Sunday 7 June 2009

The Majority Extremists

Image - The Daily Mail idea of an 'extremist' in Britain. ( I kid you not )

Tke a read of the article below ;

The caption on the article for the image above states , "Face of extremism: A BNP member waits for results in Southampton".

The image is of a White, male middle aged indigeous Briton sipping a pint of lager.

It is an image of virtually every British White middle aged male in the country, minus the suit for jeans and a t-shirt.

If that is the image of an 'extremist', then I am extremist, you are an extremist, we are all extremists.

If the White Middle Class elite and the Corporate Media define and propogate the idea that the White Working Class are 'extremists' and hence a threat, then they must be regarded as threats to the safety of the nation.

We have seen their corporate media propaganda whip up violence against the BNP at the Manchester count tonight, and this must be stopped.

When the Corporate Media and the Internationalist Elite threaten the safety of political parties in the political process and also the democratic process itself, then the media must be held to account and their powers restricted.

When minorities classify the majority as 'extremists' and restrict the rights of the majority to organise within the political process, then the majority must impose its will and democratic power upon those minorities.

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Andraste said...

LOL - that's hilarious... talk about utter brown pants desperation... most people will relate to him.

Look at the media frantically talking up the Greens... pathetic.

We have increased our vote everywhere... they are shitting their pants...

hannan exposed as a fraud said...

Daniel Hannan

dimblebum called Hannana out, he said `why don't you join UKIP`?

Hannan had no answer, just spluttering about change from within the Tory party yet the Tories have stated that even if they had a referendum they would not pull out of the EUSSR, hannan is in it for the money he is a fraud, a hypocrite.

Exposed by the useless creep, Dimblebum no less.

Andraste said...

What's up all you loud mouthed self-loathing freaks the wind been knocked out of you? HAHA... gutted.

You're accountable to us now. said...

I assume the BNP members will be publishing their expenses in full every year then, so we can scrutinise their use of our tax money, right?

And will they be learning any other European languages?

Steven Webster said...

Nick Griffin is fluent in French, actually.

Andraste said...

Nick Griffin is fluent is Welsh. And anyway, how many languages does the average Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP MEP speak? This is just a pathetic jibe from a disgruntled leftie who cannot accept we have won.

alanorei said...

Re: BNP accounts, Simon Darby, though not elected this time around, published his expenses for the last financial year on the BNP main site, including for bathroom artefacts, I believe.

Check it out.