you get well out the road.

Anonymous said...

The bodyguard actually saved her life!
The woman deliberately walked strait into an arm locked fast moving Griffin with dozens of people behind pushing forward.

If the bodyguard had not moved her aside she would have been trampled for certain.

She should write to the bodyguard to thank him for protecting her from her own stupidity and breach of the peace.

The bodyguard did a fantastic job and the woman who was clearly confrontational could have been carrying a knife or gun.

This man has my utmost respect.

Andraste said...

So what does Lormaire think would happen to someone who deliberately stood in the way of Obama? She would be justifying how the secret service brutalised his ass - anogther example of leftists lunatic contradiction logic.

Everyone, Lormarie is a coward and a parasite - don't be fooled by her glib charm and the comment shes makes now and then that is seemingly agreeing to our cause. She is a typical leftists - that being a coward, weak-willed, desperate, egotistical, delusional idiot.

Please treat her with the disrespect she is due.

Andraste said...

Jay should be commended for his courage and devotion, thanks Lee for acknowledging his loyalty.

Jay, if you are reading this, thank you very much, you sir, are what makes Britain great, and you are among brothers and sisters who all support you 100%.

lormarie said...

don't be fooled by her glib charm and the comment shes makes now and then that is seemingly agreeing to our cause. She is a typical leftists -Andraste

First of all, I do NOT support your cause and I'm not sure where you got that idea. Agreeing with a few sentiments doesn't equal support.

Lastly, I have no desire to communicate with you so do me a favor and stop replying to my post or mentioning me at all.

The Green Arrow said...


There is an image on this red filth site that the bitch in red had ample time to move out of the way.

Your image shows that she clearly put herself in front of Nick Griffin and his staff.

You might like to add the image linked to show what a lying toad she is.

Anonymous said...

lormarie said...

Lastly, I have no desire to communicate with you so do me a favor and stop replying to my post or mentioning me at all.

i suggest you dont post anything on this blog then, if you post on a blog YOU will ocasionally get people that will reply.
by the way, favor is spelt favour...this is Britain not America.

Stephen said...

No, this is the Internet.

Rebeca said...

The man found guilty of leaking the membership of the British National Party (BNP) has been fined just £200 and ordered to pay £100 in costs.The Nottingham court found Matt Single, a former senior official in the BNP, guilty under the Data Protection Act after police found two USB drives hidden inside a cereal box in his kitchen, containing the incriminating data.

Anonymous said...

Since when did the rights of pretentious facist and ignorant liars overule the rights of the rest of the ordinary decent people to protest against the disgusting filth they are brainwashing the nation with?

your phobia of people seems to have overruled the rights of the people through your petty sexism and facism.

you are not the senior authority merely because your mind had been warped to irrationally and pathetically despise others. stop being so arrogant. we are all the human race, and life is hard enough without tearing into eachother for superficial and vile reasons, the human race can't function without co-operation, so why the fuck are you destroying our fundamental rights to get along with your nazi bullshit?

and for the record, i am in close recognition with the woman who was attacked and can safely say she intended no violence, just a confrontation of words. and since when was approaching people an offence? would she have got nick griffin's clan's attention otherwise? no. they're ignorant enough. and being in possession of weapons? bullshit. i'm sure the police would've said something. and a woman that small couldn't cause physical harm on men of that weight and stature.

this is exactly why i despise the bnp. you have no justified backup for any of your claims, you assume and stereotype and discriminate without any rational explainations.
you hide your real intents behind lies that you formulate which scapegoat the faults made by the higher government and capitalism on the innocent minorities. It's brutal and disgusting that you act in such a way.

and before you blame this confrontation on me being "a secret member of the labour party", please remember there ARE people OUTSIDE of the government with opinions and rights to express them that wouldn't like to be violently supressed or spat on by nazis such as yourselves. we're a majority- the "Human Race". and we'll challenge you until everyone has it revealed to them, the disgusting vermins that you are