Monday 8 June 2009

The Griffin Moment

Three moments define modern British politics - the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, the live TV broadcast as Michael Portillo lost his seat as an MP and now the Griffin Moment this morning.

The Griffin Moment could not have been better scripted.

The day began with the mood sombre and uncertain, the results from the local elections had been mixed with some good and with some okay, but not appearing to be able to take us over the threshold to take Euro seats.

Nick Griffin tries to enter the count at Manchester Town Hall, but the screaming mob of leftist and liberal media conditioned drones controlled by the lies of the Corporate Media force him to drive off.

He returns and enters the hall. The excitement rises.

Andrew Brons wins one seat. Job done.

Brilliant result. Expectations rise.

Nick does his first interview with Adam Boulton on Sky News - the first since the No Platform Policy had been forced down by the victory.

This is the most important benefit of this election - not the seat in the EU, not the funding from the EU but the fact that the previous no platform policy of the BBC and corporate media meant they had free rein to attack us and we had no right to comment or appear on their shows.

Now we are mainstream politcians and therefore we have to be invited onto Question Time, Newsnight, news shows, universities etc etc - also the fact that elected BNP MEP's are able to suffer political discrimination on the grounds of their political and philosophical beliefs in the UK will now have to be challenged via the EU court.

The coming down of the No Platform Policy is the greatest victory - for now when the media lie about us we can answer back. Now the media will have to debate our policies and our ideas, not just peddle mere abuse and lies.

Then the longest series of re-counts in British electoral history means the actual result of the North West region is not called unti 02.30 am.

The most anticipated result of the whole election is the last result to be called.

The crowd are quiet as rumours begin to rise that Nick Grffin has won a seat.

David Dimbelby on BBC 2 looks as if he has swallowed a wasp, "Bugger it ! ", he thinks, " I will have to interview Griffin on Question Time now. Bollocks. I wonder if Paxman will be able to do the show that night. I fear a migraine may be in order for the show that night".

That gay Labour MP who sent pictures of himself in his white y-front pants to potential bottom friends on the internet was on Sky News looking like he was in the middle of a bad dream whilst Adam Boulton was busy croaking like a puffed up bullfrog in increasingly shrill and hysterical tones about the threat from the BNP.

I kept expecting his tongue to flick out and munch on William Hagues head.

Various BBC employees looked rather like one imagines the dinosaurs looked like after the comet hit. Shock and awe.

Erick Pickles looks like a giant pickled onion exploding outwards from within itself.

The result is announced. He has won. Hurrah !

Dimbelby goes white.

I think he almost soiled himself at that point.

Then one by one all the political pigs from the Establishment parties line up to attack democracy and Nick Griffin at the count. Some pompous Tory has a pop. Yawn ! get Griffin on.

Then Nick takes the microphone. The crowd goes silent.

Nick gives a short but powerful speech.

The whole crowd are stunned. They know they are witnessing the birth of history.

Its like Hollywood wrote the script.

The media maggots are all squirming in their usual foetid mass, jostling with each other to feed upon the scene.

The left, liberals and tories are all leaving the building.

They think it is all over.

It is now - For them.

For us the future beckons - ONWARDS AND UPWARDS !

I expected us to win one seat but feared that the rise in the vote for us and the fall in the Labour vote may not have been enough to get Nick in.

Then as the results came in then it became apparent that the vote had risen just enough with the fall in turnout, to allow us at least two seats.

Andrew Brons was a superb result.

This man will be a dynamic nationalist in the European Parliament. He is ideologically committed to the core Nationalist Principles of Land, Folk and Liberty whilst also a former law lecturer with key legal and analytical skills that will be essential in the struggle for influence within the EU parliament itself.

The existing Nationalist Bloc in the EU appears to have not gained enough to form a block that triggers EU funding, therefore the issue arises should an attempt be made to form a new block that could allow other parties affiliated to existing blocks be persuaded to form a new one.

Even if a block is not formed, the organisational opportunities for Nationalist parties within the present block will allow Nationalist parties within the EU will increase.

At the same time the forces of Nationalism will be able to target the forces in our society, such as the Corporate Media, that actively conspire to interfere in free and fair elections and undermine the Nationalist electoral base.

We can now use the EU to fund and build Nationalist movements all across Europe.

The Nationalist parties in the EU must give far more assistance and support to nationalist parties all over Europe, the nationalist MEP's must nurture nationalist revolutions and nationalist political movements all over Europe.

To paraphrase the old saying, " You gotta be in it, to win it", we say " You gotta be in it, to bin it" - in other words the only way to destroy the EU is to dismantle it from within.

All Empires are first destroyed from within, before they can be conquered from without.

In order to save our nations, we must work within the EU to dismantle the EU and devolve power back to national states and at the ame time create a functional alternative model for a post-EU Europe that allows the nations of Europe to co-operate in defending themselves demographically, culturally and economically.

