Tuesday 2 June 2009

Free The Clangers

Image - The Clangers. Victims of vicious BBC racial persecution and abuse.

Image - The Froglets. A people thought to be being held in a BBC detention Camp.

After the interview with Basil Brush, we have ascertained that whilst 'The War Of The New Labour Sock Puppets', is underway in the media with the various Labour Party supporters writing to the newspapers, having articles printed and statements made to the media in support of the Labour Party and against the BNP, it also appears that the BBC are still holding the Clangers hostage in Broadcasting House as a way to intimidate non-Labour Party puppets within the BBC from expressing their opposition to the insane 'Butcher of Baghdad Mark Two' Gordon Brown and his party of war criminals.

We therefore demand the immediate release of all Clanger hostages and a free Clanger homeworld.

The BBC is the Guantanamo Bay for all free thinking puppets.

They are held in locked cupboards deprived of light for years on end and tortured by vicious BBC underlings that force them to watch repeats of the Teletubbies and Lazy Town until their eyes bleed.

The BBC are the enemies of all free puppets in this country, and their vile abuse of the innocent Clanger people must be stopped.

The Soup Dragon is known to have been personally shot dead by Michael Grade in 1992 and its body buried in the Blue Peter garden, whilst the whereabouts of the Froglets are thought to be in a BBC puppets detention camp in the area of Kensington in London.

A spokesman for the Clangers has said, " The BBC are vicious bastards. One clanger had his seams picked apart and the stuffing pulled out just for daring to shout out at a BBC meeting "Free The Froglets and the Clangers". One of the Clangers managed to escape from a locked cupboard in the BBC a few years ago and has been given sanctuary in Sesame Street, though Gordon Brown and the BBC have put in an extradition request to get him repatriated back to the UK. We also have eye witness testimony of the Clanger leader, Major, being kidnapped, blindfolded and drugged and put on a plane back to the UK as part of a joint CIA/ BBC extraordinary rendition programme. The clangers are in danger of becoming extinct unless people wake up and act ".

The choice is yours people.

You can continue to listen to the New Labour sock puppets on the news and in the media or you can fight for the rights of free puppets everywhere.

Puppets of the world rise up ! You have nothing to lose but your strings !

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