Monday 1 June 2009

Yo Yo - Daniel Hannan Goes Bad Ass

Here it is Daniel Hannan gets Bad Ass ! Dig it yooz Mo Fo's.

Daniel Hannan is reborn !

You can just imagine the scene cant you.

The European Parliament is busy with the crooks all busy filling in their false expenses claims, when the door swings open and in walks Hannan in his Bad Ass Wig.

Over the tannoy comes the song from Shaft.

The MEP's all drop their pens and watch open mouthed as Hannan swaggers into the chamber clicking his fingers, his full length white chinchilla fur coat dragging on the floor, his gold chains flashing, his fingers snapping to the beat.

His black 1970's diamante framed aviator sun glasses cover his eyes.

He no longer looks like a man with a knob for a head.

He looks like a real Bad Ass !

Hannan shouts out to the assembled pederasts, pigs and crooks, ' Yo youze honky bitches ! I is da man and now dis chamber is gonna get some groovy funkiness '.

Hooray the MEPs cry for Hannan is here.

The chamber erupts into a frenzy. A new era begins in the EU.


Yep, thats what the power of the wig will do for Hannan.

From a giant cock to a bad ass pimp in one short wig out.

I ought to do this sort of makeover as a job.

I can make you look like a Bad Ass too !

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Anonymous said...

I must admit I was interested in what Hannan had to say after his short simple speech to Brown.

I was interested in his anti `Dave's` Blue Labour stance and interested in his `Libertarian` ideals.

I tuned in to several interviews and his website, to see if he had some interesting Ideas seeing as he is a kind of Tory `maverick`.

It turned out that he was just another typical selfish `money is god` Tory of zero personality!

I was amazed at some of the bollocks he was spouting - in particular regarding the BNP and working class concerns, while others were claiming him to be an intellectual genius and the saviour of mankind.

His view of the world and social issues were so Tory blinkered and short sighted that I could only conclude that the guy was in fact a cretin, the sort of Guy who should stick with his model trainsets and stamp collecting and leave the real world to those who have experienced it, outside of the leafy suburbs and 4x4s.

Go Lee Go! said...

Lee, your efforts to attract voters to the BNP's cause via your blog have been absolutely stupendous.

I can't even begin to imagine how many voters you're gaining for the BNP with each and every forensically argued post, aptly chosen photograph and measured rebuttal in the comments.

But in these last remaining days before the election, don't you think it might be time to ramp it up a little more? C'mon, let's see you really go for it!

Defender of Liberty said...

Fuck off you snivelling tory twat.

You deserve the piss taken out of you by everyone, not just me.

Now crawl back to the EU pig trough Hannan you slap headed ponce.

Hannan is part of the problem said...

Why is Hannan in the Tory party if he is an anti EU Libertarian?

The Tories are pro EU, Hannan is a hypocrite with his snout in the trough and his cowardly nose up mainstreme media's PC arse.

Why not Join UKIP Hannan, seeing as they back a core `principle` of yours?

Or is their trough chances not big enough for you?

Doing rather well in your EU commited party are you not Hannan? you hypocrite.

You are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

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