This is the challenge we face - to build a new unified movement and to sow the seeds of nationalist revolutions all across Europe.

We got 1 nearly million votes.

That is history. We are now a force to be reckoned with both politically and socially.

Now we must build the Peoples Revolt on the ground.

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odin said...

Brilliant as usual Lee.

Anonymous said...

Since when has the BNP acknowledged the legitimacy of any EU court?

Oh, that's right -- only when they want to go crying to it about the big boys hurting their feelings.

Anonymous said...

How will Griffin and the other one get on with their fellow nationalists from Poland, the Czech Republic and elsewhere? Will they tell them to keep their plumbers, builders and nurses cos we don't want them here?

Surely that's the only logical position to hold.

a concerned taxpayer said...

Lee, will you be rewarded with a cushy publicly funded job in Brussels?

Or will you just stay on the dole in Kent?

Andraste said...

The lefties are now so desperate its fascinating to watch them make their pathetic statements - the fact is we won, you lost. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, so we can have our own Plumbers, etc...and Poland can have theirs

Andraste said...

Another Griffin moment I am so eagerly awaiting is when he delivers his first speech to the EU parliament - that is going to be amazing... they won't know what has hit them - they will be utterly dumbfounded and terrified...

Kenny said...

Great post Lee.

What a result last night, well done to Nick and Andrew.

Also see ukip on sky news this morning getting on the anti-bnp band wagon, saying they will be the ones to expose us. The only thing is there is nothing to expose, people know what we stand for and everything is there for all to see. Anybody being exposed will be that fraud farage.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen earlier Dimbleby interview particular glib question at 1.56.18?

Interested said...

Looking forward to seeing how the BNP eradicates poverty, crime and unemployment amongst those who voted for them. Do keep us posted, Lee!

Stephen said...

What exactly have we lost Andraste? Other than the respect of other nations.

I've seen far too many comments from you saying how the liberals do nothing but throw insults, and yet that is exactly what you do, hypocrit.

Andraste said...

Stephen... I throw insults at those who throw insults at us, if you read my posts you will see I also post much more also, alas, you self-loathing freaks don't bother to respond to the content of them, rather you are the ones who initiate the insults.

Once again, we have won, you have lost... that's the fact.

Anonymous said...

You know, there is such a thing as a sore winner. How about showing a bit of grace in your 'victory', eh?

Fan of Lee said...

Oh Lee, how's it going with that proposal you said you would put forward to the party bigwigs (even better than your illustrious self, that is!) about publishing all details of their expense claims?

Nick and the other one could start as they mean to go on in Brussels -- you know, seize the moral high ground and impress everyone with their responsible use of taxpayers' money.

And Barnbrook doesn't seem to have much to do these days, he could release an Excel spreadsheet with his expense claims as well.

Do keep us posted, Lee!

Stephen said...

And again i ask what exactly we have lost?

Perhaps "we" don't respond because your response is to call the questioner a "self loathing freak" and then avoid answering the original question?

Also, where exactly was my insult? You seem to have very eloquently shown my accusation of being hypocritical correct.

alanorei said...

Excellent post, Lee

And excellent results for Nick, Andrew and the Party.

I believe that the nulab-gulab(g) showed their perception of 'the democratic process' with their mass hysteria that kicked off on Nick's arrival for the count.

"Natural brute beasts" 2 Peter 2:12, the lot, whether articulate (Hain, Milliband etc.) or not (average 'old gangster' screamer, bone from the neck up).

Anonymous said...

You didn't do very well did you? Shame.

Andraste said...

An idiot said... "You didn't do very well did you? Shame."

Err, have you not idea at all what you are talking about? Our vote has risen, we had the second largest vote increase. We aimed for one MEP, w got two, oh and by the way you might also want to check out the BNP website which has just this afternoon had 3000 viewers of the streaming video... and and there's much more too if you care to find out, rather than closing your eyes, covering your ears, and stamping your feet and repeating "BNP didn't do very well" over and over again in order to continue to delude yourself, but then again that's what you self-loathing freaks are good at - self deception.

Our result is absolutely fantastic... just check out the morale of the members who are posting comments on the main BNP website... BNP morale is sky high.

So please tell us exactly in what way we haven't done very well?

Anonymous said...

The left wing freaks really dont understand do they! a great day for nationalism and farewell Marxism and take your Frankfurt school with you.

alanorei said...

The BNP vote was mainly undermined by the UKIP 'front.' This is from a former UKIP and now BNP supporter.

An understandably buoyant Nigel Farage was on the 'Politics Show' today. During his short interview he made two important claims:

That without the presence of EUKIP there would have been many more BNP MEP's today - clearly the truth!

Given that EUKIP did next to nothing in the last Europarl, and had been akin to the walking dead, politically speaking, prior to the media promotion blitz of the Massa/EUKIP prior to the Euro election campaign, it comes as no surprise that he should boast about being responsible for denying the BNP seats in Brussels!

But putting together EUKIP's lack lustre record in Brussels, along with the media love-fest they've enjoyed, again, just as in 2004, can there be any doubt that the real purpose of EUKIP is to act as an establishment safety valve. EUKIP's gadflys can now go back to the brothels and drinking dens of Brussels, and make even more money, until needed once more in 2014!

That EUKIP's success at the polls in 2004 was not a fluke and these results proved it - again he tells the truth!

But not the whole truth! For EUKIP's successes this time around have absolutely nothing to do with the abilities, policies or track record of Massa Nigel and his fellow trough feeders! Their success was bought for them by the BBC, other media stations, and Fleet St. Just as it was bought in 2004 by the media circus surrounding Kilroy & Max Clifford - both creatures of Labour and the establishment.

So all those of you rejoicing today at the success of EUKIP, remember, that success was bought for you by the very people you've blamed for Britain's enslavement - the BBC and the rest of the establishment's media circus!

If you voted for those proven to be corrupt and amoral, for liar, and dissemblers - the Lab/Lib/Con/Kip - you've wasted your vote, again, and Britain is the poorer for your actions.

Well said, I think. Just as Brown faces his irate cronies again, another British manufacturer, LDV for vans, goes into receivership. GB (unfortunate initials) and his gang will have got on with the job, as they call, until the very end.

Of dismantling the real GB.

Stephen said...

Well i suppose insulting everyone who disagrees with you with the word "freak" puts you on par with an American High school cheerleaders.

Quite apt really since you seem to shout your praise & shake your pom poms over every one of Lee's articles.

Thanks for answering the question Andraste.

I'll answer yours though. Voter Apathy. The BNP wouldn't have achieved the same result if more had used their vote.

Wolfblood said...

A gang of self-loathing freaks were shown in Manchester earlier by Sky news.
Their spokesfreak was one of the potato head variety, a bit like jimmy somerville only less attractive, semi-skeletal and with a big gob (real tough like), you know the sort.
The rest were an assortment of prolapsed colon dwellers, dikes, transvestites, drug addicts, dwarves, nonces and fuck knows what else.
You can imagine the sniggers of the viewers :-)

We won, democratically, honestly and with dignity, and they're still just a bunch of dole sucking self-loathing freaks.
End of.

Anonymous said...

Man, dude, Stephen me old codger - I freakingly well would love to be a cheerleader; I mean I absolutlely and most splendidly fancy them old bean no what I mean dude, man - freak I must be a freak...Freak!
O, me, I'm just a lawn-mower - you can tell me by the way I walk. And I'm not any anon that has posted above before. Freak! Deary, deary me...

Mark Collett said...

Nothing has changed, you Lee Barnes remain the same insignificant and unimportant benefit scrounging c4ny you have always been. You made feck all contribution to the Euro success of Brons and f4ck and die of an overdose you worthle55 c4nt or better still I want to spit on you as you lay in a shop door entrance where you drift towards. Why do you bother to wake up in the morning you racist sc4mb4g and a twat as well.

Wolfblood said...

Ho-ho! The circus freakshow of prolapsed arse-popping self-loathers are in a bit of a lather it seems.
Go on, make us laugh some more you sad shitsacks :-)

Lindy G. said...

I was working in Manchester today and passed the freakshow on my way to catch a bus. The smell of dope and stale piss from the freakshow was awful. I hear the council had to hose down the area after sweeping up all the needles, anal tampons and discarded shitty kecks.

Andraste said...

Look at the impotent rage of the self-loathers... it's brilliant to watch them so angry, so disillusioned, so eaten with failure... no words can change the fact that in spite of overwhelming odds we won... so have your tantrums it doesn't change the fact the BNP now have two MEPs - and all your self-loathing ranting and bile ain't gonna do shit to change. HAHA, this is fantastic. Enjoy.

Stephen said...


You may as well copy that last comment Andraste, save the RSI with repeating yourself.

Theodor Lessing said...

I wonder where you all learnt the word "self-loathing" -- it seems to be the BNP's favourite insult du jour. Why do you think people who despise the BNP hate themselves? I would've thought that BNP voters were much higher up on the shame scale, given how reluctant they are to be publicly associated with the party.

Perhaps Lee's feminine alter ego could answer the question without flinging insults for once.

It's not a euphemism for something else, by any chance, is it? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

So... Griffin's now an economic migrant!

Will he be taking his wife and kids along?

And will Griffin's wife be taking a job away from an indigenous Belgian once she's there?

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a large following of Marxists leaving comments ,who must be drowning their sorrows at the moment. I note most of their comments are infantile with a high frequency of profane word usage. It probably reflects the decline of British educational standards.
The BNP' s victory has changed the political landscape. Onwards.

Andraste said...

Here's something for all you self-loathers: